Sydney, Australia | February 8, 2013– Stellar Entertainment has again proven its technical leadership by working closely with its customers to launch wireless streaming of on demand video and audio content on their aircraft.

Chief Operating Officer Michael Reilly said: ‘We love having customers un-afraid to embrace new technology quickly. Just as we blazed new trails a couple of years ago being so closely involved with the launch of both iOS and Android tablets as IFE platforms, we’re doing the same with wireless streaming’.

Said Reilly: ‘We have two airline customers flying with two different streaming platforms and a third customer with a third platform will be airborne by mid-year. As with any new technologies there can be traps for young players but it ‘s pleasing to see our digital wizards mastering the requirements and even better to fly on our customers aircraft and observe their passengers embracing the systems too.’

‘We’d encourage any airline considering a streaming solution to talk to us. As a platform agnostic provider of content and technical services, we can help!’

Stellar Entertainment is a leading provider of entertainment content and technical services. Established in 1974, the company has five offices and technical facilities globally, and also jointly owns Sky Victory Technology in China.

The company specialises in:

– Content Creation, Programming/Licensing for Film, TV, Music, Games, e-Books/Magazines and more
– Video Production, Post Production, Motion Graphics & Branding, including a green screen filming facility.
– Standalone, full studio production services in our state-of-the-art studios
– Complete IFE Technology Management & Delivery – Compilation, Editing, Encoding and Duplication
– Complete IFE Digital Content Management – Metadata, QC, Integration & Rack Testing
– Print & Digital Design and Production
– IFE Technology Consultancy – iPad, Wireless Streaming and more