APEX Expo, Anaheim, CA | September 9, 2013– Zodiac Aerospace has completed the acquisition of TriaGnoSys the German based company specializing in inflight connectivity and wireless entertainment and cabin systems. TriaGnoSys will be part of Zodiac Inflight Innovations (ZII) providing integrated connectivity with RAVETM, ZII’s inflight entertainment system. TriaGnoSys will provide access to inflight Internet and GSM technology along with many other advanced communications technologies.

Rod Farley, CEO of Zodiac Inflight Innovations stated, “As well as embedded IFE, RAVETM now enables inflight Internet and GSM to passengers’ phones, tablets and laptops. The fully integrated IFEC solution is available for airlines now.

Larry Girard, Executive Vice President, Zodiac Inflight Innovations, said, “What’s absolutely clear is that passengers want inflight connectivity, so they can access social media, check emails, text their friends and make calls. They also want the option of using their own electronic devices to watch movies, TV programs and listen to music. Numerous airlines have turned to RAVETM because it is reliable, affordable, and passenger-centric. We need to keep it that way, which is why we are now including connectivity.”

Larry continued, “The acquisition of TriaGnoSys completes an important step in an overall connectivity strategy allowing us to provide complete IFEC solutions to the market.” TriaGnoSys’ technology is the best available, both in terms of what it can do and how well it fits with RAVETM. It is reliable and it is affordable, it’s the perfect fit.”

With this acquisition, Zodiac Aerospace is now in a position to offer a complete cabin interior, including advances in seat and IFEC integration – simply put Zodiac Aerospace is the best one stop shop available.

Dr Axel Jahn, Managing Director of TriaGnoSys, said, “This acquisition will provide greater resources and global support to our customers and our team as we continue to grow in the inflight communication industry, further expanding on current GSM technology which has been at the forefront of our growth and development over the past few years”.
Jahn went on to say, “The two companies’ connectivity strategies align and the Zodiac Aerospace way of doing business complements ours, making this a best fit. By working with Zodiac Aerospace, we are making it easy for airlines to provide seat-back IFE in conjunction with connectivity. This acquisition is producing an IFEC solution that is simple for both the airlines and passengers.”