• Led by Astronics’ PXIe-6943 Digital Test Instrument, the new suite offers TPS-compatible solutions that deliver familiar, fast development paths for both legacy and new military/aerospace programs

Anaheim, California | September 13, 2016– AUTOTESTCON – NI (Nasdaq: NATI) and Astronics Test Systems, Inc., (ATS) a wholly-owned subsidiary of Astronics Corporation (Nasdaq: ATRO), today announced the Astronics PXIe-6943 Digital Test Instrument, Astronics PXIe-3352 Rubidium Clock Source and Astronics PXIe-1209 Pulse Pattern Generator. The three new test instruments accompany the previously released Astronics PXIe- 2461 Frequency Time Interval Counter and are the latest products from NI and Astronics’ collaboration to provide PXI-based instruments with test program set-(TPS-) compatible software for existing VXI instruments.

“The challenge of lowering cost and preserving legacy investment in the face of rapid technology change requires industry collaborations for success and attention to software compatibility,”

said Luke Schreier, director of automated test product marketing at NI. “The NI investment in LabVIEW and PXI produces cutting-edge capability, such as the recently released second- generation vector signal transceiver (VST), which is enhanced by Astronics’ expertise in TPS integration to migrate key legacy technologies to the PXI platform. The NI and Astronics’ collaboration builds on the strengths of both companies, but more importantly, it preserves technology investment for our mutual customers and fosters innovation.”

The flagship product of the collaboration is the -2 to 7 V, 200 MB/s Astronics PXIe-6943 Digital Test Instrument. The Astronics PXIe-6943 is modeled after the highly successful VXI-based Astronics T940 Digital Resource Modules, which enable pattern-based digital test in many commercial and government programs. These instruments are also TPS-compatible with legacy instruments from Astronics as well as other instrument vendors.

“Digital subsystems continue to play a crucial role in most aerospace and defense test platforms,” said Brian Price, executive vice president and general manager at ATS. “With the introduction of these new Astronics PXI Express products, engineers can now expand on today’s test platforms to support tomorrow’s military/aerospace requirements and maintain their original TPS investments. Our new digital subsystem includes the latest parallel digital, serial and bus protocols while taking advantage of the high speed, small size and lower cost of the PXI platform. These PXI instruments round out our already successful line of VXI instruments so that we can continue supporting the aerospace and defense automated test systems of yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

Also newly introduced, the Astronics PXIe-3352 Rubidium Clock Source combines a rubidium oscillator with a GPS receiver into a single, high-precision instrument. The new Astronics PXIe- 1209 Pulse Pattern Generator is a high-performance, 2-channel, 100 MHz pulse generator that delivers dual independent pulse generation with extremely high resolution.

These products will be sold through the NI sales channel, which provides direct sales operations in more than 60 countries with more than 1,400 field and support engineers worldwide.

Both companies are showcasing their latest innovations at AUTOTESTCON in Anaheim, California, through September 15. For more information, visit www.ni.com/pxi and www.astronicstestsystems.com

  • New counter offered in collaboration with National Instruments provides extreme precise measurement and high resolution

East Aurora, NY | July 14, 2016– Astronics Test Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Astronics Corporation (NASDAQ: ATRO), today announced the availability of a new Frequency Time Interval Counter (FTIC) in collaboration with National Instruments Corporation (NASDAQ: NATI) (“NI”). The new Astronics PXIe-2461 is a high-performance, two channel, universal 235 MHz frequency interval counter. It is the first product developed from Astronics’ collaboration with NI, announced in November 2015, to revitalize legacy aerospace and defense test systems.

“We are kicking off our collaboration with NI with an FTIC that offers excellent measurement precision in a smaller form-factor vs. traditional one-size-fits-all digitizers, which are commonly used to record frequency, time, and interval measurements,” commented Steve Fairbanks, Sr. Director of Products and Instruments for Astronics Test Systems. “We look forward to further leveraging the combination of Astronics’ strength in test system integration and NI’s leadership in PXI-based technology to produce a best-in-class portfolio for automated test equipment applications.”

A Precise Solution
The new FTIC is well-suited for use in military or commercial applications. Designed for full test program sets (TPS) compatibility, the instrument can replace existing VXI-based FTICs and deliver the same capability in a newer PXI-based subsystem. With outstanding resolution of up to nine digits per second, the resolution can be 1 ns in single-shot mode and 100 ps in average mode. The unit operates in two voltage modes: ±5.1 V or ±42 V. The programmable measurement timeout ensures that system performance is optimized where input signals are missing.

Occupying a single PXI Express peripheral slot or hybrid slot, the FTIC offers many easy-to-use automatic measurement functions including:

  • Frequency and period
  • Time interval
  • Time interval (delayed)
  • Rise and fall time
  • Duty cycle
  • Frequency ratio (channels 1:2 or 2:1)
  • Totalize (manual, by pulse, by cycle and timed)
  • Phase
  • Pulse width

Units are in production and available through the NI sales channel starting at $4,499*. For more information, including a datasheet, visit AstronicsTestSystems.com.