Utah | April 16, 2015– On the back of this week’s launch of its ‘IFE – Integrated Flight Experience’ modular product range, new NV digEplayer and LED cabin lighting, digEcor is continuing to push the envelope with research and development of future technologies.

“Our focus is to deliver more passenger experience for less cost,” said digEcor CEO David Withers. “Less cost, greater efficiency and enhanced passenger experiences are the key areas of development for our next-generation Glide system.”

“The cost of ownership when operating and maintaining IFE systems in the fleet can be significant, so digEcor’s Glide was developed as an innovative solution to overcome the inherent issues in legacy systems and to answer concerns around head end server reliability and redundancy and the storage and distribution of files,” he said. “We’ve done that and are now focused on reducing the cost whilst increasing the available on board content size.”

“The seat box we are currently installing has the capability of moving the storage of files from the screen into what we call the cabin network layer.”

“By using modern cluster technologies, we can tie together the processing and storage capabilities of the many seat boxes in a typical IFE installation to form a large and redundant cabin ‘supercomputer’,” said Mr Withers. “There is no longer a need to replicate each and every audio and video file in every seat, nor to rely on single copies of content stored on head end servers susceptible to many single points of failure.”

“This leads to storage capacities in the tens of terabytes enabling the carriage of huge content sets at a lower cost than current systems,” he continued.

“Initial testing also suggests that the faster processing power may enable individual watermarking of Wi-Fi streams to achieve early window Wi-Fi to passengers own device certification. The seat boxes already contain a low power Wi-Fi Access Point.”

“At the same time the market is calling out for a low cost solution to move from overhead to seat back digital systems driven through ancillary revenue.

“Again the modular design of our products allows us to bring a low-cost, low-part-count solution to the market very quickly,” Mr Withers said. “Our 8 and 10 inch 16:9 format screens are perfect for narrow-body aircraft seats and are priced below the cost of an overhead solution. Larger sizes are available for premium cabins as are USB 2.1 Amp and 110V power options.”

digEcor’s new ‘IFE – Integrated Flight Experience’ is a low-cost, flexible solution for airlines to improve customer experiences across all areas of its inflight service including entertainment, power, lighting and crew and passenger connectivity.

digEcor is an established and trusted industry partner that fully supports the design, implementation and operational requirements of its IFE – Integrated Flight Experience – solution by providing end-to-end expert advice and 24-hour-a-day technical support.