Aircraft Interiors, Hamburg, April 5, 2011 — TriaGnoSys has today announced that it has been selected to supply applications for Thales’ TopConnect solution. TopConnect is a comprehensive communications suite that provides passenger and crew applications with access to the cloud. Access is provided through mobile devices, including tablets and laptops, as well as through the IFE system. The onboard network equally supports voice, SMS and GPRS services for GSM smartphones and mobile devices.

Within the Thales platform the TriaGnoSys’ software enables a complete IFEC solution for cabin and passenger connectivity, and connected IFE applications. It includes GSMConneX, TriaGnoSys’ recently-launched GSM solution and makes the most efficient use of the available bandwidth through advanced compression and optimisation technology.

Jeff Sare, Vice President Commercial at Thales, said, “TriaGnoSys provides Thales with the best available connectivity solution based on market demand. It is both reliable and efficient. The TriaGnoSys team is also very easy to work with, consistently delivering on time and on budget.”

In the current configuration, TriaGnoSys’ software routes the GSM and inflight WiFi traffic from the aircraft to the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband satellite system, and then to the ground network. In the near future, the software can also be used for other radio links, in particular Ka but also other K based and air-to-ground links.

Axel Jahn, Managing Director of TriaGnoSys, said, “It is very clear that inflight connectivity is now mainstream and we are very pleased that TriaGnoSys remains at the centre of the sector. We have a long-standing relationship with Thales and this deal strengthens that relationship.”

The current system is installed as a standalone solution or as an integral part of the Thales IFE system and it can support multiple SwiftBroadband channels today. Thales and TriaGnoSys are also actively working on Ka based solutions as an addition to the TopConnect communications suite in the short to mid term technology cycle.