Recently shortlisted finalist for the Crystal Cabin Awards and operative since the 16th of January in its first long haul flights, Immfly, branded as XL Cloud, has already welcomed more than 30.000 new users flying onboard XL’s A-330 fleet

Barcelona, Spain | February 13, 2017– “Connect to XL CLoud and Kiss Boredom Goodbye” – that’s how the new XL entertainment platform is introduced to its passengers. Since beginnings of 2017, Paris-based XL Airways is upgrading the inflight experience with Immfly’s wireless platform, available on routes to the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean and the US. Passengers that fly with XL Cloud can access the platform using their personal electronic devices via the app – available to download for free prior to the flight – or web. Once in the platform, they can browse through a large selection of movies, TV Shows, newsfeeds, magazines, kids channels and travel guides, among others. The frequently renewed catalogue, which is available in English and French, includes free content and a Premium offer, available for 9.95€ per flight, or for 15€ when renting an ipad Mini onboard provided by a third company.

XL Airways is the first airline to launch Immfly’s entertainment digital solution on long haul flights.“The platform’ scalability played a major role in the decision process, it’s the power of the Cloud”, says Vincent Tomasoni, XL’s Product Marketing Manager. “Offering XL Cloud marks the completion of a major project destined to improve customer experience through breakthrough technologies. We chose Immfly’s pioneering solution as a key player to help us make this possible and reach the milestone of becoming the First French airline to offer streaming entertainment”.

Pablo Linz, cofounder of the Spanish based company, Immfly, stated that “Making our product ready for long- distance aircraft has encouraged a significant growth opportunity for our product. We are now exposed to a higher volume of passengers who have an average of 10 hours to enjoy our content, and as part of our ambition to continuously improve the passenger experience, we have developed new product features such as a games channel and an onboard chat. Certainly, the user metrics collected until now reaffirm the success of the project”.

Immfly, which will be exhibiting at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg and attending the Crystal Cabin Awards Ceremony, continues to get closer to its objective of becoming the travel industry’s favourite on-board monetization partner, reaching 100 million connected passengers by 2018.


Roissy CDG | February 1, 2016– XL Airways has begun to test a new in-flight entertainment system with immersive cinema glasses. Skylights, a French start-up, developed them specially to satisfy inflight requirements. They offer passengers a unique cinema experience at 30 000 feet. XL Airways is the first airline to test this type of device in Europe.

XL Airways constantly explores new IFE solutions. Since its launch in 2015 in partnership with the Parisian company Interactive Mobility, the rental service of Samsung tablets is a clear success. The airline recently increased the number of tablets offered for rend in economy class. These are still graciously offered in Premium Galaxie class.

This time, XL Airways partners up with the French start-up Skylights to test a new IFE system with immersive cinema glasses. The goal is to offer passengers an immersive experience akin to sitting right in the middle of a movie theater, for 2D and 3D movie-viewing. Skylights’ glasses are suited for inflight use in terms of weight, size, autonomy, and content security.

XL Airways is the first airline to choose Skylights’ glasses, and more globally, to test this kind of IFE system in economy class.

A first test phase has been conducted on four flights towards Antilles and Reunion island. Feedbacks are particularly enthusiastic.

As the first phase went particularly well, a second test phase will be set up on a larger scale in the coming months, to potentially start commercialization in the course of the year.

“IFE is nowadays one of the main concerns of passengers”, says Laurent Magnin, CEO of XL Airways. “We closely monitor innovation in this field, and that is why we are proud to be the first to offer Skylights’ glasses. In accordance with our identity, we don’t have individual seatback screens but want our passengers to either bring their own device, rent a tablet, and soon rent immersive cinema glasses.”

“We are very happy to launch our product with XL Airways. This airline is daring and creative, and it perfectly corresponds to our way of doing business. We are particularly impressed by their reactivity”, adds David Dicko, CEO of Skylights. “We want to provide each passenger with a high quality viewing experience so that passengers no longer feel like they are wasting perfectly good movies by watching them onboard. By wearing the SkyTheater, you’re immediately teleported into your own private movie theater! It’s a fantastic technology and we want to make it available to all traveling cinema enthusiasts!.”