• Providing tropical weather forecasting services with higher accuracy, reliability and granularity, to help governments and businesses make better operational decisions

Raleigh, NC | April 18, 2016– Panasonic Weather Solutions (Panasonic) today announced that its Tropical 4D weather forecasting service will be available for the start of the 2016 tropical season. Tropical 4D will provide partners with detailed tropical system forecasting information, including Panasonic’s proprietary tropical cyclone forecast tracks, for multiple regions around the globe.

Tropical 4D is powered by Panasonics Global 4D Weather, the industry-leading global weather prediction platform, which takes full advantage of Panasonic’s exclusive atmospheric datasets including TAMDAR.

“With Panasonic’s Global 4D Weather forecasting suite, which now includes Tropical 4D, we will continue to help our partners’ operations within governments and weather-sensitive industries such as: aviation, shipping, maritime, renewable and exploratory energy markets, insurance, and commodity trading,” said Don DeBlasio, Executive Director of Panasonic Weather Solutions. “

Tropical 4D is a forecasting service with numerous support capabilities:

  • Detailed forecast information for each of the following tropical regions:
    North Atlantic, Eastern North Pacific, Central North Pacific, Western North Pacific, Indian Ocean and Australia
  • 24-7 access to the Tropical section of the Panasonic 4D Weather Portal, including:
    • Daily Tropical Outlook
    • Tropical cyclone forecast tracks
      • Panasonic’s proprietary tropical cyclone forecast tracks
      • NHC forecast track
    • Discussions which provide focus on the potential impact of tropical events
    • Interactive weather mapping of global tropical regions
      • Selection of numerous weather parameters vs. time
      • Hourly graphics to 24 hours and 3 hourly graphics to 240 hours
  • Tropical Forecasting & Alerting, Phone Support
    • Tropical forecast information & alerting is also available via e-mail
    • Telephone support with Panasonic’s team of expert meteorologists

Panasonic Weather Solutions continues reliable operation of the world’s most advanced global weather forecasting platform, Panasonic Global 4D Weather, which includes the following modeling capabilities:

  • Panasonic-Enhanced Hybrid 4D-Ensemble-Var Global Weather Forecast System
  • 13 kilometer horizontal resolution and numerous vertical levels
  • 4 forecast cycles per day (00Z / 06Z / 12Z / 18Z) with 10 days duration
    • 1-hour forecast increments through hour 24
    • 3-hour forecast increments through hour 240
  • 4D atmospheric data assimilation, including Panasonic’s renowned TAMDAR data
  • Enhanced Tropical Cyclone relocation algorithm for improved tropical cyclone track forecasting

Panasonic Weather Solutions:

Panasonic Weather Solutions is the only private entity in the world with a custom-developed, end-to-end global weather-modeling platform. Recent weather events, such as Hurricane Joaquin, highlight the superiority of Panasonic Weather Solutions’ weather forecasting capabilities – from atmospheric data collection to high-performance numerical models that consistently run on an 11,000-core supercomputer named Sora. Panasonic is partnering with governments to enhance public safety, as well as leading corporations in multiple vertical markets to improve operational performance and become more environmentally friendly, with best-in-class weather forecasting.