GuestLogix airline customers can get started quickly and easily using their existing onboard retail technology

DANBURY, CT – February 12, 2010 – JETERA™, the leading provider of targeted ads to travelers using its Precision Ad Network, and partner GuestLogix (TSX-V: GXI), the leading provider of onboard store technology to airlines, today announced the availability of OnTouch™ Ads, an innovative advertising service designed to unlock the potential of targeted, destination-based advertising to airline passengers and help airlines expand their non-ticket revenues.

The OnTouch™ Ads service will soon roll out with leading U.S. carriers using the GuestLogix Onboard Retail Solution™. GuestLogix will print advertisements on receipts issued from its POS handhelds. The destination-based advertisements will feature valuable offers related to the passenger’s various attributes and their travel itinerary. The long-term roll out will include the integration of the new advertising service from GuestLogix with other OnTouch™ services deployed on travelers’ mobile devices, including smartphones.

“OnTouch™ Ads takes onboard advertising to a completely new level with personable and actionable advertisements,” said Mr. Tom Douramakos, President and CEO, GuestLogix. “This is something neither airlines nor companies using airlines as marketing channels have ever been able to take advantage of before. We are offering our airline customers an opportunity to easily and effectively grow their revenue per passenger trip, while also helping companies better advertise to their target audience and enhancing passengers’ travel experience by providing them with relevant destination-based promotions and information.”

OnTouch™ Ads is powered by JETERA’s patent-pending, scalable targeting system. It enables GuestLogix to print advertisements on transaction receipts that are specifically targeted at the passenger making the purchase to enhance their overall travel experience. JETERA’s system combines future travel reservation data with publicly available demographic and preference data to generate rich customer profiles. Using unique pricing-model segmentation and combining it with proprietary analytics, JETERA™ is able to place each traveler into well-defined marketing groups. This enables marketers to select the best prospects, and align their messages with the people most likely to buy their products and services.

“The right ad, to the right person, at the right time and with no additional cost or content requirements to airlines is truly a win-win proposition for carriers and passengers,” said Mr. Jeff McChesney, President and CEO, JETERA™. “The response to our turnkey solution by airlines has been extremely positive and we look forward to our first deployments with GuestLogix airline customers in the U.S. market.”

The impact of OnTouch™ Ads can become even more meaningful for passengers and financially attractive for airlines when combined with GuestLogix’ other OnTouch™ services. Take this onboard scenario with OnTouch™ Box Office for example:

A female passenger in her 30’s, is sitting in economy, travelling to New York City for vacation and has just purchased four tickets to Mamma Mia using OnTouch™ Box Office. With OnTouch™ Ads, she would also get advertising on her receipt specifically targeted to enhance her trip. Perhaps it is a coupon to pick up a free
copy of a Broadway Cares CD when buying dinner at The Michaelangelo around the corner from her theatre on the night of her show as well as an advertisement offering 20% off and letting her know that Macy’s flagship store at Herald Square will be having its annual sale for the next 3 days. These ads make sense – they
are timely, relevant and actionable. As a result, these offers will enhance her journey and the airline will benefit from a new source of revenue and develop a deeper relationship with the customer by providing greater value through worthwhile ads.

Financial analysts suggest that a typical large airline today can generate at least USD $20 million in ancillary revenue annually by permitting third-parties to advertise to their passengers. OnTouch™ Ads introduces a new way for companies to reach out to the traveling public, holding the promise to further grow airline third-party advertising ancillary revenue streams.

GuestLogix has an extensive reach, with more than 20,000 mobile GuestLogix POS devices today, serving nearly 800 million passenger trips annually, with the longer-term plan of extending its reach, and therefore OnTouch™ Ads’ reach to potentially millions of personal mobile devices that travelers carry with them. predicts that mobile advertising and marketing in Europe and the U.S. alone could grow to over USD $30 billion by 2014.