Boeing and SIAEC also finalize agreements for BAPAS to enter full operations

Orlando, Florida | April 11, 2018– Boeing [NYSE: BA] announced that on March 7, 2018, two previously signed integrated Boeing Global Fleet Care agreements for Singapore Airlines’ fleet of 27 777-300ERs (Extended Range) and Scoot’s fleet of 20 787 Dreamliners were transferred to Boeing Asia Pacific Aviation Services Pte. Ltd., (BAPAS), a joint venture between The Boeing Company and SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC).

“Boeing’s partnership with SIAEC will create more efficient and customer-focused service solutions by combining our resources and intimate understanding of airframe lifecycle with knowledge of current and emerging requirements in the Asia Pacific region,” said Stan Deal, president and CEO, Boeing Global Services.

Under the integrated Global Fleet Care agreements, BAPAS will provide engineering services, maintenance planning and scheduling, and operation control center services, along with materials demand planning and spares support for the airlines. BAPAS also will tailor maintenance and reliability programs and provide support for aircraft modifications. Following these agreements, BAPAS is anticipated to support more than 70 Boeing aircraft within the Singapore Airlines Group.

Boeing and SIAEC also confirmed the completion of the agreements and processes necessary to fully enable the BAPAS joint venture. BAPAS will continue offering industry-leading engineering, materials management and fleet maintenance support solutions for Boeing 737, 747, 777 and 787 aircraft to airline customers in the Asia Pacific region.

About Boeing Asia Pacific Aviation Services Pte. Ltd.

Boeing Asia Pacific Aviation Services Pte. Ltd. (BAPAS) is a joint venture that combines Boeing engineering knowledge of the 737, 747, 777 and 787 aircraft with SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC) maintenance, repair and overhaul expertise. BAPAS offers a total fleet maintenance solution that incorporates a suite of knowledge based maintenance services. These one-stop services include Fleet Engineering Services, Fleet Material Services and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services, specifically formulated to cover airline customer needs from entry into service to ongoing operations to the decommission or sale of an aircraft.

Singapore’s myKrisWorld Sets a New Standard in Personalization for Airline Passengers

Lake Forest, California | November 2, 2017–Panasonic Avionics Corporation (Panasonic), a world leader in Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC), and Singapore Airlines, today introduced a series of eight new innovations in personalization with the launch of myKrisWorld – the airline’s newest inflight entertainment offering.

Hideo Nakano, Chief Executive Officer for Panasonic Avionics Corp., said, “Panasonic Avionics and Singapore Airlines have always been at the forefront of IFEC innovation.  Whether it’s the shift to in-seat audio/video to video on demand, or the introduction of high-speed connectivity services to passengers, both companies have embraced technologies and services that have defined premium air travel. Today, we are proud to partner with Singapore Airlines to introduce the latest tectonic shift in our industry — personalization.”

Nakano continued, “Last year, we helped Singapore Airlines introduce their award-winning companion app. Today, we’re taking that personalized experience to even greater heights with a series of innovative features that include passenger log-in at their seat; playlist, bookmark, language preference storage and wallpaper customization between flights; customized and personalized entertainment spotlights; popular, trending and recommended content; and exclusive content based on frequent flier tier.”

myKrisWorld embraces Panasonic’s vision for IFEC, which centers around the concept of “the Internet of Me,” taking all of the things that people care about and bringing them together to deliver personalized and contextualized experiences.  Each of these features is made possible by Panasonic’s ability to deliver actionable analytics, where data is used to improve the quality of the passenger experience.

With myKrisWorld, the experience starts before passengers board their flight. Passengers can use Singapore Airlines’ app or website to preview content and set up their customized playlist. Once onboard, they can either synchronise their mobile device or log in at their seat to access their pre-selected content.

Crowd-sourced data will offer up alternative titles that are popular. It can ask passengers if they want to finish the movie that they started on the previous flights. It can also make recommendations based on a passenger’s individual habits and what content is trending inflight at that moment in time.

Nakano concluded, “What is truly exciting is that we were able to leverage Singapore Airlines’ previous investment in our eX3 system and introduce this new suite of personalized experiences.

“By embracing the culture of mobile, we can increase the rate of evolution in the passenger experience, transforming what was once a passive entertainment system into another digital channel that airlines can leverage to better serve their customers.”

Selection of magazines now available via SITA DigitalMedia leveraging Adaptive technology
Singapore | April 6, 2017– Passengers using the Singapore Airlines mobile app can now get free digital magazines on their device. Powered by SITA DigitalMedia using Adaptive technology, the new feature is available on the Singapore Airlines app on both iOS and Android devices. Access to the free reading material is available to passengers before, during, and after the flight.

With this technology, provided by SITA and its partner Adaptive, Singapore Airlines’ customers can enjoy a wide selection of up to date magazines via its app. SITA DigitalMedia not only helps provide a better passenger experience but it also supports the Airline’s efforts to go green and reduce paper production and handling.

Sumesh Patel, SITA President, Asia Pacific, said: “Singapore Airlines is renowned for its great service and constant desire to enhance the travel experience of its customers. SITA is delighted to be able to offer a service that helps further those ambitions and SITA DigitalMedia is just one of the ways we are assisting Singapore Airlines in delivering this experience by providing entertainment easily and efficiently through its airline app.”

Every day, the airline industry loads up to 100,000 kilograms of newspapers and magazines, with no certainty that it will be read. It is costly to supply and dispose of it. At the same time, 65% of passengers have said they would access entertainment services on their own device while 46% would watch a movie on-board using mobile devices. It is this combination of needs that is driving the industry to provide media and entertainment via digital devices.

SITA DigitalMedia is a self-service entertainment platform which can deliver any kind of content directly to a passenger’s smart device, enhancing the user experience. SITA partners with Adaptive to provide this technology and ensure the latest content choices are available for airlines and airports to offer their customers, from international and foreign language newspapers and magazines to blockbuster movies.

In addition to providing the service on an airline or airport’s own app, SITA also provides DigitalMedia On the Move. This is a portable battery-powered device that can be positioned anywhere in the airport, including airline lounges, and easily moved based on changing requirements. Using any mobile device passengers can access fast downloads of content when they connect to its high-speed Wi-Fi. This can include a wide variety of content such as newspapers, movies, magazines, games and city guides.

The free digital magazines are now available to passengers on Singapore Airlines’ latest versions of the app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App store and Android Google Play.

Hamburg, Germany | April 5, 2016– Singapore Airlines and Panasonic Avionics Corporation (Panasonic) have joined forces to deliver a broadband-connected, personalized, immersive entertainment experience across the airline’s entire 787-10 fleet and A350 Ultra-long-haul fleet. This announcement comes on the heels of the delivery of Singapore Airlines’ first A350 aircraft equipped with Panasonic’s flagship inflight entertainment and global connectivity systems.

Panasonic will deliver connectivity and inflight entertainment solutions that are custom-tailored to Singapore Airlines’ vision for an enhanced KrisWorld experience on board their B787-10 aircraft and A350-900 Ultra-long-haul aircraft. Singapore Airlines will be the launch customer for both fleets.

The eX3 system used by Singapore Airlines is Panasonic’s most advanced IFEC system. When used in conjunction with Panasonic’s Global Communication Services, it offers the latest in onboard technology communication solutions and over a terabyte of immersive entertainment options including the world’s most popular movies and television shows. Customers will also enjoy higher levels of personalization via the Panasonic companion app, which when integrated with KrisWorld delivers unrivaled opportunities around passenger engagement and value delivery. The experience will also include the capability to provide broadband Internet services to passenger devices and the seatback, as well as mobile phone services.

Paul Margis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Panasonic Avionics said, “We are thrilled to extend our partnership with Singapore Airlines to their new medium haul and ultra-long-haul aircraft. Together, we have continually pushed the envelope to discover new ways to engage passengers and to leverage the benefits of the connected aircraft. We look forward to working with Singapore Airlines for many years to come.”

This year at the Singapore Air Show, the Asian growth that everyone talks about, raised it’s head and the folks at SpeedNews duly noted it and said: “A total of 50 deals were made at Singapore Airshow 2016, representing an increase of 14% over 2014. These included 10 deals with a total value of US$12.3 billion, as well as 40 deals with undisclosed values announced by 20 companies. Singapore Airshow 2016 saw close to 10% increase in trade visitors, as well as a nearly 5% increase in the number of VIP delegations. There was also an increase in the number of local companies exhibiting in the Singapore Pavilion, with 36 companies taking part this year, compared to 29 companies in 2014.”

As you know, this Hot Topic is partially about recent Thales activities in Singapore since they announced that they won a deal with Singapore Airlines and the Thales CEO told IFExpress: “This is a major win for us and a significant step forward in becoming number one in the IFE market. It’s a contract that is more than a year in the making. Dominique Giannoni, CEO, Thales InFlyt Experience. He went on: “This presence was crucial in winning Singapore Airlines, the campaign to win over Singapore Airlines lasted more than a year, with major factors being Thales’s willingness to understand how the airline wants to integrate with passengers and customizing the system accordingly.” Here are some facts & figures from Thales’s  Giaime Porcu, about the recent activity there to give our readers a frame of reference:

  • Thales has been present in Singapore since 1973 and today boasts one of the largest local operations of any European Aerospace groups
  • Production of Flight Controls and electrical systems for A320 A350 and B787.
  • Avionics Equipment produced in Singapore is equipped across China Southern Airlines fleets and Philippine Airlines and Silk Air as well.
  • 80% of market share in IFEC in China + a number of clients across the Asia Pax
  • Singapore hosts 1 of 3 global repair hubs which handles MRO operations for one third of Thales’s global MRO operations.
  • Thales is also responsible for the entire securitization of Singapore’s air traffic, with the LORADS III ATM system (the most advanced system in the world), all tower operations at Changi Airport and the operations and security systems at Changi airport.”

Further, he notes an interesting, Thales supported, design/innovation concept called the Innovation Hub. Here is what he had to say about it:

  • Singapore Innovation Hub, a multidisciplinary establishment inspired by Asian concepts, Asian innovation and Asian thinking.
  • The Hub will engage customers and utilize new concepts and practices such as Design Thinking to identify needs and jointly develop solutions.
  • The innovation team benefits from government support and partnerships with Singapore’s institutions as well as a global network of Thales innovation teams. Strong focus on research and technology with launch of regional innovation centre to meet local requirements through Design thinking.
  • The Hub engages customers and partners in user-centred innovation, enabling cross-functional collaborations in co-designing, prototyping and testing new concepts across areas ranging from aerospace, air traffic management, smart cities to defense and maritime security.
  • The concept behind this Hub is to seek inspiration from Asian concepts, Asian innovation and Asian thinking, to arrive at a deeper understanding of the operational needs of clients in the region, and design new products and services that address these specific requirements.
  • The innovation team has been trained by the Design Thinking and Innovation Academy from the DesignSingapore Council in order to apply the concept of Design Thinking innovation a new, goal-oriented, problem solving approach developed to look at all potential alternatives of a particular design problem.”

Jean-Noel Stock country director for Singapore rounded the whole issue off by highlighting how important some of the aspect of their presence in Singapore was to the signing of Singapore Airlines when he explained that the Thales Singapore Innovation Hub, the first such centre in the Eastern Hemisphere, centered around the concept of design thinking, was inaugurated in 2014 and one year later Singapore told Thales they had been chosen. After looking into some of the product features we asked a few questions about the deal:

1. IFExpress: How many and what type of aircraft are involved in the Singapore deal?

Answer:A350XWB configured for medium haul operations. At this time we cannot disclose the number but delivery is set to begin in 2018.” (Editor’s Note: Singapore has 67 A350XWB on order.)

2. IFExpress: What all is included in the “line operation services” noted in the report and will these be at Singapore destination airports?

Answer: We will have service locations in Singapore and other airports around the globe for line services including maintenance, logistics, replacements and spares. A number of service locations around the globe allow us to be responsive to customer needs anywhere.

3. IFExpress: Can you expand on the “wide selection of connected services”?

Answer: “Though we cannot directly comment at this time on what is being offered to this customer we can say that our connectivity applications can run the gamut to include shopping, gaming, meals and beverage service, air to ground connectivity for operations, crew connectivity and more.”

4. IFExpress: One product feature caught our eye – please tell our readers about the “application portal”?

Answer: “The application portal is a service we developed in order to allow any android application developer to interface directly with us and the airline. This allows developers to tailor their apps to the airline’s needs. It’s a great way to ensure that passengers can access the latest and best applications available on the Android market and just another example of how we are innovating to ensure that the passenger experience is as close in the air as on the ground.”

5. IFExpress: Can you supply more information on the “Avii”?

Answer: “Avii is a second-screen application platform that enables premium-class passengers to select, control and enhance their multi-media experience. Avii provides contextual remote control capabilities for the monitor and can be used as an independent handheld screen for many applications, enabling multi-tasking. The Avii platform consists of a 5” LCD with 1080p resolution, multi-touch capacitive touch screen, and an Android operating system. With a balanced & ergonomic design and context based applications, Avii provides an intuitive user interaction.



We thought you might like to check out Astronics Corporation 2015 Fourth Quarter results and Full Year Financial Results is a short, concise form – so here it is:
• Aerospace sales up 6% in quarter driven by Electrical Power & Motion products
• The company realized record annual sales of $692 million and record net income of $67 million in 2015
• Achieved record annual Aerospace sales of $550 million, up 11.1% over 2014
• 2016 sales guidance revised to $665 million to $725 million
That pretty much says it all – nice going everybody!

1. And speaking of Asian pacific airplane sales, Boeing is projecting demand in Asia Pacific for 14,550 aircraft worth $550b over next 20 years which means one heck-ova-lot of IFE

2. The folks at Gogo announced today that American Airlines has dismissed the declaratory judgment action it filed against Gogo on February 12, 2016. The flap was brought about by American who announced that they wanted to use ViaSat. (Editor’s note: We are thinking 2Ku might be in AA’s future.)

3. Icelandair and Global Eagle Entertainment, (Nasdaq:ENT) (“GEE”) announced the introduction of gate-to-gate Wi-Fi connectivity on the airline’s full fleet of aircraft. Passengers flying on Icelandair operated flights between North America and Europe can now connect to the internet from jetway to jetway. This airline milestone in Wi-Fi connectivity designates Icelandair as the first airline in both the European and North Atlantic markets to provide gate-to-gate connectivity.

France | February 16, 2016– Thales In-Flyt Experience will equip Singapore Airlines with its AVANT In-Flight Entertainment system and Ka-band connectivity solution on its future fleet of A350 XWB aircraft configured for medium-haul operations.

Singapore Airlines is recognised for its high standards of service and cabin experience. As a visionary of connected IFE solutions, Singapore Airlines constantly seeks to renew and maintain its image for quality and passenger comfort by providing an in-flight experience that exceeds passenger expectations.

Thales, with its AVANT Android based system offers a flexible architecture that responds to these needs. Through its innovative User Application portal, Thales will assist Singapore Airlines to constantly introduce the newest and most sought after apps present in the consumer market, to their passengers.

The integration of Ka-band connectivity to the in-flight system, using the fastest airborne internet speeds will open up the world to the passenger. Delivery of the system will begin in 2018.

The fleet will be equipped with Thales latest AVANT monitors, the most lightweight ever deployed, featuring full high-definition video and integrating Avii, the newest evolution of the award winning Thales Touch Passenger Media Unit, in the premium cabins. Avii provides intuitive navigation, full android smartphone look & feel and acts as a second screen which greatly enhances the cabin experience for premium passengers.

Passengers will have access to a wide selection of connected applications, seamless personal device integration allowing a home experience in the air, High Power USB charging and NFC technology.

With strong roots in the Singapore market and over four decades in the region, Thales has developed an impressive local presence with more than 1000 people, innovation capability and business partnerships across the region.

Thales will provide Singapore Airlines with line operation services to ensure the highest level of performance of the IFE system. The local repair hub near Changi airport offers the capability to fully support Singapore Airlines by maintaining aircraft equipment while maximizing efficiency.

  • Connectivity upgrade for improved passenger experience

Preview APEX Asia Conference/FTE Asia EXPO | November 9, 2015– Singapore Airlines will deploy SITAONAIR‘s next-generation passenger high-speed broadband connectivity services (Wi-Fi and mobile phone text and data services) on its long range fleet, using Inmarsat’s GX Aviation satellite network.

Singapore Airlines and SITAONAIR have been at the forefront of inflight connectivity innovation. The airline was an early adopter of connectivity, on its A340s, as well as one of the first to provide connectivity on the A380. Recently, it has been providing free Wi-Fi sessions to the passengers in First and Business Class cabins through promotional sponsorship.

The airline’s priority has always been to provide the very best inflight experience and knows passenger connectivity solutions have a central role in that.

The third GX Aviation satellite was successfully launched at the end of August, completing the constellation that provides consistent global coverage. GX Aviation provides data speeds of up to 50MBps to the aircraft: for the very first time, there really will be no difference between being in the air and being on the ground. The onboard Wi-Fi will reflect what most people are used to at home. It will also provide Singapore Airlines with greater capabilities to personalize its services.

“Singapore Airlines is one of the most respected carriers in the world. By choosing SITAONAIR services, it clearly demonstrates the superiority of GX Aviation in terms of passenger experience, reliable and global coverage,” said Ian Dawkins, CEO of SITAONAIR. “What is particularly exciting is that this is only the beginning of what we can do with connectivity. We already provide connectivity solutions for airline operations, from flight tracking to crew tablets, and from electronic flights bags to air traffic control AIRCOM services. The introduction of GX Aviation opens up a whole new world of opportunities for the connected aircraft.”

The installation of the first GX Aviation system powered by Honeywell’s JetWave satellite communications hardware is scheduled for the second half of 2016.
The first aircraft type to be equipped will be Singapore Airlines’ B777-300ER aircraft, followed by A380-800s and A350-900s.

As well as being the Wi-Fi Internet and mobile phone service provider, SITAONAIR will also manage the certification process of the GX Aviation system for the B777-300ER fleet, and provide the airborne GX Aviation systems for both the Boeing and the A380-800 fleets. Thales will provide the airborne connectivity system for the A350-900s with SITAONAIR providing the Wi-Fi Internet and Mobile phone service. Zodiac Inflight Innovations will provide the JetWave GX Aviation Satcom for the A380-800 and B777-300ER retrofit programs.

Preview APEX Regional Conference/FTE Asia | November 9, 2015– Singapore Airlines will deploy high-speed connectivity on its long range fleet, with Zodiac Inflight Innovations providing the GX Aviation equipment including RADOME and ARINC 791 installation provisions for their A380 and B777 aircraft. Zodiac Inflight Innovations will supply the equipment for the retrofit program through SITAONAIR and will also be providing the equipment directly for the A380s. This will be the first Inmarsat GX Aviation system to be installed and is scheduled for the second half of 2016.
“We are thrilled to be part of this ground breaking program”, says Larry Girard Executive Vice President of Zodiac Inflight Innovations. Zodiac Inflight Innovations is using its system integration expertise, to bring together all of the system components; including the Honeywell Jetwave GX terminal, continue Girard. Singapore Airlines has been at the forefront of inflight connectivity innovation. The airline was an early adopter of connectivity, on its A340s, as well as one of the first to provide connectivity on the A380. Recently, it has been providing free Wi-Fi sessions to the passengers in First and Business Class cabins through promotional sponsorship. The airline’s priority has always been to provide the very best inflight experience and knows passenger connectivity solutions have a central role in that.
“Singapore Airlines is one of the most respected carriers in the world. By choosing Zodiac Inflight Innovations as the equipment provider and SITAONAIR services, Singapore Airlines is clearly demonstrating their belief in the superiority of GX Aviation in terms of passenger experience, reliable global coverage and support, says Matt Smith Zodiac Inflight Innovations CEO”. “Singapore is our first customer, but we are also excited about what is yet to come, continues Smith.
The first aircraft type to be equipped will be Singapore Airlines’ B777-300ER aircraft, followed by A380-800s.

Thales had a milestone event today in the first delivery announcement of the latest Thales TopSeries AVANT in-flight entertainment and connectivity IFEC system. As launch customer for the newest system, China Southern selected “the world’s most advanced Thales passenger system”. Why is it important? In case you have been asleep for that last few months you have not seen the aircraft manufacturers predictions that half the worlds traffic growth will occur in the Asia-Pacific region. Indeed, the market for aircraft (and thus IFEC systems) looks to be a whopping 13,000 aircraft to the tune of almost $2 T… that’s Trillion!

At a ceremony held today at the Boeing facility in Seattle, China Southern took delivery of the first Boeing 777-300ER aircraft equipped with the new generation Thales TopSeries AVANT in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) system, making China Southern the launch customer for the world’s most advanced Thales passenger system.

China Southern is the largest airline in Asia by fleet size and the fifth largest airline in the world by number of passengers. Thales already equips the airline’s Airbus A330 aircraft with its IFEC systems and will now install the award winning AVANT system on all 10 Boeing 777- 300ER scheduled to enter into service for the airline between 2014 and 2016. The first of these aircraft will fly from Seattle back to the airline’s main hub in Guangzhou, Baiyun International airport where it is scheduled to enter into regular service on March 2nd, between Guangzhou and Shanghai Hongqiao. It is believed that China Southern will use the Boeing 777-300ER to fly direct between Guangzhou and New York.

The fourth-generation TopSeries AVANT system is ideal for all commercial aircraft types. Its unique design eliminates the electronics box under cabin seats, thereby improving passenger comfort and enhancing weight efficiency. China Southern will benefit from the system’s scalable design which will allow the airline to offer significant differentiation between classes, such as single touchscreen in economy and interactive multi-screen in business. The AVANT system is also based on the Android operating system, which accommodates a wide range of both off-the-shelf and airline-specific applications.

Full Press Release

Signing Presentation Brochure

Why the latest press release from Panasonic release is worth reading: The following excerpts from today’s announcement from Panasonic, to the best of our knowledge, is the first mention of tying in airline operations, aircraft health conditioning, crew ops, EFB, maintenance operations, airplane conditions, and weather in one package…not to mention one terrific information/entertainment service package. Although these functions and their bundling have been discussed for years, this is the “Big Apple” of connectivity and delivers the payoff of a problem noted in the early nineties by the President of Douglas Aircraft when he stated that only node in the airline network not automated was the airplane itself!

Singapore Airlines has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Panasonic Avionics Corporation (Panasonic) to explore opportunities to leverage Panasonic’s Global Communications Services to change the way it conducts business.

With the signing of the MOU, the two companies will look to use Panasonic’s Global Communications Services to streamline operations across key areas including:

  • Tie broadband-equipped aircraft into the airline operations network to improve aircraft location monitoring and view aircraft speed, altitude and other performance parameters in real time
  • Deliver real-time aircraft health monitoring, engine data transmission, critical systems monitoring, and detection and communication of issues prior to arrival
  • Increase cabin crew and flight deck efficiency with live customer relations management, electronic flight bag, operations and maintenance air to ground communications, and real-time information about icing, turbulence and other critical weather updates
  • Enhance the passenger experience with greater levels of personalization, more robust infotainment.
  • Paul Margis, President and Chief Executive Officer for Panasonic Avionics Corporation said, “Connectivity has the potential to change the airline industry in the same way the internet changed the way business is done everywhere on the ground.  We salute Singapore Airlines for recognizing the enormous value a truly connected aircraft can bring to their operations.”
  • Panasonic and Singapore Airlines also announced a long term Power By The Hour Maintenance Contract covering the maintenance, repair and support of Panasonic IFE equipment through 2024.  The Singapore based Panasonic and SIAEC Joint Venture, Panasonic Avionics Corporation Services Singapore (PACSS) will play a central role in the execution of this agreement.    The contract further enhances ties between the two industry leaders.

Paul Margis, President and Chief Executive Officer for Panasonic Avionics Corporation said, “Connectivity has the potential to change the airline industry in the same way the internet changed the way business is done everywhere on the ground.  We salute Singapore Airlines for recognizing the enormous value a truly connected aircraft can bring to their operations.”

Panasonic and Singapore Airlines also announced a long term Power By The Hour Maintenance Contract covering the maintenance, repair and support of Panasonic IFE equipment through 2024.  The Singapore based Panasonic and SIAEC Joint Venture, Panasonic Avionics Corporation Services Singapore (PACSS) will play a central role in the execution of this agreement.    The contract further enhances ties between the two industry leaders.


  • Companies also announce long-term contract for maintenance, and support of IFEC Systems

Lake Forest, CA | February 25, 2014– Singapore Airlines has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Panasonic Avionics Corporation (Panasonic) to explore opportunities to leverage Panasonic’s Global Communications Services to change the way it conducts business.

Panasonic’s global connectivity service offers higher bandwidth for a lower cost per bit than previous solutions using VHF or L-band services, and as a result, offers new opportunities to further improve airline operations and reduce expenses.

With the signing of the MOU, the two companies will look to use Panasonic’s Global Communications Services to streamline operations across key areas including:

  • Tie broadband-equipped aircraft into the airline operations network to improve aircraft location monitoring and view aircraft speed, altitude and other performance parameters in real time
  • Deliver real-time aircraft health monitoring, engine data transmission, critical systems monitoring, and detection and communication of issues prior to arrival
  • Increase cabin crew and flight deck efficiency with live customer relations management, electronic flight bag, operations and maintenance air to ground communications, and real-time information about icing, turbulence and other critical weather updates
  • Enhance the passenger experience with greater levels of personalization, more robust infotainment.

Paul Margis, President and Chief Executive Officer for Panasonic Avionics Corporation said, “Connectivity has the potential to change the airline industry in the same way the internet changed the way business is done everywhere on the ground.  We salute Singapore Airlines for recognizing the enormous value a truly connected aircraft can bring to their operations.”

Panasonic and Singapore Airlines also announced a long term Power By The Hour Maintenance Contract covering the maintenance, repair and support of Panasonic IFE equipment through 2024.  The Singapore based Panasonic and SIAEC Joint Venture, Panasonic Avionics Corporation Services Singapore (PACSS) will play a central role in the execution of this agreement.    The contract further enhances ties between the two industry leaders.

Knutsford, Cheshire, UK | October 23, 2013– Leading in-flight entertainment provider, IFE Services, a subsidiary of Global Eagle Entertainment (NASDAQ:ENT), announced today that it is supplying Singapore Airlines with Korean movies.

In addition to providing Singapore Airlines with new releases each month, IFE Services will supply a diverse mix of internationally acclaimed classic, family and art house movies. The movies will be available to customers in all classes through KrisWorld, Singapore Airlines’ award-winning Audio Video On-Demand (AVOD) in-flight entertainment system.

The Korean film industry came of age in the late 1990’s supported strongly by the Korean Film Council. The 1999 movie ‘Shiri, the country’s first blockbuster, was tremendously successful in South Korea proving more popular there than ’Titanic’ and generating more funding and interest in domestically produced films. Although the domestic market is the main consumer of home grown productions, the appeal of Korean movies stretches much further afield to China, Japan and many other countries within the South East Asia region.

This agreement between the two companies strengthens an already strong relationship with IFE Services being a long-term supplier of Japanese movies to Singapore Airlines.

Lake  Forest, CA | September 27, 2013–  Singapore Airlines has taken to the skies with its first of eight new Boeing 777-300ERs equipped with Panasonic Avionics Corporation’s (Panasonic) true broadband Wi-Fi, mobile phone service and revolutionary in-flight entertainment experience.

Paul Margis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Panasonic Avionics Corporation stated, “By combining our latest IFE solutions with our Global Communications Services, Panasonic and Singapore Airlines have transformed the entertainment experience.  Passengers will be captivated by inflight entertainment content on high-performance HD monitors while they simultaneously stay connected, surf the web, text, and email — all at 30,000 feet.”

With partners Deutsche Telekom and AeroMobile, Panasonic will deliver broadband Wi-Fi, mobile data and services, and passengers will use their own devices to connect to their social networks, access real-time news and information, and communicate with their family, friends and co-workers. Using HDMI and USB interfaces, passengers can also integrate their personal device with KrisWorld and view their own content on large, high-definition displays.

Enabled by high performance 24-inch, 18-inch and 11-inch high-definition displays, SIA’s KrisWorld inflight entertainment system will feature Panasonic’s open platform technology that delivers a more personal experience and intuitive navigation similar to tablets and smartphones, including multi-tasking using the video touch screen handset as a “second screen.”

  • SIA’s first AeroMobile-connected aircraft takes inaugural flight from Singapore to London

London, UK | September 27, 2013– Singapore Airlines’ first aircraft equipped with AeroMobile’s inflight mobile connectivity service took its inaugural flight from Singapore to London on 27 September 2013.

SIA’s new Boeing 777-300ER is the first of eight aircraft being delivered with cutting-edge inflight entertainment and connectivity (WiFi and GSM) solutions and hardware from Panasonic Avionics Corporation. The inflight mobile service, powered by AeroMobile,provides passengers with a way to stay connected during the flight.

Through AeroMobile’s inflight network, SIA customers will be able to use their own mobile phones to send text messages as well as browse the internet, with seamless service coverage between Singapore and London.

Travellers using any of the UK’s major mobile phone networks will be able to access the service. The same applies for subscribers of Singapore’s three main mobile operators; M1, SingTel and StarHub. AeroMobile also has roaming agreements with 220 other mobile operators worldwide.

“We’re delighted to add Singapore Airlines to our growing list of airline partners. They join the likes of Emirates, Etihad and Virgin Atlantic, all of which are contributing to the increases we’re seeing in inflight mobile use,” said Kevin Rogers, CEO of AeroMobile.

“Asia is a significant growth area for us, with more airlines scheduled to launch the service in the coming months. As well as Singapore Airlines we’re looking forward to working with Thai Airways and Garuda Indonesia in the not too distant future,” continued Rogers.


This Hot Topic turns out to be the longest we have ever run in IFExpress (2600+ words) and if you are at all put off by it’s length, we would like to beg your indulgence and offer a few free downloadable PC games at the end to appease our readers who don’t have time to read, but do have time to play games!

Quite often, it a good thing to write outside of one’s comfort zone. In fact, this week we were a bit outside of our comfort zone but readers will, if nothing else, find this Hot Topic interesting and possibly outside their zone too. Our subject is inflight computer games and the company is a small group of passionate individuals who make their living in other worlds – strange ones. The company – G.U.E. Tech is our subject and to set the stage, their corporate slogan (Are you ready for magic?) probably says it all. Hey, if the company logo is a unicorn that should tell you something. We ran into Max Lingua and Viknash Samy in 2010 at APEX in Long Beach, California. They were tucked back in a corner of the show floor and being fans and supporters of small, new IFE companies, we couldn’t resist a chat with the two representatives (LINK TO PIX) who turned out to be the CEO and Chief Marketeer. Two words define our meeting – game passion, and I do not think we have ever met a more excited or involved duo in their craft. And, we mean craft because theirs is a magical world that we could barely follow. However, they were so committed that we promised to write a story about their quest (Apropos, huh?) . So follow along you just might learn something…put your game face on or ask you kids to translate if you have to!

Tucked in the Art Deco District of Miami Beach, Florida, G.U.E. Tech is a software house focused on core software and 3D technologies for embedded systems. They provided the first 3D driver for an IFE System and sports an exclusive catalog of top brand console games for IFE. They also have a small talented staff in the Miami HQ and in their Singapore office with some subcontractors on staff to aid in various aspects of development such as porting, embedded software development, customer support, sales and marketing.

We asked the G.U.E. Tech team to present their credentials and tell us a little about their game goals and they told IFExpress: “We aim to offer to passengers more than entertainment, we offer an experience….with a capital “E”. In one of our games, you play the role of an attorney, about to close a deal to acquire a toy factory in the French Alps, who discovers some elements which will eventually reconnect her to a lost brother. Now imagine that with symphonic soundtrack, graphics from one of the best comic artists of our times and real actor voices, and you have something more than just “blast the alien”, or “pick some gems” and “blast the alien some more”. You can actually walk off the plane and tell your friends about the game you played, exactly as you would have done with the great movie you watched onboard – this time though, you are part of the movie, and the plot unfolds based on the choices you make. It all interconnects together to offer to the passenger the best experience ever and becomes something more than just flying on a plane. It becomes part of your life story.” Hey, that’s almost poetic but we have come to expect that from these dedicated people. Later on, we think you will agree that the recommendations say just that. Here are some key features that places G.U.E. Tech above other game providers in an interview with the team:

The company was quick to point out relevant technology that, frankly, made a lot of IFE sense: “Presently, console and media-room quality games for current, previous and next generation IFE systems are our products and we rely on highly respected game sources (publishers like Atari, Interplay, Team17, Anuman)”. “Further”, they went on, “our products are brands that made the history of video-games (Alone in the Dark, Fallout, Worms, Broken Sword, etc.) These games have been published on a variety of platforms (PC, Wii, PlayStation, Xbox, iPhone) and not just IFE. “On top of that, we supply a variety of genres (some never seen before on IFE, like 3D Real Time Strategy, Role-Playing Games or Interactive Movies). We rely on professional quality media (our games have Hollywood cast voices and soundtrack, with artwork from the best artists) and offer IFE exclusivity (only G.U.E. Tech can offer those games to the IFE market). This is why we are a win-win for the airlines.”

Atmospheric Events:
“Rain, snow, fog, wind, day, night, sunset… you name it and you will find it in our games. There may be snow painted on the road in other IFE car games, but in G.U.E. Tech OffRoad Racing the snow falls as you race in the game. You can play soccer in the rain, splash through water pools when racing around, or run for your life between thunders and gust of winds in the survival thriller Alone in the Dark. You feel like Frodo? What about a walk in the snow covered hills of Soulbringer? Lord of the Rings fan can explore snow covered hills in Soulbringer just like Frodo in the movies.

Artificial Intelligence:
When G.U.E. Tech talked about AI, we really got interested: “We leverage on the millions of dollars invested by original developers of the game in AI and user interaction R&D. We can offer fine-grained and variegated level of difficulty to cater for players from different age of groups and skill level. Few games will come with a tutorial to guide you step by step. …even if you never played pool before, Actua Pool will guide you step by step to mastery. In Actua Golf the commentators will point out your mistakes, etc. Try Battle Chess if you think that chess is boring…if you have in mind the chess scene from the first Harry Potter, you know what is coming ;-).”

Then the question of realism came up: “There are animated fishes and swans in the ponds of our 3D Golf. You can occasionally see an air-balloon too. Once again, it’s more than a game. With real-time TV host commentary in the background, its a full experience. Your opponent (a beautifully rendered 3D model) acts like a life-like human being in 3D Actua Pool, scratching his hands and nose, while waiting for your turn. In competing IFE car racing games, it would seem like you are driving your car after the holocaust, since there is nothing other than a spoilt environment left beside the car. In our G.U.E. Tech racing games there is a crowd cheering at the side of the road, and plenty of objects you can interact with (barricades, crates, ponds, chickens, etc.) Our 3D car models are made of detailed separate parts and not just a textured brick. You can appreciate the physical precision of our suspension system. We even give you cranes, windmills as well as a chopper! There are always a few more surprises that you will discover while playing the game. Cars and soccer players are fully customizable too, which is something all passengers love. Further, Atlantis, Syberia and Dracula, all come with some of the most breathtaking landscapes to explore while unveiling the plot in the Interactive Movies experience.”

Viknash then told IFExpress; “In 2013 everybody playing a 3D sport on the plane will expect to have real-time commentary to emphasize on screen action, and legendary British sport commentator Barry Davies breathes life in our Actua Sports Series Games. And, we raise the bar even higher: the narrating voice in all cut-scenes of Fallout are done by Golden Globe winner Rob Perlman (main character in: Hellboy, Alien 4, Blade 2, Star Trek Nemesis, etc.). If you value music, all our games have rocking soundtracks (even in game and not just the intro like competing IFE games). Not to mention that Actua Soccer comes with Robbie Williams (of “Take That” fame) songs. If you are more into classical music then you will be mesmerized by Syberia’s orchestral symphonies.” As you can see G.U.E. Tech games seriously raise the appeal of IFE interactive content quality. With these guys, games will no longer be the passenger’s second choice to movies on board.

And now for the important stuff, to greatest satisfaction of families flying with kids, the team offers Freddi Fish, Putt Putt, Pajama Sam and Spy Fox. The main developer of those games, Tim Schafer, a legend in entertainment biz used to work for George Lucas at LucasArts. These games will (no doubt) make you recollect the days when we were sitting on our parents lap, and listening to a bedtime story. Its bound to cheer-up all families on board not only because they do not have to compete with the engine noise, they are riveting with the added graphics, video and audio. Not only have these game brands spawned multiple merchandising opportunities (toys, lunch-box, t-shirts, books, etc.) they are also second to none from a quality point if view. As an example: the in-game characters voices are all dubbed from professional actors, e.g. the voice of Putt-Putt uses the same voice talent behind Bart from the Simpsons. Once again: first class for coach, or wherever on the plane.

Brands, Brands, Brands:
Airlines immediately recognize some of the games in the G.U.E. Tech catalog, and so will their passengers.
They come from mainstream markets and the best platforms (iPhone, PlayStation, Windows, etc.). One wonders If airlines desire Hollywood-class movies for their passengers, why are they being made to settle with unbranded games? Food for thought!

The interview went on; “Cyberpunk fans will appreciate Fallout Series Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide, for both a Role-Playing Game (Fallout I/II) as well as Strategy (Fallout Tactics) experience and Sudoku fans will fall in love with Goblins or Simon Sorcerer Puzzles (which is a 4 in 1 game). Fans of Pulp Fiction or Scarface, will love “Kingpin – Life of Crime” (which is based on Quake3 engine – the most powerful 3D engine compatible with current generation IFE). Fantasy fans who love Lord of the Rings, should not miss out on GUE Tech’s epic Dungeons & Dragons based “Soulbringer”. Indiana Jones fans as well as romantic holiday seekers will definitely enjoy the unforgettable “Broken Sword” series….and all Harry Potter’s fans will love the quirkier Simon the Sorcerer.”

Production Value:
Now, lets us set the stage for what it is G.U.E. Tech does very well, and “magic” is not too far from the correct term. Under the heading of Technology, as mentioned, they use “bink” and “miles“, the middleware in the development of their gaming product. Suffice it to say, this is really apparent in the images, motion control and music. Even the reviewers notice the value these software assets bring to the G.U.E. Tech product. Working on IFE core software as well as on 3D applications, they claim that they have a clear idea of the potential and are not shy to use it to its full extent to offer the passengers with the best in-flight experience possible. Their words, not ours.

Singapore Airlines:
Our Hot Topic cover graphic rectangle may look a bit confusing but the G.U.E. Tech folks built it from 3 of their games, Syberia, Warmup and Actua Soccer 3. These three games are already available for passengers to play on the A380 aircraft on Singapore Airlines, their flagship customer. Actually, G.U.E. Tech is also planning Panasonic installations on SQ 777 (available shortly) and SQ A330 (coming soon). We should note that the games themselves and numbers are chosen for audience and seating class, but that is a Hot Topic unto itself. We asked if the games are free to use on the plane or If not how much to play? and G.U.E. Tech responded: “They are completely free. And we don’t show ads, which would spoil the passenger experience, so it’s an even more enjoyable/immediate experience than watching a movie. We can provide airlines (if they wish) with an option to let the passenger buy the PC/Mac/Android version of the games if they enjoy it and they want to keep playing it at home. We also offer a convenient way to allow passengers to save their games on mobile phones or USB keys and continue where they left off in their next flight, or in the comfort of your home – a never-ending gaming experience, all included in
your ticket to fly on Singapore.”

So, we had a couple more questions and if all this software mumbo jumbo is confusing, try these:

Q: What IFE platform are on now and with what ones do you claim compatibility?
A: Right now the games have been released on Panasonic’s system. But they are actually already available for Thales as well as IMS. As far a compatibility goes, the games are also compatible with portable devices that support linux or android. As you might already know, most of our games can be purchased online from various retailers and can be played on your home PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Q: We are astounded by the audio quality and music! – nice work there. Some games are older but I assume you have updated and added 3D engines and other graphic improvements as well, is that correct?
A: Yup, most of our games have been fully upgraded and made compatible for different IFE systems.

Q: As far as a total number of games, how many are available for airlines?
A: We have 120 games belonging to 15 genres in total.

Q: What input controllers are required and do any games work with touchscreens? Also do you provide any downloadable (free or paid) for idevices? Are you interested in providing that kind of content if you don’t already?
A: We can provide downloadable games to devices onboard as we have the rights to distribute the games for inflight entertainment. We are presently negotiating with carriers to make these games available through their wireless system. However, there are many different devices to support for Android + idevices and not all of them are compatible as the performance of these devices varies greatly. Some of the airlines we are presently talking to are concerned that some customers might be disappointed if support for their device is not available.

The other point we would like to make with wireless is that somebody has to pay for the service (bandwidth, server, etc.) The alternative that we are exploring is to allow passengers to buy a version for their devices (PC, Linux, Android) to play at home as well as to keep enjoying the games on board.

All our games support the standard range of IFE handsets as well as touchscreens. In some console games that run on IFEs with touchscreen only, we have implemented soft buttons to replace the handset. As a bonus we also support USB gamepads for our top games.

Editors Note: We begged the software team a couple demo’s for IFExpress readers… and yes, it’s PC stuff! We snagged 3 downloadable demos. Enjoy!


Knutsford, Cheshire, UK | January 30, 2013– Leading in-flight entertainment (IFE) provider, IFE Services, today announced that it will continue to supply Singapore Airlines with Japanese movies.

Under the terms of the contract extension, IFE Services will provide latest release Japanese movies to the airline on a monthly basis. The movies will include a combination of popular genres such as comedy, drama, action, thriller and art-house.

Playing on Singapore Airlines’ award-winning audio video on-demand (AVOD) in-flight entertainment system, KrisWorld, the movies will be available to all customers in First, Business and Economy classes.

IFE Services has shared a long-standing relationship with Singapore Airlines, being the airline’s incumbent supplier of AVOD technical management services across the fleet.

For more information about IFE Services visit:

– Asian carrier uses new additional modules for efficient route planning

Kelsterbach | September 11, 2012– Lufthansa Systems today announced that Singapore Airlines will continue to optimize its route planning using the leading flight planning solution Lido/Flight. Lido/Flight uses a variety of factors to calculate the optimal route for an aircraft. This can decrease an airline’s fuel costs by up to five percent. The airline is extending its long-term agreement with Lufthansa Systems for another eight years. Singapore Airlines has also significantly expanded the scope of this agreement by adding a number of additional Lido/Flight modules, including aircraft performance solutions. The route planning solution has also been deployed by the airline’s subsidiaries Singapore Airlines Cargo and SilkAir.

With its modern technology and user-friendly design, Lido/Flight takes into account all aspects of flight planning. The system automatically calculates the best route, taking into consideration all current flight-related information such as weather data or aeronautical restrictions. Lido/Flight, which has been deployed by leading airlines around the world operating in different business models, provides dispatchers with many optimization options regarding flight time, fuel consumption or the cost of each flight.

Singapore Airlines uses the Lido/Flight TFR (Traffic Flow Restrictions), InflightMonitor and FreeFlight modules, among others. While Lido/Flight TFR opens up a host of new route options by considering time restricted airways, Lido/Flight InflightMonitor automatically informs the dispatcher about all notifications relevant to flights which have been calculated but not yet completed. Lido/Flight’s FreeFlight module is the first solution to calculate flight paths using geographical coordinates instead of waypoints. This makes it an efficient planning solution for air spaces without a finely meshed network of airways. During a demonstration green flight, carried out under the Asia and Pacific Initiative to Reduce Emissions (ASPIRE) programme from Los Angeles via Tokyo to Singapore that was planned with FreeFlight in 2010, Singapore Airlines was able to cut its flying time by 30 minutes compared to a regular flight and lower its fuel consumption by just under five tons.

“We are very proud that our long-standing customer Singapore Airlines has once again opted for our IT solution so that we can continue to contribute to the airline’s commercial success,” said Olivier Krüger, CEO Asia/Pacific at Lufthansa Systems.

Singapore Airlines, one of the world’s leading airlines, is based in Singapore and is a member of the Star Alliance. From its hub at Singapore Changi Airport, the airline serves 63 destinations in 34 countries with a fleet of more than 100 aircraft.

16 July 2009 – Singapore Airlines has launched an aircraft cabin retrofit programme that will see new interior products introduced on some of its Boeing 777s from later this month.

In maintaining a focus on service, innovation and product leadership, an initial batch of seven B777-300s will be refitted with the Airline’s most recent cabin offerings. This will include the installation of new seats in First and Business classes, improvements in Economy class and in-flight entertainment system enhancements. The programme will provide customers additional comfort and more space, while there will also be greater product consistency across the fleet.

The Airline intends to extend the programme at a later date to more B777 aircraft, details of which will be announced when plans are firmed up.

The first aircraft in the retrofit programme will operate on the Singapore-Sydney route from 22 July. Through the end of this year, as more B777-300s are fitted with the new interior products, selected services to Shanghai and Dubai, as well as flights to Riyadh and Istanbul from Dubai, will also be operated with these aircraft.

Singapore Airlines strives to continually improve its products and services. The cabin renewal programme, launched in spite of the business challenges the world’s airlines are facing, is an investment in improving our customers’ travel experience. In response to customer feedback, the programme will include improvements across all classes.

First Class in the newly refitted aircraft will offer eight luxurious seats, 35 inches wide, providing enhanced privacy, personal attention, convenience and entertainment. For the best sleeping experience, the seat converts into the largest full-flat bed in the sky, complemented with luxurious soft furnishings.

Business Class will feature a contemporary, lavish leather incline lie-flat seat with an advanced control panel allowing the customer to personalise seating preference or select from various preset options. The seat also features a six-way adjustable headrest and lumbar support for more comfortable rest and maximum ergonomic support.

The Economy Class cabin will also be refurbished, with a new contemporary look. Seat covers are specially designed by Givenchy using richer, softer fabrics, similar to those found on Singapore Airlines’ new Airbus A380 and B777-300ER aircraft.

Singapore Airlines’ award-winning KrisWorld in-flight entertainment system will also be enhanced to provide improved Audio-Video On Demand features in all cabin classes. First Class seats will be fitted with larger 23-inch screens and Business Class seats will feature 15.4-inch screens. The system will also have an updated, more intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface across all cabin classes.

About Singapore Airlines
When Singapore Airlines was formed in 1972, it operated a modest fleet of 10 aircraft to just 22 cities in 18 countries. With a commitment to fleet modernisation, product and service innovation and market leadership, the Airline quickly distinguished itself as a world-class carrier.

Today, Singapore Airlines operates a modern passenger fleet of more than 100 aircraft and its network, including Singapore Airlines Cargo and SilkAir destinations, currently covers a total of 98 destinations in 40 countries.
In October 2007, Singapore Airlines made aviation history again as the first to fly the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380.

About Star Alliance
The Star Alliance network was established in 1997 as the first truly global airline alliance to offer customers worldwide reach and a smooth travel experience. Star Alliance received the Air Transport World Market Leadership Award in 2008 and was voted Best Airline Alliance by Business Traveller Magazine in 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2008 and by Skytrax in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009. The members are Air Canada, Air China, Air New Zealand, ANA, Asiana Airlines, Austrian, bmi, EGYPTAIR, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Spanair, SWISS, TAP Portugal, Turkish Airlines, THAI, United and US Airways. Regional member carriers Adria Airways (Slovenia), Blue1 (Finland) and Croatia Airlines enhance the global network. Aegean Airlines, Air India, Brussels Airlines, Continental Airlines and TAM have been announced as future members. Overall, the Star Alliance network offers 17,000 daily flights to 916 destinations in 160 countries.

LAKE FOREST, California – 07 April 2009 – Panasonic Avionics Corporation (Panasonic), a leading global provider of in-flight entertainment (IFE) and communications systems, congratulates five of its customers for their “best in-flight entertainment.” For ten years, the SKYTRAX World Airline Awards have acknowledged those airlines that have used technology innovation to benefit the flying public. The 2009 award honorees are:

  1. Emirates
  2. Singapore Airlines
  3. Virgin Atlantic Airways
  4. Cathay Pacific
  5. Qatar Airways

This year’s winners were commemorated at an event at the Aircraft Interiors Exposition in Hamburg, Germany.

“Each year, the World Airline Awards seeks to recognize airlines for their ongoing efforts to utilize technology in order to benefit the flying public,” said Paul Margis, CEO of Panasonic Avionics Corporation. “We are delighted that these five outstanding airlines have been recognized for their ongoing efforts in innovations that enhances the passenger experience. We applaud them for their creative use of IFE technology to provide the best quality product and service for their passengers.”

The 2009 World Airline Awards are based on the annual World Airline Survey by SKYTRAX, which was conducted between August 2008 and March 2009. The prestigious and highly coveted awards are recognized around the world for its global, independent passenger survey of airline standards.

About Panasonic Avionics Corporation
Panasonic Avionics Corporation is the world’s leading supplier of in-flight entertainment and communication systems. The company’s best-in-class solutions, supported by professional maintenance services, fully integrate with the cabin enabling airlines to deliver the ultimate travel experiences with a rich variety of entertainment choices, resulting in improved quality communication systems and solutions, reduced time-to-market and lower overall costs.

Established in 1979, Panasonic Avionics Corporation is a subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation of North America, the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation (NYSE: PC). Headquartered in Lake Forest, California, with over 3,100 employees and operations in 80 locations worldwide, it serves over 200 customers worldwide and provides IFEC systems on over 3,700 aircraft. For additional information, please visit