Neptune Beach, Florida | September 22, 2020–There are enough things to worry about these days, clean air, free from COVID-19 inside your home shouldn’t be one of them. Connecting World Merchandise, an innovative global wholesaler, and Airocide, a company that produces NASA-developed technology, today announced a partnership to expand the availability of Airocide, which is an FDA-approved air sanitizer that is clinically proven to eliminate airborne pathogens, including bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses to make your space safe.

“One thing I’ve figured out, if it’s good enough for NASA then it’s good enough for me,” said Pro Football Hall of Famer, Bobby Bell – Connecting World Merchandise director of promotions. “I feel safe in my space knowing that my air is being cleaned by the same technology NASA uses to guarantee the safety of their astronauts.”

Designed by NASA scientists, Airocide purifies toxins in the air that can worsen symptoms of asthma or allergies. Instead of filters, the device uses nanotechnology to oxidize pathogens at a molecular level, via two catalytic reaction chambers. It eliminates harmful bacteria and mold spores from the air. This is why it has been a critical part of high-quality health care for nearly 20 years. It is used in hospitals and other health care facilities all over the world to prevent infections that come from airborne sources. In addition, Airocide looks like a piece of modern art, complete with discreet touch controls.

“This exclusive NASA-developed technology has undergone 12 years of testing in space, in hospitals, in operating rooms, in schools, in dental offices, in laboratories, in food processing and packaging plants and other bio-sensitive environments,” said David Ghelerter, Chief Science and Technology Officer of Airocide “The bottom line is NASA had a problem and Airocide was the answer – we provide 99.999% pathogen free fresh air on the first pass and we’re FDA approved.”

March 27, 2018 — Today, Thales announces that it has reached formal agreement with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for a Space Act Agreement to support their unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) traffic management (UTM) activity. With the ongoing support of federal, state and local government officials, and economic development organizations, Thales will be creating jobs in New York through this agreement.

  • Thales completes a Space Act Agreement (SAA) to facilitate coordination with NASA to support the development of UTM concepts.
  • This agreement will allow Thales to engage with NASA to refine the UTM concept architecture supporting drone integration into the U.S. NAS.
  • Thales is collaborating with other SAA parties to support NASA’s vision for UAS integration.

Commenting on this agreement, members of the United States Congress said:

“Attracting global companies like Thales to the Mohawk Valley was exactly what we envisioned when we sought and secured the FAA Test Site in Rome. NUAIR, Griffiss Airport and their private partners like Thales are national leaders in helping the federal government safely and efficiently integrate UAS into the national airspace. This agreement with help the Test Site continue its important work – and keep the Mohawk Valley at the forefront of the emerging UAS industry.”
U.S. Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer

“It’s been a privilege to partner with NASA and Thales to secure an agreement that will bring high-tech jobs here to the Mohawk Valley,Thales’ presence in our area will further secure our standing as a vital player in developing defense technology and unmanned aerial capabilities. The Mohawk Valley has the talent and workforce ready to fill these positions. I look forward to continuing to work alongside Thales and NASA as they continue to innovate and lead in defense technology.”
Congresswoman Claudia Tenney