• Japan’s largest airline relies on Sirax for optimizing its revenue accounting processes

Kelsterbach, Germany | January 16, 2014– Japan’s largest airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) will be using the Sirax IT solution from Lufthansa Systems for managing its revenues. An five-year contract to this effect was signed recently. The core functionality provided by Sirax enables ANA to cover the full spectrum of modern revenue accounting processes including interline billing and reduce costs significantly in this area.

“By using Sirax to handle our revenue accounting, we achieve flexible control of our revenues while generating sustainable cost savings. Lufthansa Systems impressed us with the accelerated availability of our financial data in Sirax and the professionalism shown in rolling out the new system. This project will be challenging for us because we will be using Sirax for both international and domestic revenue accounting processes and Lufthansa Systems will support this project.” said Yukihiko Sasaki, Managing Director Portfolio Management Innovation & IT Strategy from ANA.

The Sirax AirFinance Platform from Lufthansa Systems is the first integrated platform to optimize all of an airline’s financial processes. It has enabled Lufthansa Systems’ customers to achieve considerable savings in their finance department. Leading carriers who deployed this integrated finance solution were able to reduce their operating costs in this area by up to 45 percent and total costs by more than 35 percent. Lufthansa Systems works closely with IATA to ensure that the solution not only meets common standards but also covers the latest developments such as SIS (Simplified Interline Settlement) and EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document).

The Sirax revenue accounting solution speeds up accounting processes by automatically checking ticket sales against actual flight data. It also delivers precise, timely information for management and accounting staff.

“We are proud to expand our cooperation with ANA. As Japan’s largest airline and one of the leading airlines in Asia, ANA is a strategically important regional partner to us and the entire Lufthansa Group,” said Olivier Krüger, SVP Regional Management Asia/Pacific at Lufthansa Systems.