After looking through our show photos, we noticed that there were some other products, features, and companies we had not mentioned and we thought our readers might enjoy. We also found a few features we hadn’t noticed that last go-around. Here is the final roundup of the show coverage. Next week we will start ‘drilling down’ on the big ticket items and their features, and will do so for the foreseeable editorial future – so stay tuned.

AVID’s Tom Mockler had us try their Premium Line Noise Canceling Headset – A6420 and boy did they work. While we did not get the price he noted that “they are half the price of the high end product”. And no, that is not Dave wearing them! You can follow AVID on Facebook!

Larry Girard demo’ed the latest RAVE hardware – seatback screen/electronics assemble. Note the key used to access the display and it was the only HOT SWAPPABLE unit we saw at the show. The thickness of the unit has shrunk and we think airlines have already ordered. Visit the IMS website and check out the RAVE specs.

There were a lot of Hollywood stars at the show….

Here are two seats from Aviointeriors and note that they are positioned end of the spectrum. First, here is their elegant economy seat, and secondly the now-famous, “saddle seat”. Please observe that the latter demo unit is constructed of tubing (model-like), however, it is the cleverest seat marketing gimmick ever. It garnered most press visits of the show! We doubt that we will ever see the latter on a plane because of the limited egress, and frankly, the Aviointeriors folks did not think it would gain acceptance because of cert issues. They did, however, perform some preference testing with no public results reported.

Good guy, Ray Felk, is now a consultant after spending many years at ECS. If you need equipment rack and/or cabling expertise, this is the fellow you want to get. You can reach him at 414 6178901 or via email: Tell him IFExpress sent you!

This economy seatback/tray table from Astronics has our vote as probably the best way to fly IFE-less in the “back of the bus” and bring those smartphones and iPods we all seem to carry – please note the USB charging capability. It will not support iPad power requirements (2 A or so), however, some bright person said to use the 110 AC power outlet and your 110 AC charging module – DUH!

This is an ashamedly obvious plug for an energy drink, BodaB, concocted by Paul Burke, of Telefonix fame. The new formulation works even better than the old one (called EXE) which we equated with Lake Erie water (it wasn’t). The IFExpress crew sipped BodaB throughout the show. Also, be sure to check out their cord reel products on the telefonix website.

When you get rich (not in the newsletter business), this is what you will sit in when you fly!

Thales brought their latest version of integrated seat/IFE and you should note the card reader and interface option panes on the lower left (USB port, phone jack, game controller, etc. Thin and gorgeous, we loved it. Watch the Next Generation video for the details. Very Cool!

Not to be outdone, Panasonic showed their integrated IFE on 3 seat supplier products. Now designated EcoSeries Smart Monitors offer seatback IFE with monitors as large as 11.1 inches. They have managed to reduce the thickness and cut the weight and power in half from their previous generation devices. Interestingly, there are no mechanical switches and they have a new optional, screen filter (lens) that offers viewing privacy. – also, now the tilt mechanism is eliminated too. Check out the specs in the link. By the way, if you have not met the new Panasonic PR guy, Brian Bardwell, prepare to be impressed!

Lastly, we have a new feature planned that will probably get your attention, if for no other reason than it will be somewhat controversial. We will tell you a bit more next time as the development work is underway!