Paris, France | April 13, 2015– At the Aircraft Interiors Expo, which will be held next week in Hamburg, the InFlight entertainment (IFE) industry will be revealing its latest innovations, ready to wow airline passengers.

PXCom is positioning itself as a pioneer in this industry as it announces its own major innovation. The new solution is for the first time fully integrated within the award winning BoardConnect wireless infotainment platform of Lufthansa Systems. PXCom has developed a reservation service that is fully operational and directly accessible from the passenger’s seat.

Imagine yourself on a medium or long-haul flight. Through the integrated in-flight entertainment system, PXCom’s multimedia travel guides have already helped you find activities at your destination to liven up your stay. Now, in just a few clicks, you can reserve a ticket for the exhibition that caught your eye; the 3-day pass that includes transportation and museums; theme parks that your kids are dying to visit… all that is possible even without an in-flight internet connection!

For airlines already offering IFC, onboard connectivity will enhance this new feature enlarging the scope of the bookings which can be processed, such as transportation mode at the arrival, live events tickets…

“Reserving and buying tickets while in flight has been long anticipated by both airline companies and tourism professionals,” points out Cyril JEAN, PXCom CEO. “For the former, it’s a question of offering a new ancillary-generator service. For the latter, it is about the crucial point of attracting tourists before they even arrive. Our service is very simple. Our multimedia travel guides are already in place to help inspire passengers. When they select an activity, we ask them to enter their contact information (email or telephone). As soon as the plane arrives at the airport, the data is offloaded and processed. PXCom is positioned to ensure the direct liaison between passengers and tourism professionals.” He adds, “Lufthansa Systems’ teams were incredible. We all share the same desire to innovate, and the same agility in offering airline companies turn-key solutions.”

This solution is now registered in the BoardConnect features catalog and can be tested at AIX.