– Industry’s Most Prominent Transaction Processing Engine Now Used to Enable IFE Payment Acceptance Across Extensive Global Customer Base

Toronto, ONT | March 11, 2013– GuestLogix Inc. (TSX: GXI), the leading global provider of onboard retail and payment technology solutions to airlines and the passenger travel industry, today announced that it has partnered with global technology leader and major in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) provider, Thales. The partnership involves the integration of GuestLogix’ Transaction Processing Engine (TPE) into Thales’ TopSeries® IFEC systems, enabling payment acceptance via state-of-the-art seatback screens. Implementation of the joint solution will commence immediately, and Thales’ customer-base will use the GuestLogix system for onboard payments without any need to retrofit hardware.

GuestLogix’ Transaction Processing Engine was designed and developed for the secure capture and processing of payments through a variety of access points. By integrating GuestLogix’ technology, Thales has expanded its popular IFEC systems into seat-centric storefronts, benefiting its airline customers and their passengers, while also maintaining its status as a leader in aircraft innovations. The incorporation of GuestLogix’ TPE into these seatbacks marks a first for GuestLogix and further strengthens the Company’s position in the market.

“GuestLogix takes pride in its industry-leading position in the onboard retail and payment technology market and is elated to have secured this win with Thales, another company that is synonymous with onboard innovation,” said Brett Proud, President & CEO, GuestLogix. “This integration represents an extraordinary new milestone that brings onboard payment to a vast number of globally diverse airline passengers. This partnership strengthens both companies’ abilities to thrive in the industry, while succeeding at our mission to increase ancillary revenue potential for the global airline market.”

GuestLogix will integrate and license its Transaction Processing Engine via Thales onboard IFEC systems to many of the world’s leading airlines. The software will capture payment information, transfer the information to an onboard server and securely transmit the data to the ground. The GuestLogix Transaction Processing Engine (TPE) meets the most stringent Payment Card Industry (PCI) validation as a payment application, and all ongoing maintenance will be handled by GuestLogix over the duration of the 10-year agreement. The TPE will support both live and cached transactions at the seatback screen for items such as Pay per Access, onboard shopping and meals.

“Our partnership with GuestLogix was a natural fit and supports Thales’ vision to be ‘the Best In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity Solutions Company by creating partnerships that endure, innovations that inspire and products and services that ensure exceptional value,'” said Alan Pellegrini, President & CEO, Thales USA. “The need to support secure, certified payment acceptance functionality into our IFEC system became abundantly clear as airlines are now realizing the immense potential of having seat-centric storefronts onboard.”

GuestLogix and Thales anticipate rollout to begin July 2013. A joint deployment is currently underway onboard a first major airline customer.

Seattle, WA. | September 12, 2011 -– Thales, a leader in In-Flight Entertainment and
Connectivity systems, announced that Hainan Airlines will install the TopSeries system on 15
new Airbus planes. These aircraft will include Audio and Video On-Demand capability
throughout the aircraft. At each seat, passengers will enjoy large, touch screen displays
sizes 15.4” in Business and 10.6” in Economy. Also in the seat are slim-line control units that
support a range of advanced applications. The first aircraft delivery is scheduled for early
2013 and the last mid-2015.

“Thales is an excellent IFE Supplier in the industry. We work with them today and this
program will continue growing our solid relationship,” said Tim Tian, HNA Group, Purchasing
department. Included in this selection is the ASXI moving map application that features
various zoom levels of high-resolution maps as well as flight information pages that can be
combined and scripted for a unique passenger experience. In addition, the airline selected
the Thales eBook reader from which passengers have easy access to an expansive library of
e-magazines, books and other publications.

“Thales shares the vision that Hainan Airlines has for their airline. Their 5 Star SkyTrac rating
demonstrates their mandate to offer their customers an award winning experience. I am
confident that our TopSeries system will deliver to this high standard as we continue to bring
new capabilities to their fleet for year after year,” said Alan Pellegrini Managing Director for
the Thales In-flight Entertainment business.

Neuilly-sur-Seine, FR | August 19, 2011 –- Thales, a leader in In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) systems, announced that Japan Airlines has taken delivery of its first of
five Boeing 767-300ER Domestic aircraft with the Thales TopSeries In-Flight Entertainment System onboard. The aircraft has a total of 261 seats in a 42 Business and 219 Economy class configuration. Japan Airlines started taking delivery of these five aircraft on July 28th and will begin its first entry into service in August.

The TopSeries system consists of in-seat audio broadcast and overhead video entertainment on monitors in bulkhead and aisle locations. At the seat, passengers have a passenger control unit for audio channel selection for overhead video and dual prong audio jack. Flight crew members manage the Thales entertainment system using an interactive Cabin Management Terminal (iCMT).

Hamburg, Germany – April 5, 2011 —Thales, a leader in In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity systems, unveils the complete system architecture of the new TopSeries system. Its’ advancements push the boundaries of previous IFEC systems with exceptional system performance, solid reliability and optimized flexible design.

The TopSeries Next Generation system, now called TopSeries AVANT, is a new Thales product and is a revolutionary system that combines the strengths of earlier generation systems with advanced technologies such as high definition video, solid state hard drives, and faster processors to create a passenger experience that is a genuine revelation. The new system is a seat-centric solution that underscores the importance of refining the passenger’s environment making it more functional, comfortable and appealing to the eye. Recently, an undisclosed airline selected the TopSeries AVANT for installation on its future A350 aircraft.

Thales is working closely with Airbus to have the TopSeries AVANT offerable on all other Airbus platforms. The Thales AVANT embraces the Android™ operating system. Starting with the system’s Avion award-winning Touch Passenger Media Unit, this hand-held unit is also a finalist for a 2011 Crystal Cabin Award.

Despite the accolades, the product itself is just the beginning. Thales is opening an App Portal that embraces the growing number of Android based applications making it easier for airlines to review and select capabilities already tested and integrated to the new system.

“We are in high gear now with our new generation system. The market will see Thales maneuver into new market segments and deliver new innovation for the latest aircraft types. With TopSeries AVANT, the market will see a true revolution,” said Alan Pellegrini, Managing Director for Thales In-flight Entertainment activities.