• Libyan carrier signs five-year agreement for Lido/mPilot

Raunheim, Germany | April 14, 2016– Lufthansa Systems today announced that the pilots of Libyan Airlines will now use its Lido/mPilot all-in-one navigation solution. Thanks to the innovative app they have mobile access to all of the latest charts in digital form. The two companies signed recently a five-year contract for the solution.

Lido/mPilot is a mobile navigation solution which supports pilots before and during a flight. Around 60 airlines have already opted for Lido/mPilot since the app was launched in early 2015. The modular app combines airport maps, a dynamically generated enroute chart, and a document management and distribution system that enables pilots to access documents and messages both on the flight deck and on the move. A status overview with intuitive icons guarantees a clear flow of information. Pilots receive important updates via push notifications.

Libyan Airlines has opted for the navigation solution’s latest software release, which has been available since November 2015 and includes additional optimizations: Now all general documents (the GEN part) can be viewed directly in the app in a clear, interactive table, and pilots can search for and bookmark individual files if necessary. The new change log shows the details of updates from the regular data revision cycle (AIRAC), which offers improved data transparency. The new release also makes it possible to link directly to external systems.

The app has a modern look and feel and is intuitive to use, giving pilots quick, reliable access to the information they need on the flight deck. Reducing the number of paper documents on board not only simplifies logistics processes, it also minimizes potential sources of error. The trend towards increased app usage also has a positive effect on the environment because it saves large amounts of paper in the long term.

“The use of Lido/mPilot reduces paper documents on board the aircraft of Libyan Airlines. This simplifies processes and prevents mistakes,” said Marco Cesa, Senior Vice President Regional Management EMEA at Lufthansa Systems. “We are delighted that we could simplify the airline’s logistic and we look forward to a successful collaboration.”

Libyan Airlines is Libya’s national carrier and has its headquarters in Tripoli. The airline was founded in 1964 and currently has a fleet of 10 aircraft serving more than 20 domestic and international destinations.

Libyan Airlines expands partnership with OnAir. OnAir to offer cabin connectivity on Libya’s national flag carrier’s new Airbus A330 long range-fleet

Libyan Airlines and OnAir today announced an agreement to install full SwiftBroadband Mobile OnAir and WiFi Internet OnAir inflight passenger communications services aboard their fleet of brand-new long-range Airbus A330 aircraft. Libyan Airlines are expecting delivery of the first A330 in June 2011.

“OnAir is delighted that Libyan Airlines has made the decision to install connectivity on both the long and short range fleets,” said Benoit Debains, CEO of OnAir. “With OnAir providing both GSM/GPRS as well as Wi-Fi Internet, Libyan Airlines’ passengers will have the broadest range of inflight connectivity options available anywhere in the world today.”

Capt. Mohamed M. Ibsem, Member of Board of Directors and CEO Libyan Airlines said, “Since signing our initial agreement with OnAir on our Airbus A320 fleet last August, we have been looking forward to expand the service across our full fleet so our passengers will be able to enjoy premium inflight connectivity aboard all our new aircraft.”

Libyan Airlines’ passengers will be able to stay connected inflight using their own mobile phones or BlackBerry®-type devices to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages and emails, and access the Internet. Using the Internet OnAir service, passengers will be able to access the Internet just as they do on the ground by connecting their laptops either wirelessly or via a wired connection.

Libyan Airlines selected OnAir for their single-aisle fleet in August last year (four Airbus A320 aircraft to be delivered this year, the first one in September), and is amongst the first airline to install OnAir services for its full Airbus fleet and the first airline in Africa.

18 August 2009. Libyan Airlines and OnAir today announced agreement to install Mobile OnAir inflight passenger communications services on Libyan Airlines’ brand new fleet of seven Airbus A320 aircraft flying routes across Europe and the Middle East. The airline is expecting delivery of the aircraft in 2010, and is the first single-aisle operator in Africa to announce plans to offer passengers inflight connectivity services.

Libyan Airlines’ passengers will be able to stay connected inflight using their own mobile phones or BlackBerry-type devices to make and receive phone-calls, send and receive text messages and emails, and access the Internet.

Capt. Mohamed M. Ibsem, Member of Board of Directors and CEO Libyan Airlines said, “Providing this service will help differentiate us from the competition and is part of our ongoing drive to constantly improve levels of service for our passengers. Aboard these brand new Libyan Airlines aircraft, our passengers will be able to stay in touch with colleagues, family and friends while they travel. We selected OnAir because it offers the best service, is the most technologically advanced system, and represents the best way forward to take advantage of ongoing technology development.”

“Libyan Airlines is a pioneering operator and OnAir is proud to be working with the airline,” said Benoit Debains, CEO of OnAir. “Mobile OnAir provides air travellers with the very highest service levels when they use their mobile phones or BlackBerry-type devices – and with global coverage so that no matter where they are flying, they can stay in touch.”

Mobile OnAir uses the industry’s most advanced and extensive infrastructure for mobile communications, along with Inmarsat SwiftBroadband, high capacity services from Inmarsat 4th generation satellites. This gives Libyan Airlines’ passengers the best reach and performance available today.

Air passengers today can use Mobile OnAir to stay in touch as they fly on over 8,000 flights each month, to over 240 cities in over 50 countries across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. OnAir has operated more than 40,000 fully connected SwiftBroadband flights to date.

The Libyan Airlines announcement comes amidst mounting demand for inflight passenger communications. A growing number of commercial airlines and private aviation companies either currently offer OnAir inflight communications services or will offer them in the near future.

OnAir also serves private VIP and Governmental customers.

According to a recent survey, 93% of passengers who have used Mobile OnAir services on selected flights would like these services to be available on every flight.

About OnAir
OnAir is the leading provider of inflight communications, enabling passengers to stay connected during their flight, and airlines to offer new services and generate additional revenues. Present on four of five continents, OnAir provides the only air-travel industry sponsored solution, now available to regular and low-cost airlines, to private and corporate jets, on Airbus and Boeing aircraft, and on long and short-haul flights. OnAir is the only provider of services based on SwiftBroadband, the latest high-bandwidth satellite technology from Inmarsat, which offers GSM and GPRS for voice, data and Internet.

OnAir was incorporated in February 2005 and is owned by SITA, the leading IT solutions provider to the air transport world and Airbus, the leading aircraft manufacturer. OnAir is a member of the GSM Association and an Inmarsat Distribution Partner for SwiftBroadband services.

More information about OnAir is available at www.onair.aero.