MLB will become new gateway for all TUI UK customers beginning 2022

Melbourne, Fl | November 4, 2019– TUI, the world’s leading holiday company and the UK’s number one holiday provider, announced today that Orlando Melbourne International Airport (MLB) will become the Florida gateway for all customers traveling to Orlando and Central Florida beginning 2022.

Melbourne Airport Authority Chairman Jack L. Ryals and MLB Executive Director Greg Donovan, A.A.E., were welcomed by TUI UK & Ireland Managing Director Andrew Flintham and TUI Airways Managing Director Dawn Wilson to the TUI UK Headquarters to celebrate the new partnership. The celebration included a signing ceremony, a tour of the airline’s hangar and a peek into one of TUI’s Boeing 787 Dreamliners, the 300-seat aircraft type that will be used for all the new transatlantic flights. The initial schedule is still under development, but has the potential to be made up of nonstop flights between MLB and nine European cities.

“At TUI we’re committed to offering our customers an outstanding airline and holiday experience and we are delighted to be working with Orlando Melbourne Airport on their exciting expansion plans,” said Dawn Wilson, managing director at TUI Airways. “Our new Orlando gateway will be perfectly situated to offer TUI UK customers total flexibility in designing their holiday around any combination of theme parks, beaches or cruising.”

MLB Executive Director Greg Donovan, A.A.E., added, “TUI’s proven product combined with MLB’s exceptional concierge services will make for an unprecedented customer experience for UK holidaymakers traveling to Florida. With more than $100 million of investment into MLB’s airport facilities over the last few years, and much more on the way, MLB will be practically the newest and most modern airport in Florida.”

MLB plans to invest millions of dollars in terminal enhancements that will directly benefit all TUI UK customers and MLB passengers. The brand new terminal expansion will include unique concessions, innovative passenger amenities and many other family-friendly features that will provide an entertaining, speedy, stress-free and uncongested experience.

Landing at MLB will keep existing TUI customers in close proximity to Orlando’s world-famous theme parks, and bring them even closer to Central Florida’s beaches, cruises and attractions on the Space Coast. The geographic upgrade also brings TUI customers more than an hour closer to Miami and Fort Lauderdale in South Florida.

“This is a major win for Melbourne and our entire region,” said Airport Authority Chairman Jack L. Ryals. “Tourism is our region’s biggest asset, and I look forward to the day when UK travelers are admiring our beaches, enjoying our restaurants, relaxing at our hotels and catching a Space Coast thrill at our attractions.”airport,

La Ciotat | March 31, 2017– Can you use your contactless payment card or smartphone to pay when you are cosily seated in an air plane ?

Of course, you can.

IFPL and Alcineo have strengthened their partnership to provide a unique solution for aircraft payment.
IFPL has designed an EMV contactless reader whilst Alcinéo has provided the payment capability. The reader is not only compliant with all the major payment schemes but it is also built according the most advanced PCI security standard.

Today, we go a step beyond by introducing a PIN on Screen solution in order to accept the contactless high value payment. Contactless kernels are located into the NFCm whilst the PIN entry is achieved through the Trusted User Interface or TUI on the secure part of the seat back screen – running in the Trusted Executed Environment (TEE). The Trusted User Interface enables to enter securely a PIN and encrypt the digit to be used for the payment processing.

The Trusted Executed Environment is a secure Operating System that runs into the Trust Zone of the ARM core. It is protected by responsive tamper and specific secure donwload that prevent unsuitable utilization.

This product has been designed to enhance travellers payment experience, offering additional means of payment during their trip.

  • Group uses comprehensive IT package for navigation and schedule management

Kelsterbach, Germany | May 12, 2015– Lufthansa Systems today announced that the five holiday airlines of the TUI Group have opted for solutions from the airline IT specialist. For navigation, Lufthansa Systems is providing its contractual partner TUIfly as well as the other European airlines of the TUI Group with its complete range of Lido/Navigation solutions – paper-based and electronic charts as well as continually updated navigation and airport data. From the summer of 2015, the TUI airlines will also use the NetLine/Sched schedule management solution to optimize their fleet and slot planning. The holiday airlines of the TUI Group operate a fleet of around 140 aircraft.

TUIfly has already been using navigation solutions from Lufthansa Systems for around ten years – initially paper-based and later electronic. Other TUI airlines have also gradually migrated to the Lido products. With this new agreement, the contracts and standards will be harmonized from May 2015 and all airlines will have access to the same navigation solutions. “If we all use the same IT solutions in our airline group, it will help us simplify processes and make better use of our capacity,” said Henrik Homann, Managing Director Aviation at the TUI Group.

The navigation charts include depictions of airport runways as well as approach and departure procedures and a global route chart. The paper-based charts of Lido/RouteManual, the electronic charts of the Windows-based Lido/eRouteManual, and the charts of the Lido/mPilot iPad app are all identically arranged and feature clear color-coding and self-explanatory symbols to support the pilots’ visual thinking. All important route information, including altitude and airport data, is generated directly from the Lido/FMS navigation database, which has been used by the TUI airlines since the end of 2014. The Lido/AMM moving map application, which generates airport maps from the Lido/AMDB database, was also recently introduced.

The NetLine/Sched schedule management solution gives the TUI airlines a shared basis for planning, enabling them to arrange their schedules in a way that maximizes fleet efficiency. A powerful system which can quickly generate new schedules in the event of last-minute changes is especially important when it comes to the various requirements of charter and scheduled airlines. Thanks to its high degree of automation, NetLine/Sched optimally supports the planners at the TUI airlines and continually evaluates “what-if” scenarios and their cost-effectiveness. The TUI airlines additionally use the NetLine/Sched Slot Manager and Slot Monitor modules to apply for airport takeoff and landing slots more efficiently and maintain an overview of their slot use.

“We are delighted that the TUI airlines are now all using our IT solutions for navigation and scheduling,” said Marco Cesa, Senior Vice President Regional Management EMEA at Lufthansa Systems. “This is a testament to their great satisfaction with our products as well as trust and close cooperation.”

The TUI Group includes the airlines TUIfly, Thomson Airways, TUIfly Nordic, Jetairfly and ArkeFly. The TUI airlines have a fleet of around 140 medium- and long-haul aircraft. They serve more than 180 destinations worldwide, especially long-distance international holiday destinations.