Boulder, CO | February 25, 2015– VT Miltope has started delivering an IEEE 802.11ac Multifunction Access Point (nMAP2) as its latest wireless product. nMAP2 builds upon the success of VT Miltope’s wireless access point products. nMAP2 features Cognitive Hotspot Technology (CHT), an integrated MIMO antenna assembly and has a second radio to support legacy 802.11n client devices. Cognitive Hotspot Technology, exclusive to the nMAP2, is a state-of-the-art wireless network management solution, developed specifically to improve the performance of wireless systems in aircraft cabins. Aircraft cabins are becoming congested through increasing numbers of passengers, passenger devices and types of services available to enable passengers and crews.

With CHT, nMAP2’s provide proactive cabin network management to optimize the total network capacity, thus supporting a substantially better passenger experience. CHT features various dynamically and automatically adapting modules such as intelligent roaming, wireless power control, channel assignment, load balancing, and interference minimization. These modules are customized according to each airline’s service and content delivery requirements and priorities.

nMAP2 with CHT constitutes a paradigm shift in wireless cabin networks. Adding more access points, the option of the past, in a confined aircraft cabin only leads to more interference. CHT manages the entire cabin wireless traffic and its delivery points more effectively, thus increasing total capacity and optimizing your passenger experience.

Pioneering the introduction of wireless access point technology to aircraft cabins since 2001, VT Miltope has a proven history for delivering highly reliable wireless products. Improving on our current nMAP, nMAP2 incorporates the latest in wireless security, is more compact, weighs less further enhances reliability, and reduces overall ship set costs.

We are delighted to announce that our efforts to improve the passenger experience has also afforded us an award for “Innovations in commercial airline cabins” as part of the Inflight Magazine Awards, publicized during the recent Aircraft Interiors Middle East in Dubai.