Wi-Fi In The Sky Begins On 11 Emirates A380s, With More To Come.

December 13, 2011 —Customers on a growing number of Emirates A380s can now surf, share, email, or tweet their way across the Emirates network as the airline launches Wi-Fi internet connectivity with leading industry service provider, OnAir.

Customers can access the service of the Wi-Fi in the sky onboard their flight using their Wi Fi enabled devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops. All customers have to do is open up their device’s wireless connections, log on to the OnAir network and follow the simple steps to access the internet. As part of a proving phase, customers onboard many A380 flights have been using the service for many months already as the system was installed and activated on the first few A380s last year.

“Emirates recognises that being connected inflight is increasingly important especially on our longer flights. Adding internet access is going to be a vital and ubiquitous part of any inflight experience, just as it is in everyday life on the ground,” said Patrick Brannelly, Vice President Corporate Communications Product, Publishing, Digital and Events. “As a result of our testing, we were able to learn a lot about what people like to do with the internet inflight and are pleased to be able to launch with very affordable pricing options.”

“Emirates has led the way in mobile phone use onboard with 91 aircraft currently allowing the service,” he added. “We are obviously delighted to launch OnAir Wi-Fi on our A380 Aircraft and we will continue to invest in additional communications products across our entire fleet.”

Wi-Fi services will initially launch on 11 of 19 Emirates A380s currently in-service, with the system due to be installed both now and in the future across the entire fleet of 71 Emirates A380s on order. In addition to Wi-Fi, from mid-2012 all new Emirates A380s will be delivered with a full range of Wi-Fi, mobile phone and mobile data services.

“Emirates is continuously introducing the latest advanced technology to its customers for use on board out fleet. Making inflight connectivity available is a value added service that Emirates customers will highly enjoy; this is particularly true of our A380 fleet, since the aircraft is the epitome of modern airline technology,” added Adel Al Redha, Emirates Executive Vice President, Engineering and Operations. “With the OnAir product onboard, Emirates ensures our passengers will enjoy being connected in the sky on our most advanced aircraft.”

Price plans start at just US $7.50 for mobile devices and US $15 on laptops for generous data packages that allow plenty of internet at an accessible price. The US $7.50 package should be sufficient for the average Blackberry user to stay connected all the way from Dubai to Paris – a flight of over six and one half hours.

“The fact that Emirates has chosen OnAir connectivity services for its A380 fleet validates our strategy of developing a SwiftBroadband-based consistent global service. With the significant expansion of the Emirates A380 aircraft and global route network, it is important for passengers to access connectivity services anytime and anywhere,” said Ian Dawkins, CEO of OnAir.

NBAA, Las Vegas | 11 October 2011 –- Inflight connectivity is at the tipping point in the business jet market. OnAir and TriaGnoSys today announced a formal agreement to offer a unique one-stop-shop for the world’s leading inflight mobile phone services provider, combined with the smallest and lightest airborne hardware.

The solution will be fitted on Dasnair’s Falcon 7X aircraft, as released in May, with a growing number of undisclosed customers to start installation in the coming months.

OnAir and TriaGnoSys have subjected the complete solution to rigorous testing, both in the lab and over satellite, resulting in a fully integrated turnkey system that can be installed on any aircraft type. It allows passengers to use their mobile devices for calls, text messaging, email and to access the Internet.

Ian Dawkins, OnAir CEO, said, “The combination of OnAir’s global mobile phone service and TriaGnoSys’ airborne hardware is unique. We have the widest geographic reach of any inflight mobile phone service provider and the equipment is sufficiently flexible to be fitted to any plane and to meet all customer requirements. That means it is suitable for all types of aircraft.”

The mobile phone solution uses Inmarsat SwiftBroadband, which provides consistent global coverage, as well as a clear upgrade path to Global Xpress, Inmarsat’s global Ka-band solution.

Axel Jahn, TriaGnoSys managing director, said, “The hardware has been designed specifically for the business jet market: it is small, lightweight and very simple to install. It is scalable and can be used for a wide range of appealing passenger applications, services and entertainment.”

Dr Jahn will address the NBAA Annual Convention as part of session on, ‘Connecting your Aircraft with Satellite Communications: the Equipment Providers’, on Monday 10 October.

EBACE, Geneva – May 17, 2011 — Dasnair’s Falcon 7X passengers will be able to use their mobile phones and laptops during flights, thanks to OnAir’s inflight connectivity services. Dasnair will be the world’s first Falcon 7X operator to provide the most complete connectivity suite of services installed on a large cabin long range business jet.

Terms of the agreement are currently being finalized and further announcements will be made in the coming weeks. The service is planned to be launched towards the end of 2011 and the first connected flight has already been booked.

OnAir’s SwiftBroadband-based service Mobile OnAir allows passengers to use their own mobile phones and smartphones during flights, just as they do on the ground, for calls, text messages, email and mobile data. Usage is billed by the passenger’s mobile operator, in the same way international, which makes it very simple to use.

Passengers can also use inflight Internet using laptops, tablets or any WiFi-enabled device. It works in the same way as any hotspot in the ground.

“Our Falcon 7X fleet is at the forefront of innovation and the level and quality of the services we offer to our passengers are at the core of our strategy. With OnAir, Dasnair is proud to set the highest standards by being the first business jet operator worldwide to offer our passengers the ability to remain in touch while they fly”, said Gérard Limat, CEO of Dasnair.

The OnAir solution is the lightest, the most versatile offering the most advanced communication capabilities ever deployed on a large cabin-long range business jet and has been specifically designed with this market in mind.

The airborne system, designed and produced by satellite communications specialist TriaGnoSys, weighs only 15kg and consists of just two hardware units. It is fully compatible with any SwiftBroadband-capable Satcom system, for example Honeywell and Thrane & Thrane. Simple installation is part of the design process, and the equipment can be installed in the aircraft during a standard maintenance check.

“We are all becoming increasingly dependent on our mobile devices and, unsurprisingly, people like to continue using their phones and tablets when they are flying. Dasnair passengers will be able to use both GSM and inflight Internet, giving them the flexibility to be connected in the best way to suit their needs”, said Ian Dawkins, CEO of OnAir.

“Dasnair’s selection of OnAir clearly demonstrates the flexibility of our inflight connectivity solution – it shows OnAir can meet passengers’ demands for inflight communication across a number of market segments,” continued Dawkins.