Innovative “Air Time” Service is launched on first five easyJet aircraft

San Diego, CA | December 6, 2017–Kontron, a leading global provider of embedded computing inflight entertainment and connectivity equipment, today announced that its integrated In-flight Entertainment & Connectivity (IFE&C) platforms have been selected by easyJet, the leading European low-cost airline, for its new wireless in-flight entertainment service.  Kontron and long-time in-flight digital solutions partner, Immfly, are collaborating to support the launch of the easyJet “Air Time” service onboard five easyJet aircraft. Kontron is supplying the complete set of hardware products necessary to implement the Wi-Fi network onboard the aircraft to support Immfly’s uniquely flexible content application software. “Air Time” gives passengers the ability to access personalized services and content through their own smart devices, making seat-back or other built-in aircraft monitors obsolete.

Kontron was selected after an extensive industry review, assessment and testing of available hardware solutions available in the IFE market. The hardware solution for easyJet consists of Kontron’s ACE Flight™ 4600 Airborne Server, Removable Storage Devices (RSSDs), and its Cab-n-Connect™  A100 Cabin Wireless Access Point (CWAP).  Kontron has built a strong reputation for providing breakthrough IFE&C platforms that help accelerate development for quick time-to-market at the lowest cost of deployment. There are currently more than 4000 commercial aircraft operating worldwide with Kontron equipment on board.

“A deciding factor in our selection of Kontron is their long history of providing proven IFE&C solutions,” said Andrew Middleton, Ancillary Revenue Director at easyJet.  “The powerful combination of Kontron and Immfly lets us ensure our customers have the broadest and most reliable in-flight entertainment experience that replicates their consumer smart device capabilities on the ground.”

“Immfly continues to partner with Kontron for its highly reliable and open architecture platforms that are fully qualified to D0-160G with PMA and optimized for a full range of flight services,” said Jimmy Martínez von Korff, co-founder of Immfly. “Using Kontron platforms allows us to focus on designing the most compelling in-flight entertainment services that include engaging new content and other capabilities that are in high demand by today’s airline passengers.”

“Part of our ongoing strategy in supporting partners such as Immfly is to provide the critical system components that lay the enabling foundation for continued IFE innovation based on the most advanced features and highest broadband connectivity possible,” said Andy Mason, VP Technology at Kontron America. “We anticipate the success of the “Air Time” launch due to the unique aspects of the service and close collaboration of easyJet and its partners.”

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