Barcelona | June 28, 2019– The Immfly Lounge service is part of a unique customer journey platform Immfly provides airports and airlines. It is designed to enable seamless extension of the customer experience end-to-end: from lounge, to gate, to inflight and post arrival. The Immfly Lounge service is now available in one of the largest airports in the Carribean, serving VIP lounges in Santo Domingo’s AILA airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Las Américas). AILA handles 3.5 million customers annually and the airport’s top 10 routes include direct flights to hubs in the USA, Europe and South America served by carriers including American Airlines, Iberia, Delta, Avianca, Spirit, Air Europa, Jet Blue and United Airlines.

Immfly uses proprietary state-of-the-art wireless infrastructure to provide unrivalled digital entertainment streaming speeds paired with customised services for premium airline passengers visiting the lounge.

To deliver a seamless end-to-end journey, Airlines and Lounges can choose to extend Immfly’s service to any designated pre-boarding area, to the inflight experience and even the post flight segment. Moreover, optional features such as managed web services, ensure customers can access information related to content they will be able to enjoy, prior to arrival at the airport. e.g In a service Immfly provides Iberia Express customers are made aware which Game of Thrones episodes they will be able to enjoy prior to travelling via web content managed by Immfly.

The content made available to lounge customers is also best-in-class in terms of breadth and quality. Beyond new movie releases, Immfly enables lounges and airlines to provide customers a portfolio of top tv shows, best-selling audiobooks and e-books, podcasts, games, music, press & magazines, destination guides, newsfeeds, kids content in addition to specially customised modules Immfly develops for its lounge partners e.g unlocking shopping opportunities, offering tactical upgrades and other services available in using the platform as a communication channel.

Immfly activates the pre-flight touchpoint

Access to Immfly’s Connected Digital Services platform in departure terminals, in lounges or gate areas, enables airlines and airports to secure multiple competitive advantages beyond those gained by enhancing the customer experience with entertainment. The digital experience during the “before boarding” moment increase opportunities for higher engagement with brands or services. Whether its special campaigns or promotions, subscriptions to specific schemes or distribution of services available pre-flight, in-flight or post-flight, the ability to boost revenues and reduce operational costs is immense. Immfly Lounge’s proposition to airline and airport clients focuses on its 3 pillars: Enhanced Customer Experience, Increased Revenues and Reduced Operational Costs.

Before Boarding

VIP Lounge Operator in Santo Domingo’s AILA airport

Before Boarding, which operates multiple airports VIP lounges in the Latin American region, is the latest client to offer Immfly’s Connected Digital Services platform to passengers. The company has been working to transform the traveller experience since 2013. Imad Al Asmar, Director General of Before Boarding explains “ Before Boarding actively looks at options which provide our users with the best and most sophisticated experience. Our customers can now enjoy this dynamic entertainment platform in our AILA spaces at no additional cost. The service is available to enhance the time customers have available at the airport, as they wait for their flight or even for their luggage collection. They can now relax, enjoy the latest in entertainment content in addition to exploring new products and services we announce in this innovative premium connected digital services platform provided by Immfly.”

Immfly’s Connected Digital Services platform uses state-of-the-art technology available to its clients with a flexible and modular structure. Digital innovation is changing the pre-flight experience significantly. Immfly provides its client’s customers the ability to escape the hectic flight day environment with easy access to a vast world of entertainment and digital services. Through their own personal electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops..), users can effortlessly watch the latest Hollywood releases, the hottest TV-shows, enjoy premium local and International press, play interactive games, listening to music or keep the kids entertained with their favourite programs. Passengers accessing the “Before Boarding” lounges in Santo Domingo can now sit back, relax, and make time fly as they wait for their departure. Immfly Lounge also provides a range of versatile advertising modules giving prestigious brands the opportunity to digitally interact with an affluent public in an exclusive environment. Best of all, for maximum engagement, no special apps or downloads are required. Passengers in the VIP rooms simply connect to the “Before Boarding” WIFI network by introducing a web address and password provided onsite.

Maria Cardenal, Product & Digital Services Director adds Immfly .” Entertainment today is everywhere and above all it’s digital. At Immfly we are experts in digital entertainment solutions which also connect passengers with airlines and airport lounges. We continuously innovate and evolve to meet the needs of companies in the sector. We are very pleased to collaborate with Before Boarding given the company’s customer-focused approach and determination to offer a service that meets the demands of the global connected traveler ”

Immfly offers the opportunity to airlines to engage passengers with an amusing experience that starts at the airport and continues while flying

APEX EXPO, Boston MA | September 24, 2018– The digital services platform Immfly, that, until now, could only be accessed onboard, can now entertain the passengers on the ground, while waiting for the flight. Based on the passengers’ access ratio and satisfaction level with Immfly’s platform, the company decided to extend, and specially, anticipate its offer to the airport. Airport vip lounges, or pre-boarding areas at the terminals can now have Immfly’s digital services at their disposal.

The day of the flight
The extension

The day of the flight means not only the flight but also beforehand in the airport, where only very few airlines can have a digital relationship with its customers.

From the moment someone looks for travel inspiration to the time it gets back home, there are several touch-points that constitute a commercial opportunity for airlines and its partners to interact with customers and get the most of those interaction in the form of revenue or in the form of customer satisfaction. Many airlines have done a great job using their digital channels and capabilities to communicate in a more personal and personalised way with their customers at most of those touch points, but still, there are significant gaps in that digital customer journey. There are still touch points that are not being used in a digital way. The biggest digital gap is the day of the flight, “the moment of truth” for NPS, the phase that most affects customer perception of the whole experience.

A seamless experience
Its benefits

Immfly offers now the opportunity to not only entertain passengers during that typically hectic time, improving their experience through personalization and choice, but also a new opportunity to monetize that digital relationship.

It is the chance to improve customer experience at the airport through entertainment and service at the same time that opens a new opportunity for ancillary revenues such as seatupgrades or activities at destination. Eventually, everything that could be done and enjoyed during the flight, can now be done before, on the ground.

Jimmy von Korff Martinez, co-founder of Immfly states “Combining the in-flight entertainment platform with the in-airport platform that offers the same entertainment content will allow customers to browse and select content before the flight for watching it later. In the same way will allow them to start watching a movie while waiting to board and continue watching the same movie in-flight, or to book or buy an activity on their final destination, which means passengers will benefit from a seamless experience and content consumption before and during the flight”.

From the airport, during the flight and post-flight, the Immfly wireless digital platform lets the airline expand the digital relationship with its customers, the data collection and revenue generation opportunities, and imp

The airline alliance trials latest VR technology to deliver innovative airport lounge experience

Dubai | November 29, 2017–SkyTeam, the global airline alliance, is teaming up with high-tech start-up SkyLights to transform its Dubai lounge into a virtual movie theater. For a limited time, customers can watch multimedia content on immersive Bravo headsets and enjoy the latest cinematic VR technology before they fly.

The two-month Dubai ‘Virtual Cinema’ pilot is part of SkyTeam’s strategy to deliver an innovative and memorable experience each time customers visit one of the alliance’s seven branded lounges around the world.

“Our Frequent Flyers are increasingly tech-savvy and because they spend so many hours in the air, we’re making sure their time on the ground is worthwhile by investing in technology to enhance the experience we offer in our lounges,” said Mauro Oretti, SkyTeam’s vice president, Sales and Marketing. “Our partnership with SkyLights gives them a chance to relax and immerse themselves in a private IMAX-style movie theater from the comfort of their airport lounge seat.”

Bravo headsets are lightweight, comfortable and offer up to six hours battery life. Customers flying on one of the SkyTeam airlines serving Dubai can request a complimentary Bravo headset and select from entertainment options that include:

  • 2D, 3D and carefully curated 180°/360° content
  • Early window blockbuster films, series and documentaries
  • A wide-angle cinema screen experience

“For many guests, it will be the first time they have experienced this remarkable new type of entertainment, making it a great opportunity to create a memorable moment with them,” said David Dicko, SkyLights CEO. “Teaming up with SkyTeam on this project is a significant step towards our mission of transforming the passenger journey both inflight and on the ground.”

SkyTeam’s Dubai lounge is available to Elite Plus, First and Business Class passengers of all member airlines serving the airport: Aeroflot, Air France, and China Eastern, China Southern, Kenya Airways, Korean Air, KLM, Middle East Airlines, Saudia and Tarom.