New Entertainment Solution Offers World-Class Content: Movies, TV, Exclusive Sports, Games and Bookable Destination Services from Smart Phones, Tablets, and Laptops – Even on Airlines Not Equipped with Connectivity

Westlake Village, CA | March 28, 2012 -– Row 44, Inc., provider of the world’s leading In-Flight Broadband Entertainment Platform, today announced a new wireless video-on-demand (VoD) service that allows any commercial airline in the world – regardless of whether or not its planes are broadband-equipped – to offer passengers an extensive library of on-demand movies, television episodes, and bookable destination services via passengers’ Wi-Fi enabled devices. The service is a subset of Row 44’s In-Flight Broadband Entertainment Platform that can later be scaled up – quickly and cost-effectively – to include connectivity and other broadband services.

This new entertainment solution leverages Row 44’s relationships with major Hollywood studios and professional sports leagues to deliver on-demand movies, TV shows and sports content to passengers during their flights.

Airlines can select from Row 44’s extensive library of content – updated frequently via Wi-Fi – to stream wirelessly to passengers’ smart phones, tablets, laptops and other Wi-Fi enabled devices on demand. Airlines can also use Row 44’s VoD service to offer real-time inventory for bookable destination services – music concerts, theatre tickets, sporting events, ground transportation, etc. – in more than 140 cities around the world.

Row 44 designed this standalone Wi-Fi entertainment service, independent of thecompany’s In-Flight Broadband Entertainment Platform, to give airlines a low-cost opportunity to deliver personalized in-flight entertainment that leverages passengers’ own Wi-Fi devices. Because the solution comprises several components in Row 44’s broadband solution, airlines can install this lower-cost Wi-Fi offering and inexpensively scale up to Row 44’s full-scale Broadband Entertainment Platform at any time.

“Row 44’s wireless video-on-demand opens up an innovative platform for any airline to generate incremental revenue while delighting their customers,” said Travis Christ, Chief Sales Officer for Row 44. “Uncoupling Row 44’s video-on-demand solution from our In-Flight Broadband Entertainment Platform means that even an airline not yet ready to commit to broadband connectivity can still offer passengers a personalized in-flight entertainment experience, delivered right to their own Wi-Fi devices. This standalone VoD offering will also enable an airline to scale up quickly and cost-effectively to full broadband connectivity when they are ready.”

He added: “Leveraging their passengers’ own smart phones and laptops also means airlines can offer this entertainment servicewithout having to incur the cost, weight and installation time of adding legacy in-flight entertainment hardware such as seatback screens. This service represents a win-win for airlines and their customers.”