• Innovative NetLine/Ops ++ operations control platform and NetLine/Sched schedule management solution successfully implemented for all subsidiary airlines

Raunheim, Germany | May 17, 2016– Lufthansa Systems today announced that the four members of the Thomas Cook Group Airlines are managing their flight operations from Belgium, Germany, Denmark and the UK with the NetLine/Ops ++ operations control platform. They are also using the NetLine/Sched schedule management solution to optimize their schedules. Following the successful cutover at Thomas Cook UK last year, the remaining subsidiaries – Condor, Thomas Cook Belgium and Thomas Cook Scandinavia – migrated to the innovative operations solutions over the past months.

“The Thomas Cook Group Airlines consist of four airlines with different cultures and experiences as well as different processes which have been evolved historically. The successful implementation of the new platforms is a key milestone in terms of harmonizing our processes and acting like one Airline,” said Peter Hauptvogel, Director IT at Thomas Cook Group Airlines.

NetLine/Ops is now being used by almost 70 airlines around the world, 31 of which have already deployed NetLine/Ops ++. This new-generation solution offers Operations Control Center (OCC) staff full transparency around current flights and potential operational disruptions because airlines need to be able to manage schedule changes – both planned and unplanned – in a way that minimizes their effect on passengers.

The Thomas Cook Group is the first multinational airline group to manage four international OCCs using a single operations control platform. The operations control solution offers functions which facilitate information management and enable a higher degree of automation. As a result, the airline will be warned early in case of potential disruptions that might occur due to weather or longer maintenance periods. This allows operations controllers to take preventative action in order to avoid delays or even cancellations, thus improving the punctuality of flight operations. Delays cost airlines more than USD 26 billion worldwide. According to the latest OAG (Official Airline Guide) report, airlines that use NetLine/Ops or NetLine/Ops ++ are among the most punctual in the world.

The NetLine/Sched schedule management solution supports airline scheduling. Airlines must regularly adjust their schedules in response to competitors or updated sales and marketing plans. This places high demands on their scheduling system. It must be capable of fully supporting the development, management and implementation of alternative network strategies. NetLine/Sched gives airline employees access to high-quality optimization tools which enable them to take both operational and economic aspects into account in order to improve schedule quality. NetLine/Sched also helps evaluate “what-if” scenarios and automatically calculates their commercial efficiency. The schedule management solution is currently being used by nearly 60 airlines worldwide.

“The Thomas Cook Group Airlines are already using several products from Lufthansa Systems. We are therefore especially pleased to provide them with NetLine/Ops ++ and NetLine/Sched, the ideal solutions for managing their flight operations and schedules,” said Marco Cesa, Senior Vice President Regional Management EMEA at Lufthansa Systems. “Thanks to constructive teamwork, we were able to complete the cutover at Condor, Thomas Cook Belgium and Thomas Cook Scandinavia within just seven weeks.”

Picture description (copyright: Lufthansa Systems): NetLine/Sched supports airline scheduling