Melbourne, Florida | October 13, 2016– The installation marks the first time that the SDR, two SD WiFi Hubs and SD’s GlobalVT will be integrated together, providing a complete cabin connectivity solution. The work was performed by Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC) in Toulouse, France, on an Airbus ACJ320.

The newly released SD WiFi Hub is a wireless access point that, when installed together with the SDR in large cabin aircraft, expands capability and enhances connectivity performance – such as allowing the internet to be used to make telephone calls. The Hubs adds additional interfaces where needed, simplifying the installation and improving Wi-Fi coverage in the cabin. The Hubs also support high-definition media products and applications for all passengers, eliminating buffering and gaps in cabin coverage by providing up to an additional 900 Mbps data rates to the cabin with both 2.4 and 5 Ghz 802.11n radios. At 1-inch high, the SD WiFi Hub has the smallest and lightest form factor in aviation, which also contributes to the ease of installation.

The SDR provides the gateway to the full spectrum of SD’s value-added services for the cabin including GlobalVT, which allows passengers to use their smartphones in-flight with their own number and caller ID. The SD products allow for optimum performance of smartphones, laptops and tablets during flight. Passengers can make and receive calls, text, and email, connect to the internet and stream data – items that are often imperative in corporate jets.

“We’re seeing increasing demand for our products on narrow- and wide-body aircraft. Clients choose SD not only for the performance and reliability of our products, but also because of our ongoing technical support. Many passengers rely on connectivity in the air so it needs to be robust, reliable and resilient. With this suite, Airbus is assured of providing a state-of-the-art solution to these needs,” said Chris Moore, SD Chief Commercial Officer.

Dubai, UAE | November 8, 2015– Satcom Direct will be highlighting its gold standard capabilities at this year’s Dubai Air Show when it displays a gold version of its exclusive Satcom Direct Router (SDR™). The first of its kind, the router will be used to demonstrate the growing number of capabilities available for clients in the region.

Although it’s the gold standard for routers, the SDR weighs in at less than ten pounds and provides a platform that enhances inflight connectivity for the business aviation community. It offers a suite of speed and user experience-improving enhancements including GlobalVTSM, SkyBondSM and Jet ConneX, all of which the team will be showcasing on booth 1938.

The GlobalVT service works through the on board router enabling passengers to use their own personal smartphone and number to make and receive calls, send and receive messages using their own contacts, whilst clearly displaying caller identity. All these functions work at any altitude, anywhere in the world. SkyBond facilitates the fastest in-flight data speeds currently available worldwide enabling real-time communications applications. Passengers can stream video, music, or use video conferencing, in-flight, whenever and wherever they fly. The router can also integrate with any SATCOM system to enhance cabin communications, on-board cabin management systems, in-flight data collection and flight tracking.

The SDR already interfaces with existing networks, and has been designed to work with future networks including Inmarsat’s latest Ka-Band Global Xpress satellite communications service for business aviation, Jet ConneX. The Jet ConneX platform enables an even greater number of functions including the Satcom Direct’s exclusive private network services, which provide a secure environment for passenger’s internet traffic.

Satcom Direct will be demonstrating its latest technology at Dubai Air Show – Booth 1938. Media are invited to visit the booth to see the gold SDR in action.

  • In partnership with Eclipse of Paris, France, the SDR has been enhanced to allow up to four times faster data transfer rates with supported SwiftBroadband terminals

Satellite Beach, Florida | December 8, 2014– Coming Q1 2015, the SDR will support the ability to bond and aggregate multiple Inmarsat SwiftBroadband streaming connections, allowing customers to achieve up to 1.6mbps of throughput. Customers will also have the additional benefits of acceleration, compression and caching that the SDR brings to the market.

When available, the SDR will also support Inmarsat’s new High Data Rate (HDR) streaming services.

“The SDR allows passengers to use their laptops, tablets and smart phones onboard their aircraft,” said Chris Moore, Chief Commercial Officer, Satcom Direct International. “With the new enhancements, higher data rate applications like video conferences and streaming video are available globally for our customers using SwiftBroadband.”

Satcom Direct and Eclipse partnered to develop and deliver the enhancements to the SDR. SwiftBroadband bonding and aggregation allows customers to combine multiple SwiftBroadband streaming channels to achieve higher data rates for real time communications applications. Eclipse has extensive experience in providing customized cockpit and cabin solutions for the military, government, business aviation and airline markets.

“We pride ourselves on creating a range of advanced products and global solutions for satellite communications. Eclipse is proud to be working with Satcom Direct to jointly develop this new capability within the SDR that further improves the end customer experience” said Marc Pinault, Eclipse CEO / Managing Director.