Alpharetta, GA | July 16, 2013– The Dual USB charger provides a full 5.2V DC power for maximum charging capability. Works great with all carry-on devices such as laptop computers, media players, smart phones, tablets, and other personal electronics. Designed to provide continuous charging capability without overheating.

  • Good for cockpit and cabin
  • Features fast charging circuitry and internal fan
  • Charger only, no data connection
  • Product Number: FDPWRU28

The Perfect IFE Accessory!

The Dual USB charger is a perfect complement to our JetJukebox or other IFE systems such as cabin routers, media streamers, and file servers. Passengers can work or play during the duration of the flight knowing that their personal devices will be fully charged when they arrive.

Click Here for a Spec Sheet of our USB Device Charger