• First airport in Myanmar to implement ARINC vMUSE common use passenger processing solution

Singapore | October 25, 2016– Mandalay International Airport (MDL) passengers will realize an enhanced check-in experience with the implementation of a new passenger processing system from Rockwell Collins.

Under the terms of the agreement with MC-Jalux Airport Services Co., Ltd. (MJAS), the group that operates MDL, Rockwell Collins is providing its ARINC vMUSETM Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS) solutions at the airport, the second largest in Myanmar.

“Myanmar is a growing tourist and business destination with a variety of attractions and opportunities,” said Futoshi Hiroi, vice president, COO and CFO of MJAS. “By using the latest airport technology from Rockwell Collins, we are better able to attract airlines and travelers to the northern part of our country. This implementation of ARINC vMUSE makes it easier for travelers to reach the destinations they want to experience, helping develop our tourism industry.”

The new contract also includes the use of Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AviNet® network and message solution which provides a secure, fast and efficient way to communicate flight operation, aircraft maintenance and other critical messages that have a direct impact on airline operational efficiency.

“Being able to improve the passenger experience while also enabling MDL to support multiple airline check-in applications running concurrently on the same workstation makes ARINC vMUSE a powerful technology for airports looking to provide the best service to their passengers and airlines,” said Paul Hickox, head of Airport Systems Sales for Rockwell Collins.

Singapore | July 26, 2016– Passengers using Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) can now check in faster due to the implementation of Rockwell Collins’ new ARINC vMUSE™ mobile passenger processing solution. IGI, India’s busiest airport and the largest in South Asia, is the first airport to implement ARINC vMUSE, which gives airlines the ability to check in travelers wherever and whenever needed.

“‘Passenger delight’ is a driving principle that has helped shape our company, services, goals and all that we stand for today,” said Jeewan Khulbe, Head of IT at Delhi International Airport Ltd. “ARINC vMUSE mobile from Rockwell Collins is a way to improve the passenger experience and to provide our airports with cutting-edge solutions when traditional systems are not enough.”

ARINC vMUSE mobile enables airline and ground handling agents to utilize a tablet-based application to check in passengers from anywhere in an airport. Key reasons IGI selected ARINC vMUSE mobile include:

  • Providing the airport with a cost effective way to accommodate its rapid growth without additional infrastructure.
  • Enabling the airport to help airlines reduce queues during winter months when weather can cause irregular operations due to flight disruptions.
  • Providing a specialized check-in tool that enables airlines to offer an added level of service, like off airport check in or seat upgrades, for elite passengers.

“IGI understands the value that these new technologies will bring–especially improving operations,” said Paul Hickox, head of Airport System Sales for Rockwell Collins. “It is one of the many reasons IGI has repeatedly been honored by industry groups as one of the world’s leading airports for both quality and customer service.”

Since 2009, IGI has benefitted from the implementation of Rockwell Collins’ ARINC airport solutions. In addition to ARINC vMUSE mobile, the airport has deployed ARINC vMUSE™, ARINC SelfServ™ Kiosks, ARINC VeriPax™ Passenger Reconciliation System and ARINC BagLink™ for baggage messaging to facilitate passenger processing and reduce congestion.

  • ARINC vMUSE mobile provides flexible check-in capabilities for airlines

Las Vegas, Nevada | September 9, 2015– Lufthansa passengers will be able to check-in faster at the airport due to the implementation of Rockwell Collins’ new ARINC vMUSE™ mobile passenger processing solution. Lufthansa is the first airline to implement this new technology, which gives it the ability to check-in travelers wherever and whenever needed.

ARINC vMUSE mobile is the first entirely mobile common-use passenger processing (CUPPS) compliant solution for the aviation industry. The solution enables airlines, airports and ground handlers to use a tablet-based application to launch passenger check-in service in minutes, wherever there is an internet connection.

“ARINC vMUSE mobile is ideal for airlines and their crews because it provides the same security and reliability of our traditional IATA-compliant CUPPS, but does not require any installation time, software configuration, telecommunications lines or added technical resources,” said Christopher Forrest, vice president of Global Airports for Rockwell Collins. “It is an ideal solution for queue-busting when unexpected events impact scheduled operations, or to offer an added level of service for elite passengers.”

“We want to create a positive experience for our customers while making our operations as efficient as possible,” said Gerald Prokasky, Director, Passenger Check-in & Baggage at Lufthansa. “ARINC vMUSE mobile helps us do both: it enables our agents to go where our customers are—whether to reduce lines at the airport or enable check-in at an offsite location like a hotel. And, because it does not require a significant investment in infrastructure, it is a cost effective solution for our airline.”

August 6, 2009 – Annapolis, Maryland—ARINC Incorporated today announced that Bournemouth Airport, the first airport in Europe with ARINC’s new vMUSETM common-use technology, can now provide airline customers full access to a second departure control system—Codeco—through the vMUSE system.

Servisair, which manages passenger operations for eight airlines at Bournemouth, became the launch customer for vMUSE earlier this year using the UltraSEATS departure control system. The vMUSE technology provided flexible and accurate printing of correct logos on plain paper boarding passes.

Following that successful deployment, Servisair requested addition of the Codeco DCS, taking advantage of the same plain paper print capability. ARINC was able to implement the new DCS on the live vMUSE system at Bournemouth within a day.

“Our vMUSE solution has now been accepted as a success by both Bournemouth IT and Servisair,” states Tony Chapman, ARINC Senior Program Director, Airport Services. “It’s further evidence of the ease with which vMUSE readily supports multiple DCS’s and produces flexible results using plain paper ATP’s.”

ARINC vMUSE is capable of serving multiple charter and scheduled airlines in one economical common-use system, without the costly re-engineering of departure control software normally required. vMUSE also reduces operational costs for airports with its Windows-based, plain-paper printing of boarding passes.

With its lower implementation cost and reduced hardware and support requirements, ARINC vMUSE will enable the widespread adoption of common-use operations by smaller airport terminals. Many airports that could not previously justify common-use solutions now can afford vMUSE. It simplifies the check-in process, saves valuable terminal space, and delivers more efficient operation. Bournemouth now uses inexpensive WindowsTM plain paper printers at 12 check-in stations and 4 boarding gates.

“Bournemouth is engaged in a £45 million investment to enhance our passenger experience, and the vMUSE check-in and departure system is an important part of this plan.” stated John Seymour, Terminal Engineering Manager. “Along with our terminal expansion, new lounges, greater capacity, and additional aircraft stands, the vMUSE system will help us achieve an outstanding level of convenience for Bournemouth passengers.”

Bournemouth Airport serves over a million passengers annually with destinations in Europe and the Mediterranean and seasonal service to the Caribbean and North Africa. Bournemouth was ranked 3rd best airport in the world in 2008 by the Daily Telegraph Travel Awards. For more information, visit the web site at www.bournemouthairport.com.

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