Wow, where did the time go at AIX in Hamburg last week? The three days at the Hamburg Messe showcased a lot of technology in the inflight entertainment and connectivity world. Presently, almost 8000 visitors attended and the final tally will not be made for a week or so. This puts the show on par with visitor numbers last year and for challenging airline times like these, the show sponsors should breathe a sigh of relief. We do think the overall airline participation was reduced (airline employees per airline visiting AIX) but if that is true, it would be because of the economics. We did not see as many airline badges as last year.

Approximately 500 exhibitors focused on existing product lines with an emphasis on new technology. This was especially true in the seat and interior halls but to a great extent this was true in the IFE and Connectivity exhibits as well. Inflight connectivity, portable IFE, fiber optic IFE, and new concepts such as 3D entertainment and expanded bizjet offerings were shown as well. We plan to show-and-tell much more in the IFExpress Blogs so keep you eye on those parts of our new and improved website. Many of the new products and show images are available in our Flickr photo gallery so be sure to check that out too! Our goal there was to bring a little bit of the show flavor to the folks who make it possible in the labs and offices of the vendors who show there wares. Further, we covered a lot about the trip and the greater Hamburg visit there as well. We have a few surprises planned too, but you will have to explore our website in the next few days to find out what they are.

Overall, there was a reasonable amount of new technology, but many vendors told us that they will unveil even more at the WAEA Conference this fall. One large IFE manufacturer told IFExpress that they are looking at totally new concepts to come up with the technological baseline for their next generation of hardware – expect some real eye-openers! Next year, we believe the AIX show to be the biggest ever and it is planned for May 18 – 20, 2010. Don’t miss it.

Visitor figures for Aircraft Interiors Expo have remained steady this year in spite of the uncertain economic outlook for the aviation industry. Nearly 8,000 visitors attended to see the usual raft of new product development across all areas of the interiors sector, displayed by more than 500 exhibitors. Innovations in terms of seating development and inflight connectivity were particularly strong this year. The total attendance figure will be available after the event has been ABC audited in the next couple of weeks.

The last day of the show is traditionally a race for exhibitors to rebook their preferred stand position for the ensuing show; this year was no exception with exhibitors queuing to reserve their preferred space for Aircraft Interiors Expo 2010.

Aircraft Interiors Expo’s Event Director, Katie Murphy said: “In spite of our pre-registration visitor figures remaining strong we weren’t really sure what to expect when the doors to the show opened this year. It’s a testament to the whole Aircraft Interiors Expo team and our exhibitors that we have been able to maintain the same levels of interest in the show that we achieved last year even though there is currently much hesitancy in the aviation sector.

“On top of all the essential supply chain networking that happens at this show, a significant amount of business has been done again this year and we’ve received good feedback on our move to the B halls. Being able to host the World Airline Awards this year has only added to our profile among the top eschelons of the airlines.”

Next year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo takes place from 18 to 20 May 2010 at the Hamburg Messe.

Our stalwart party of trade show journalists have been busily snapping photos while they seek out the “hot scoop” in Hamburg.

In between long days slogging across the show floor and their early evenings turning in to regenerate energy for the next day (Editor’s note: Yeah right, hello… bar photos?) they managed to find time to upload a few of their photos for your viewing pleasure.

If you’d like to see just a tiny slice of all there is to see at AIX, head on over to our photo gallery hosted on Flickr.

Our crack staff of IFE sleuths are about to jet their way halfway around the world in order to bring you the latest developments in the IFE industry. That’s right, we’re going to Hamburg!

While we’re there we’ll be posting regular updates to our AIX Blog so be sure to check back regularly to get the inside scoop on what we find at the Aircraft Interiors Exp 2009.