– Unbelievable Trade Show Response

Brugg/Hamburg | April 18, 2013– The leading Aircraft Interiors Expo was a great success for the Swiss technology company, ocleen.tv: The ocleen.tv stand attracted a phenomenal amount of visitors during the biggest international aircraft interiors trade show. The reason for their curiosity: The world’s first free air.tv. This innovative Inflight-Entertainment-System solution brings a new revenue stream to airlines through personalised advertising – without significant investment. These costs are carried by the provider. In addition, air.tv reduces the fuel consumption of the airlines by taking away the need for heavy printed material onboard, so reducing the weight carried by the aircraft. These benefits convinced the airline industry: ocleen.tv signed several letters of intent during the event.

“The airlines primarily have a demand for the solution on short and mid-haul flights. They rarely have an Inflight-Entertainment-System installed on these routes as the costs have been prohibitive to date. ocleen.tv is providing a new direction, requiring no payment for air.tv and carrying the entire investment for the client. As a result, several airlines are obviously very interested in our solution. We had 40 to 50 meetings a day at the show,” explains Klaus Knappe, President of the Board of Ocleen TV Holding AG.

The large demand was supported by the willingness of ocleen.tv to arrange test flights with potential customers. Visitors to the booth could also experience the use of air.tv. “The live demonstration fuelled huge interest,” according to Knappe. The audience was able to experience first-hand that passengers will be able to receive real-time tv from select channels via air.tv during the flight. Viewing of live events is not (currently) possible.

The interested parties reached beyond the airlines. “We also had many promising conversations with technology companies, content providers and aircraft-infrastructure specialists. We are open to discussions with all parties, as we want to offer airlines a complete solution,” explained Knappe.

Hamburg, Germany | April 11, 2013– The visitors thronging the busy aisles of Aircraft Interiors Expo are underlining the event’s importance as a launch pad for new products. Exhibitors that are delighted by the visitor response include Swiss media company Ocleen.tv, who is using its Aircraft Interiors Expo debut to launch the only IFE solution on the market that is financed through advertising revenue, making it free to airline customers. Airlines can also avoid much of the cost of installing and maintaining equipment.

Ocleen offers two options: air.connect, which uses a pre-installed server and WiFi access points, and air.tabcloud, which streams TV content to tablets without the need for an internet connection. The air.tabcloud solution overcomes limited storage space on each tablet by distributing the overall content evenly across all proprietary tablets.

Ocleen’s Pascal Staud said, ‘We are particularly targeting short and medium haul airlines and chose Aircraft Interiors Expo because we decided this was the best place to meet them. We are very pleased with the number of high quality visitors that have come to our stand and the length of time they have spent gaining an understanding of the benefits of our solutions. Just today we signed two Letters of Intent with potential customers, one of them a large Asian carrier. Our new revenue model has created a lot of interest, as has the fact that our system can work with a range of IFE hardware, including retro-fitting. We have also been approached by business jet operators regarding buying our service without the advertising funding’.

Another successful launch was being staged by EAM Worldwide. Manny Gatto, Director of Sales for EAM said on the afternoon of day two, ‘We had high expectations for this show and to date they have been exceeded. We have seen those visitors we invited to view our exciting new product and have also been pleasantly surprised by the number of other prospective customers that have come to see us’. The company launched a single-lane evacuation slide for the Airbus A320 family of jets, a significant diversification from its long established range of life rafts and life vests. Manny Gatto said the stand has been consistently busy, with visitors interested in both the competitive pricing of the slide and its innovative features, such as LED lighting.

Brugg/Hamburg | April 3, 2013– Content for free above the clouds: ocleen.tv is presenting the revolutionary air.connect solution at the Aircraft Interiors Expo

High quality content is now available for all airlines at no cost: The Swiss technology company, ocleen.tv, is exhibiting its Inflight-Entertainment-System air.tv with air.connect at the industry leading Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg from the 9th to the 11th of April. Experts from ocleen.tv will be presenting the benefits of the groundbreaking solution that allows airlines to generate revenue through intelligent advertising, at the world’s largest event of its kind. Not only is no investment required by the airline, but this Entertainment-System also reduces fuel consumption. Heavy print material onboard becomes superfluous, so reducing the weight carried on the plane. Specialists from ocleen.tv will be presenting this innovation during the three exhibition days in hall B1, Stand-Nr. 1C8. Attendees will have the potential to speak to the experts directly about the technology and functionality of the two air.tv systems: air.connect and air.tabcloud.

Personalised advertising is made possible via a bespoke commercial server where media providers as well as the airlines profit from generated income. The solution also sets new benchmarks in relevance and interactivity. Select TV stations provide the system with pre-selected and current content directly before take-off. This mirrors the content that will be transmitted locally during the flight time. Live TV, such as sports events, can not be transmitted directly at this point in time. Such programmes will be replaced with alternative content. The ocleen development team is currently working at a high pace at enabling inflight transmission of live events by 2015.

Maximum flexibility with air.tabcloud

Airlines have the choice between two systems: air.tabcloud and air.connect with a pre-installed server onboard. The air.tabcloud system consists of up to 30 Tablet-PCs per plane. These are brought onboard with standard trolleys and are available for use in pre-defined media seats. The devices connect to build a network, allowing the rest of the passengers to use their own personal devices to access the broad range of content, including TV and Audio channels, printed media, games and onboard shopping. The passengers can also book destination hotels, rental cars and events. The only requirement: passengers have to download the air.tv App prior to take-off.

Quick updates via air.connect

air.connect provides the same solution, but via a pre-installed inflight-server. The system provides a wireless network via fixed access points that streams content onto both the airlines tablets and passengers’ personal devices. The benefit of this system is that the TV content is very quick to update. Both systems are integrated easily and provide First-Class passenger entertainment.

The air.tv offering is only available onboard. However, the solution provides personalised and destination oriented information, ensuring that communication between the airline and its customers does not end as soon as the passengers leave the plane.

Klaus Knappe, President of the Board of Directors of Ocleen TV Holding AG, is looking to utilize the trade show to communicate this technological innovation directly to the airline industry: „As we are close to finalising a contract with a large German carrier, we would like to use this opportunity to present our system to other airlines. As air.tv is a fully independent solution, the opportunity is available across any airline partner to install it simply for free. The system is readily available for test flights.”