Honeywell’s cabin management and in-flight entertainment system will provide passengers with a more productive and comfortable flying experience
Las Vegas | May 11, 2017– The Las Vegas Sands Corp. has selected the Honeywell (NYSE: HON) Ovation Select cabin management and in-flight entertainment system for its Boeing 767 jet airliner. Ovation Select provides passengers with enhanced in-flight productivity and entertainment.

Ovation Select is an all-digital, total cabin management system that gives passengers control of both in-flight entertainment and environmental conditions — including lighting, seats and temperature — with a simple touch-screen interface or from the convenience of their own mobile electronic device. The system design, diagnostic tools and global support network keep the cabin system available throughout flight and ensure passengers are able to make the most of their travel time and enjoy their overall in-flight experience.

This airliner joins a fleet of more than 100 aircraft flying globally with Ovation Select, which is available for most aircraft types and platforms. With the ability to easily accommodate new electronics, this system is designed to keep pace with evolving technologies.