El Segundo, CA | January 16, 2015– VivaAerobus, one of Latin America’s fastest growing low cost carriers (LCC), has chosen to equip its new fleet of 52 Airbus A320 aircraft with a series of highly reliable data acquisition, aircraft condition monitoring and wireless data transfer solutions from Teledyne Controls, the aircraft data and information management business.

The Mexico-based airline has opted for Teledyne’s proven Flight Data Interface Management Unit (FDIMU) which is recognized as being the industry standard for data acquisition on Airbus Single Aisle and Long Range aircraft. The Wireless GroundLink® Comm+ flexible communication solution was also selected because of its ability to support multiple functions both now and in the future.

Not only will the new system meet the airline’s current need for downloading Quick Access Recording (QAR) and Aircraft Condition Monitoring System (ACMS) data, but it can also meet the airline’s future requirements, including the full integration and connectivity of tablet devices as electronic flight bags (EFBs) for flight crews, being discussed for 2015.

William Cecil, Director of Business Development at Teledyne Controls, states: “Our technology is incredibly reliable and installed in close to 70% of most commercial aircraft entering service today. It is therefore a proven ‘safe’ investment,” he says.

“But where our GroundLink® Comm+ system particularly wins is in its ability to support multiple functions beyond simply QAR and ACMS data download, and therefore protect an airline’s future investment. VivaAerobus has also recognized our long-term commitment to service and support.”

Juan Carlos Zuazua Cosío, Chief Executive Officer of VivaAerobus agrees: “We see Teledyne Controls not as a supplier but as a strategic partner in helping us to further enhance the flight safety and operational effectiveness of our fleet, and in protecting our investment as we look to integrate new technologies and thinking in the future.”

Teledyne Controls’ FDIMU performs mandatory data acquisition that provides data to the Black Box Flight Recorder, along with real-time engine and aircraft condition and health monitoring. Used in conjunction with the GroundLink® Comm+ system, ACMS data generated by the Teledyne FDIMU can automatically be provided to third party maintenance and trend monitoring systems, such as PW (Engines), Honeywell (APU) or even Airbus AirMANweb. The FDIMU is available for installation on the long range and single aisle aircraft families and soon on the A320neo.

The GroundLink® Comm+ automates data exchange between the aircraft and safety and maintenance ground systems. Using 3G/4G cellular wireless communications, the GroundLink technology features multiple channels of cellular high-speed data and does not require any infrastructure investment. The solution is available factory-fit from Boeing, Embraer and Airbus on new aircraft and can be retrofitted on all major commercial aircraft types.

Based in Monterrey, Mexico, VivaAerobus is Mexico’s Ultra Low Cost Carrier. It started operations on November 2006 after being created as a joint venture between IAMSA and Irelandia. On 2013 it announced a purchase order of 52 Airbus A320s, the biggest purchase order in Latin America to the European manufacturer. IAMSA is Mexico’s leading company on ground transportation services. It operates a fleet of 10 thousand buses in 22 states of the country and transports over 300 million people a year, reaching over 70% of the population. Irelandia, is the investment vehicle of the Ryan family, founders of Ryanair, the biggest and most successful low cost airline in Europe. Irelandia is a leader in the development of low cost carriers around the world. It is also an investor in companies such as Tiger Airways in Singapore, Allegiant in the United States, and more recently expanding the Viva brand with VivaColombia in Colombia. To find out more, please visit www.vivaaerobus.com.

El Segundo, CA | May 20, 2014– Germanwings, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Airlines, has chosen the latest wireless solution for electronic Software Part distribution and loading from Teledyne Controls, the aircraft data and information management business, to retrofit on the operator’s fleet of 64 Airbus A320 aircraft.

Germanwings is the first operator to certify and install Teledyne’s Wireless Software Parts Distribution System on an Airbus A320 fleet.

The package selected includes Teledyne’s LoadStar® Server Enterprise (LSE) software application, enhanced Airborne Data Loader (eADL) unit and new Wireless GroundLink® Comm+ (WGL Comm+™) system that supersedes the original Teledyne WGL technology that Germanwings used for flight data retrieval.

With this solution, Germanwings electronically records its flight data and wirelessly transfers it, via the WGL Comm+™ system, from the aircraft to the ground, within minutes of landing, and from any of its airport hubs in Germany. In addition, Germanwings wirelessly distributes Software Parts directly from its ground station’s software configuration system, LSE, through the WGL Comm+ system to the eADL for loading into onboard systems.

The use of electronic Software Part distribution eliminates the need to manually carry and load hundreds of floppy disks onto the aircraft, saving time and manpower and reducing overall costs.

Hajo Heyen of Germanwings, Analyst Engineering-Avionik (Certifying Staff CAT B1/B2/C) says that the operator has been quick to realize the high value that Teledyne’s system provides: “The connectivity between our ground and onboard networking systems will allow us to streamline our crew workload through wireless data transfer by automating flight data download and Software Part upload,” he says.

Gerrit Neubauer of Germanwings, System Engineer – Maintenance Safety Officer agrees: “It will relieve the labour-intensive task of manually loading floppy disk software every month,” he adds.

Hans-Juergen Neufert, Regional Sales Director of Teledyne Controls, says that it has been a pleasure to work with the Germanwings team: “We look forward to supporting Germanwings’ needs as their flight data management program expands,” he says.

“Our system provides Germanwings Airlines with direct access to their fleet anywhere they fly and simplifies their flight data processes with wireless connectivity via the LSE Gateway and network.”

Teledyne Controls announced last year that its Wireless GroundLink® Comm+ system had achieved certification to be retrofitted on all major commercial aircraft types. It now supports additional applications that require more bandwidth. These include a new WGL-Fi™ capability providing content transfer and data communication over an onboard wireless hotspot for WiFi enabled EFBs, iPads, tablets and other Flight Operations computers, and the WGL-AID™ Aircraft Interface Device application that can provide EFBs, iPads and tablets with access to aircraft parameter data.

Germanwings will trial both WGL-Fi™ and WGL-AID™ in the second quarter of this year.

An enhanced version of Teledyne’s popular WQAR technology, which has been in commercial service for over a decade, the WGL Comm+™ system provides aircraft manufacturers, systems integrators and aircraft operators with a robust and dependable solution to wirelessly connect aircraft equipment with operators’ back office systems. The technology, featuring multiple channels of cellular high-speed data, requires no infrastructure investment and delivers efficiency improvements for numerous applications that can benefit from aircraft data connectivity when the aircraft is on the ground.