– Joins a growing list of airlines as momentum for seat-centric IFE continues to grow

Long Beach, California | September 19, 2012– The RAVEOLUTION continues as Omni Air International becomes the latest airline to select The IMS Company’s RAVE™ “seat-centric” inflight entertainment system for installation on its fleet of B777 aircraft. The first installation is scheduled to commence in early 2013.
Omni Air International brings the total number of airlines to choose RAVE to twelve and adds their B777 aircraft to the almost 200 aircraft that are currently on order.

“We wanted a system that added value to our product and provided us with a simple but innovative IFE solution”, stated David Gantner, Sr. Director Maintenance, of Omni Air. He went on to say, “We chose RAVE because it provided the most reliable solution at the lowest cost to own and operate which is a key factor for a charter airline like OAI.”

Omni Air International is part of a growing number of airlines that believe in the IMS vision for an IFE system with a completely fresh approach and an affordable price tag. Understanding RAVE is as simple as understanding what the name stands for; Reliable, Affordable and Very Easy, says Harry Gray, VP Sales and Marketing for IMS. RAVE’s architecture is different; seat centric instead of a traditional server centric model. RAVE’s seat centric architecture has only a few LRU’s which, at its core, make it reliable, light weight and low-power. Additionally, in RAVE’s unique architecture, each seat display is a fully autonomous entertainment system providing all the features of much more complex, traditional server based systems without single points of failure. IMS took the strategic anchor of reliability even further when they leveraged their past experience with portable IFE and introduced the first dockable seat display unit that could be replaced by a flight attendant – in flight – in seconds – with a simple key.

The airlines acceptance of the RAVE™ vision gives The IMS Company an opportunity to show why they are an innovation leader with 16 years of experience in the IFE industry.

One of the world’s leading IFE suppliers to provide U.S. charter airline with Hollywood movies and TV shows

Knutsford, Cheshire, UK – April 12, 2011 — IFE Services, a leading in-flight entertainment provider, has been selected by Omni Air International to meet its onboard passenger entertainment needs.

IFE Services will provide the Oklahoma, US based charter airline with Hollywood Blockbuster movies and a broad range of comedy and drama TV shows. The entertainment content will run on the in-flight entertainment systems of Omni Air International’s fleet of Boeing 767s, 757s and DC-10s. Boeing 777s will be added later this year.

“We’re very pleased to be selected by Omni Air International as its preferred IFE supplier,” said Andy McEwan, IFE Services’ Managing Director. “We’re looking forward to providing them with original, entertaining content to enhance the passenger experience.”

A spokesperson for Omni Air International said: “Omni Air International is eagerly looking forward to its new partnership with IFE Services. The selections of onboard entertainment are very exciting and we know our passengers will thoroughly enjoy the most current and popular entertainment programmes available in the industry.”