Cape Town, South Africa | May 7, 2015– As one of aviation’s leading providers of satellite voice and broadband data solutions for flight deck and cabin communications Satcom Direct’sintroductory workshops will start in the Autumn, with the first one scheduled for 23rd October in Cape Town. Training will feature introductory sessions discussing the latest trends and mandates in business aviation for Africa, safety services in communications,cost-effective systems for internet connectivity in the cabin, and updates from a selection of Satcom Direct’s connectivity partners. As an added benefit, delegates attending the workshops can request an aircraft satcom system check and Satcom Direct will send an expert to review the systems on board their aircraft.

The Satcom Direct Training Programme will also be delivering the Foundation Course for Satcom Aviation in Johannesburg on 20-21 October of this year. This course covers basic fundamentals of satellite communications in aviation, including satcom constellation overviews and troubleshooting techniques.

Florida, US headquartered Satcom Direct, which is a founding member of AfBAA, recognises the importance of connectivity in a continent as vast as Africa and is offering the training to further develop business aviation in the region. AfBAA has this year committed to improving human resource potential in Africa and is encouraging all members to provide easy access to training initiatives, such as Satcom Direct’s.

Satcom Direct invests heavily in supporting its customers worldwide via comprehensive training programmes. Commenting on the workshop, Chris Moore, Chief Commercial Officer of Satcom Direct International adds: “We are extremely pleased to be playing our part to support the development of business aviation in Africa. We hope the workshops will support better understanding of the value of on-board connectivity. Training is a very important part of our offering and something we know that our customers really value. We look forward to welcoming many aviation professionals in the region to this highly valuable workshop.”

Annapolis, Maryland, USA, March 8, 2010—Commercial passenger flights and business jets in South Africa can now have better access to important flight messages and data with newly-expanded ACARS® data link coverage from ARINC Incorporated.

In cooperation with South Africa’s Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS), ARINC recently installed a new VHF ACARS data link station at Cape Town, and inaugurated coverage in December. The new station will enable better in-flight data transfer and communications between airline operations and aircraft flight decks.

Cape Town International is South Africa’s second busiest airport and a major gateway for tourists. ARINC is expanding its data link coverage in advance of the 2010 World Cup, which will take place in South Africa during June and July. Teams from 32 nations will play at eight different venues stretched across more than a thousand miles of South Africa. An influx of international visitors and greatly increased air traffic are expected.

“Our Cape Town data link coverage is part of a series of major investments ARINC is making across the whole of the Europe, Middle East and Africa region,” stated Andy Wood, ARINC EMEA Program Director. “New station deployments like this one benefit our European-based airline customers such as Virgin Atlantic and Lufthansa who fly to the African main bases, as well as many international airlines flying to Johannesburg, where we also provide VHF ACARS coverage.”

ARINC VHF ACARS data link service provides airlines with faster and more reliable operational messaging than traditional voice radio. Carriers using data link benefit from greater efficiency and on-time performance.

ARINC’s data link services are built on an integrated worldwide network of VHF and HF ground stations, along with Inmarsat and Iridium satellite networks, to provide seamless data communications to aircraft anywhere in the world. ARINC’s exclusive HFDL (High Frequency Data Link) service gives carriers such as South African Airways cost-effective global coverage across oceans, continents and polar regions while seamlessly interfacing with VHF and SATCOM communications.

ARINC Incorporated, a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group, provides communications, engineering and integration solutions for commercial, defense and government customers worldwide. Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland with regional headquarters in London and Singapore, ARINC is ISO 9001:2008 certified. For more information, visit the web site at

(Johannesburg, South Africa — January 18, 2010) Sub-Saharan Africans will soon be able to connect to the Internet pretty-much anywhere they are – even while on a domestic or long-haul flight – thanks to a new technology announcement from WirelessG, the company behind SA’s first converged, pre-paid Internet product, G-Connect.

While the technology that will enable in-flight Internet services is depending on Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approval, it will be provided through an exclusive agreement with US-based Row 44 who is already successfully offering in-flight Wi-Fi Internet to Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines and in 2010, through Norwegian Air Shuttle. After extensive testing in the US, the first complete set of hardware will arrive in South Africa shortly. This will be used to setup a ground-based proof of concept (POC) here in South Africa to test the complete solution including the Satellites that will be used for the commercial product.

WirelessG also holds an exclusive agreement for the African continent, but are still investigating options to see how soon, and to which extent they will be able to provide in-flight Wi-Fi into Africa and is actively investigating potential airline prospects to identify valuable business partners.

Carel van der Merwe, CEO of WirelessG, says the company is already in negotiations with local airlines, and while the solution is already in POC phase, no information is being released as to which carrier will launch the service first.

Because Row 44’s in-flight broadband system is satellite-based and leverages the extensive Hughes satelllite network, WirelessG and Row 44 will be able to provide African airlines’ passengers with uninterrupted high-speed connectivity in-flight, no matter where they fly—including flights across multiple countries and over water.

WirelessG has successfully integrated its converged billing platform to this new technological environment. This platform, which has undergone extensive testing against the WirelessG converged billing service, will connect via satellite to provide a full range of Internet services such as web browsing, email access, VPN connectivity and web-based SMS.

Van der Merwe says the new solution will dovetail perfectly into G-Connect’s current converged Internet solution and extend the ADSL, Wi-Fi hotspot and 3G Internet access currently on offer from the service into the cloud.

The in-flight Internet service will be available to all passengers on participating flights for a fee, while G-Connect users can benefit from the service as they will be able to use their current G-Connect accounts onboard the aircraft.

“With the G-Connect sign-up process being free of cost and contracts, we are expecting many travelers to utilise the advantage of our in-flight offering,” says van der Merwe.

“We have always focused on innovating within the telecoms space in order to provide increased value to our customers. We were the first provider to offer a 3-in-1 service (ADSL, 3G, Wi-Fi), and a wallet for managing connectivity spend. All that is required now, is to legitimise the US approved Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) through the South African CAA. Once we have received this approval, we are able to launch the POC aircrafts and then be the first to offer in-flight Internet access in Africa,” explains van der Merwe. “Being able to provide such a highly necessary and useful product, makes us really proud.”

“WirelessG has built the dominant Wi-Fi hotspot presence across Africa and maintains agreements that extend its services globally,” said Frederick St.Amour, Row 44’s Vice President of Business Development. “By extending its coverage to aircraft in flight, they continue to demonstrate the innovation and leadership for which they are well known. As a result, air travelers in Africa will enjoy in-flight broadband services much sooner than they would have otherwise. Row 44 is thrilled to join forces with WirelessG to bring a wide range of connectivity services to the African skies.”