London, United Kingdom | April 4, 2016– Mezzoglobal is now offering a fully featured, low-cost wireless passenger entertainment app for travel operators such as airlines, coach and bus operators, train companies, cruise operators and ferry lines. It is available for both iOS and Android and can be configured to work on any hardware. The app also offers a video on demand (VOD) option that passengers can use at any time they are connected to the internet. The app allows passengers to use their own mobiles and smartphones to view content such as movies and TV, listen to music and other audio, and to read magazines and other literature.

As well supporting video, audio and digital publications, the Mezzoglobal app provides many features that are familiar on an installed system, such as passenger interrupt, system control from a mobile crew device, passenger crew call, integrations for social media and many more. In addition, the app also enables content to be used when not connected to the on-board servers by using the VOD option.

Perhaps the most important feature is that the app can be customised to work on any hardware. Dave Sampson, CEO of Mezzoglobal, says, “It is no longer necessary for airlines and travel operators to think that they have to buy both hardware and software from one vendor. Technology has reached a point where a “pick ‘n’ mix” model of hardware and software will offer the best commercial models and best meet airlines’ and other travel operators’ needs. The Mezzoglobal app can be easily customised to fit on any hardware, whether it is portable hardware or installed. For example, airlines that have already purchased hardware no longer need to rip that hardware out and throw it away. They can simply replace the software and support service with a more competitive, better featured and lower cost proposition.”

Sampson added, “Our Android and iOS app offers airlines and travel operators much greater flexibility; content can be streamed on board, streamed on the ground from local servers in the lounge or in the airport before the flight, or the passenger can be offered content to download. Digital solutions offer much greater flexibility and we have matched this with extremely low licence fees. Of the 20,000 aircraft flying today, only 30% have any form of in-flight entertainment (IFE) and you have to ask what has been the barrier to greater adoption. I believe it is mostly because of the super-premium prices that are charged for IFE systems. We are out to change this; we want IFE to be ubiquitous.”

The app can be downloaded from the relevant app store:

The Mezzoglobal app is already linked to the new that has just launched, and which is the newest way to licence content for all passenger entertainment.

  • Enhanced cabin crew productivity with data protection and better passenger entertainment experiences with larger, portable, high resolution display

London, United Kingdom | November 19, 2014–
Mezzoglobal is pleased to make available to airlines and travel operators Samsung KNOX with the new Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2. With its large 12.2” display and high screen resolution, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro gives a better viewing experience than smaller 10” tablets, and is ideal for passenger use in both business and first class, as well as for cabin crew administration and customer service.

Mezzoglobal has been able to enhance the passenger entertainment experience with Samsung KNOX Customization and the new Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro. Through KNOX Customization, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro’s 12.2” high-resolution display provides passengers with an enhanced in-flight entertainment experience when viewing movies, television programmes, and other entertainment options on board, with all the content delivered on a secure mobile platform. The tablet is also slim and lightweight, which makes for the perfect passenger entertainment device, as well as making cabin storage easier and more efficient.

Says Dave Sampson, CEO of Mezzoglobal, “The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro is perfect for airlines, especially for those valuable business and first class passengers, and we’re already supplying it with our in-flight entertainment app to one airline.” He continues, “With its enhanced screen resolution, it delivers the best entertainment experience I’ve yet seen from a mobile device. It makes reading magazines, books and newspapers much easier and more comfortable, and gives truly remarkable movie and TV viewing.”

Sampson adds, “Security is critical for business deployment of mobile devices; Mezzoglobal started working with Samsung nearly three years ago and now we are using KNOX in apps when data needs the highest security. Mezzoglobal’s app protects the latest Hollywood movies for showing on mobile devices used on commercial airlines; Knox is a key pillar of our secure platform preventing unauthorised access and media piracy.”

Carl L. Nerup, VP of Global Sales for KNOX, at Samsung Electronics, says, “As a KNOX Customization partner, we have worked with Mezzoglobal to develop a number of their applications and mobile solutions for the travel industry. With the addition of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro to its offerings, we know Mezzoglobal is well equipped to create the ultimate passenger experience, to deliver effective cabin crew solutions and to ultimately generate increased revenue and profit for our joint customers in the travel industry.”