Moscow, Russia – April 5, 2011 —Alex KRINICHANSKY, Executive Director of TRANSAERO Airlines of Russia, today joined Lumexis CEO Doug Cline in announcing the airline’s selection of Lumexis’s cutting-edge FTTS (Fiber-To-The-Screen[R]) technology, to begin immediately with full-cabin retrofit of four 373-seat Boeing 777-300s this year and three 522-seat B747-400s starting first quarter of 2012.

“As the leading full service carrier in the region, Transaero is committed to providing our passengers with a truly superior in-flight experience in all classes of service,” said Executive Director Krinichansky. “After carefully investigating and assessing the latest available In-Flight Entertainment/Communication (IFEC) products over several years, we found that only Lumexis’s Fiber To The Screen (FTTS[R]) IFE could support the full range of advanced passenger services and entertainment we required, uniquely including full AVOD HDTV delivery to every passenger in all cabins.”

“Lumexis is honored to be able to partner with such a distinguished, superior-service airline,” Cline added. “as the wide-body launch customer for our second generation of FTTS, Transaero Airlines demanded not only unparalleled, leading-edge performance, but most importantly, the highest reliability to assure uninterrupted service and full passenger satisfaction. The airline management’s emphasis on truly superior in-flight service sets the carrier apart from its competitors.”

As Cline explained further, “While it provides unmatched delivery capacity, the unique FTTS fiber optic network is so simple to install – at less than half the cost and weight of earlier generation, copper-based systems – that installation time is reduced to less than a third of the time required for other, more complex systems, Thus, Transaero will be able to complete its first four B777-300 cabin retrofits in the fourth quarter of this year alone.”