• Trans States Airlines has launched the navigation app from Lufthansa Systems

Raunheim, Germany | August 16, 2016– Trans States Airlines successfully implemented Lido/mPilot this spring. Thus, the regional carrier is among the first in North America to deploy the mobile navigation solution from Lufthansa Systems.

“Lido/mPilot supports the pilots at Trans States Airlines with practical features before, during and after a flight,” said Michael Schmidtborn, Vice President Sales & Services North America at Lufthansa Systems. “The navigation app has been running very reliably since the start and our pilots are excited about the flexibility and the functionalities of the mobile solution,” said Keith Stamper, Director Flight Operation at Trans States Airlines.

Around 70 airlines have already opted for the mobile Lido/mPilot navigation solution since the app was launched in early 2015. The modular app offers features such as airport maps, a dynamically generated enroute chart, and a document management and distribution system that enables pilots to access documents and messages both at home and on the move. A status overview with intuitive icons guarantees a clear flow of information. Pilots receive important updates via push notifications.

Trans States Airlines, based in Bridgeton, Missouri, is a regional US airline. With a fleet of 50 aircraft, Trans States Airlines operates domestic American feeder flights for Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and United.