France | October 2015 — Airlines strive to keep on enriching their passenger experience in order to get the flights always looking shorter and more comfortable while generating more ancillary revenues. The ancillaries share soared beyond US$ 38b (source: The 2015 Cartrawler Yearbook of Ancillary Revenue).

One of the key element which boosts new inflight services is the progressive digitalization of the Inflight Entertainment Systems. Whether seatback or wifi-based, passengers can nearly been catered with limitless offers. From skip-the line tickets for the latest exhibition at destination, to airport transfer organization, a new market place filled with a large range of services is raising onboard.

Do you want to order snacks from your IFE? It’s already live on some famous airlines. You’d like to enjoy duty free shopping onboard and have it delivered to your seat? Same. Already live and reducing the ”galley-ballet”. As embedded systems experts, including IFEs, PXCom launches a new solution, enabling passengers to shop groceries via their IFE and get delivered at their accommodation.

In order to achieve such a world first, PXCom is currently studying some partnership proposals with major retailers and big brands of fine delicacies in order to onboard the service in the early 2016. The competitive edge for these brands relies in PXCom solution’s portability from one IFE platform to another without any additional development.

“[It’s] so thrilling to see that our new service works in both ways, explains Cyril JEAN, PXCom CEO. First, imagine a business traveler who’s heading to Paris for a short stay. During the flight he orders a hand-picked selection of fine local specialties to treat himself when arrived, and gets delivered directly at his hotel. Now, imagine a family coming back from a several weeks holiday. Regardless of any connectivity, the IFE suggests this family a selection of refrigerated and store cupboard items in order to prepare the first meals, on a shared list! Each family member selects its own favorite items, from their own seat, and once over, one of the parents finalizes the order and delivery details. Thanks to our solution, our portfolio of services is quite limitless. Our priority is to connect passengers’ expectations with the IFE, as well as personalizing their inflight experience.”