• In-flight entertainment server weighs 1.2 kg
  • Features moving map and geo-triggered entertainment

Geneva |March 25, 2018–Aircraft owners looking for a moving map and in-flight entertainment solution will find it in a tiny, lightweight, inexpensive component introduced in Geneva in May: the GojiBox.

The paperback-sized server is easy to install: you place it in a cabinet or elsewhere on the aircraft, and hook it up to navigation data, power, and the cabin wireless system. Then, it emits entertainment:  passengers connect to the wi-fi and enjoy a variety of built-in content.

The moving map is the number-one most requested visual asset for passengers. Yet many aircraft do not have one because of the weight and size of the servers. This is where GojiBox comes in: it is the smallest IFE server in the industry. At a trim 12cm square x 5cm thick (5” square x 2” thick), it fits into the most compact cabins, and weighs just 1.2kg (2.6 lbs). Power consumption is also minimal, topping out at 50 watts.

The GojiBox delivers a big bang for a small box and includes the following:

  • Moving map: the Navigator 2D and 3D interactive moving maps, an industry-leading solution from Airborne Interactive.
  • GeoRadio, the only geo-triggered radio show on Earth: when passengers put on their headsets, they hear a show about the people and places they are passing.
  • GeoVideo. This geo-triggered 4K video fills cabin screens and passenger devices with gorgeous footage of the land below, and of their destination.
  • Goji Points-of-Interest, photos of every spot the plane flies, along with updated info on places to visit, dine, and shop. With 5,000 POIs worldwide, it is a geo-triggered pageant of photos for passengers’ devices, or on 4K screens in the cabin.
  • AVOD (Audio-video on demand). With a terabyte of storage, GojiBox holds hundreds of movies that can be loaded by thumb drive.

Goji Points-of-Interest have already been integrated into commercial and business aircraft for several years.  This is the first time the product will be hosted in its own hardware component.

Visitors can experience the magic of the GojiBox with a hands on demonstration of its content, at EBACE, May 29-31,2018 in Geneva, at the Gotham Studios booth W133 by the Gulfstream stand.

GojiBox is produced by Gotham Studios, an Emmy-winning entertainment production company in Washington, in collaboration with Rajco Services, the industry’s leading expert on cabin and connectivity systems.

For more information and images, visit www.goji.aero, or contact Stacy Whittle at stacy@gothamstudios.com.

Broomfield, CO & Cedar Rapids, Iowa| June 5, 2017– Moving maps are one of the most popular features of any inflight entertainment system and today Gogo Business Aviation (NASDAQ: GOGO) and Rockwell Collins (NYSE: COL) bring Airshow® moving maps to customers in the business aviation market. Airshow is the aviation industry’s leading moving map application, and will now be available to Gogo’s customer base for use in business aviation cabins without the need for additional hardware.

“Understanding flight progress, geographic location and scheduled arrival time is deeply satisfying to travelers of all ages,” said Sergio Aguirre, general manager of Gogo Business Aviation. “Now, with Airshow, passengers can enjoy stunning 3D graphics with amazing geographic detail on their personal devices. It’s a fantastic addition to our lineup of inflight applications.”

For Gogo ATG customers, no additional hardware is required to add Airshow Moving Map, which makes it an easy and cost-effective product extension to further enhance the passenger experience. Simply activate an account with Rockwell Collins and download the Airshow Mobile 2 app – the most advanced 3D moving map application for business aviation.1 Airshow Moving Map fits aircraft of all types and sizes, from turboprops and light jets to the largest VVIP aircraft.

Key features of the next-generation app, which is optimized for iOS® and Android phones and tablets, include:

  • Detailed, interactive high-definition satellite 3D maps
  • Multi-touch, gesture-based roaming, zooming and navigation
  • Customized user display settings and layers, available in portrait or landscape mode
  • Points of interest pop-up panel with images and captions
  • Consolidated view of maps and flight information into one display
  • Multiple viewpoint options including cockpit, pilot head-up display and window seats

“This collaborative effort with Gogo provides us another avenue for bringing our industry-leading Airshow into the hands of business aircraft passengers,” said Greg Irmen, vice president and general manager, Flight Controls and Information Systems for Rockwell Collins. “Airshow is the most deployed moving map in aviation because of its advanced technology and features that keep passengers and crew interactively connected with their flight experience.”

Orlando, FL NBAA | November 1, 2016– Rockwell Collins and Gogo® have entered into an agreement to expand the availability of Rockwell Collins’ industry-leading Airshow® Moving Map into the business aviation market segment. Rockwell Collins will license its Airshow Mobile application to Gogo for business aviation cabin solutions.

“Airshow continues to spread its wings across the aviation industry as the No. 1-used moving map application, and since making it a mobile application that personalizes the passenger experience, its popularity is exponentially increasing,” said Greg Irmen, vice president and general manager, Flight Controls and Information Systems for Rockwell Collins. “Working with Gogo gives us another great channel to market for Airshow, and an opportunity for us to help Gogo provide its customers with more options to deliver the information they want.”

“Gogo is focused on meeting the needs of our customers and continues to expand the breadth of third-party applications it offers on business aviation aircraft to provide a suite of services for business travelers,” said Sergio Aguirre, general manager of Gogo Business Aviation. “Airshow is one of the most popular apps in the market and is a nice addition to our lineup of applications.”

Rockwell Collins’ Airshow Mobile solution has been optimized for iOS® and Android devices to deliver real-time flight information to passengers, including these features:

  • Interactive roaming, zooming and navigation of the globe
  • High-resolution Landsat satellite imagery map set
  • Unique, interactive panoramic and pilot heads-up display views

Airshow Mobile will be offered by Gogo in the second quarter of 2017.

  • New Interactive Map Service Provides Guests With Even Better In-Flight Experience

Irvine, CA | September 30, 2015– Virgin America, the low-fare, upscale airline known for offering the latest in in-flight entertainment and technology, recently launched FlightPath2D from Betria Interactive to deliver the most cutting edge in-flight Moving Map experience available. This new service has been added as part of a recent upgrade to Virgin America’s award-winning, Android-based Red in-flight entertainment system, which is currently being rolled out across the airline’s fleet and will be available on all aircraft in 2016.

“The idea behind Virgin America has always been to provide the best in-flight experience possible and put the control back in the hands of our guests, and that is why we are so excited about the addition of FlightPath2D to our Red IFE.” said Virgin America Manager of Product Development Warren Hamilton. “It is an incredibly well designed, functional and easy-to-use product and Betria’s team really delivered for us. We are thrilled with the positive feedback from our teammates and guests alike.”

As the only airline based in Silicon Valley, Virgin America has long been known for its innovative in-flight experience – including being the first (and still only) U.S. airline to offer WiFi on every flight and power outlets at every seat. Virgin America has one of the youngest fleets in the industry, with custom-designed, mood-lit cabins, comfortable leather seating and a personal seatback entertainment platform that offers every guest their own seatback touch-screen with movies, live TV, video games, a 3,000 song library and an on-demand menu, which allows flyers to order a cocktail or snack from their seatback any time during a flight. Virgin America’s new Moving Map service builds on this reputation by including detailed satellite imagery, multiple perspective views of the aircraft’s journey, and 25,000 named locations across the world in multiple languages. The FlightPath2D service is one of a family of products available from Betria Interactive including the advanced FlightPath3D Moving Map with game-like 3D Interactive capabilities as well as the Destination City Guide and Discovery Themed Map services.

“FlightPath2D is a substantial departure from the traditional moving map services seen in flight today. Our extensible platform and suite of products truly enables our airline customers to deliver an engaging experience that captures the passenger’s interests and exceeds expectations.” noted Boris Veksler, Betria Interactive’s President and CEO. “We are honored to provide our Moving Map solutions to Virgin America; one of the world’s most innovative and award winning airlines. While it is hard to improve upon such an incredible brand, we believe FlightPath2D will truly help them raise the bar even higher.”

* Android is a registered trademark of Google Inc.