State College, PA | October 28, 2015– The aviation market is moving quickly to upgrade planes to Ultra HD over the next two years according to Pennsylvania-based technology company Videon Central.

“Ultra HD will be the new standard in aviation,” Todd Erdley, CEO of Videon, said. “Ultra HD’s standards will have a profound impact on the quality of all displays, even small size found in IFE applications. Technology like High Dynamic Range might even make the need to pull down window shades in a plane a thing of the past.”

The key to Ultra HD is its use of High Dynamic Range (HDR), which significantly improves the screen’s range of contrast. This lets viewers see detail in light and dark parts of the scene simultaneously.

During 2016, Erdley sees private jets showcasing Ultra HD technology and believes by late 2017 Ultra HD will be offered in the front of the cabin on commercial jets as a value add for first-class passengers.

The company will be educating customers at the National Business Aviation Association Convention (NBAA), which takes place from Nov. 17 to 19 in Las Vegas. Visitors to Videon’s booth (#N731) will see a side-by-side comparison of HD and Ultra HD video. They will also receive a detailed description of Ultra HD technology and how it fits into in-flight entertainment.