St. Augustine, Florida | April 29, 2014–
Carlisle introduces TuffSpec Wire, the latest addition to our portfolio of ruggedized wires, designed specifically for the demanding oil and gas industry.

TuffSpec has been designed for downhole tooling applications, such as perforating guns and acoustical tools for borehole imaging. Other applications include ground-based drilling stations, automation machinery, cement truck sensors and a multitude of farming/agricultural equipment.

Manufactured using CarlisleIT’s proprietary Seamless tape technology, TuffSpec provides the advantages of a tape wrap with the look and feel of an extruded product. A double helical wrap provides an exceptionally consistent insulation that is more durable than extruded PTFE insulations. With 20 percent improved insulation tensile strength, 10 percent less insulation thickness and improved concentricity compared to extruded PTFE, TuffSpec is smaller, more scrape resistant and more conductive than what was previously available. This wire is available in both 200 C (silver) and 260 C (nickle) versions with a voltage range from 250 Volts to 3000 volts.

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