• Tablet Device Revolutionizes Inflight Crewmembers’ Role and Their Ability to Offer Even More Personalized Customer Service
  • All Inflight Crewmembers Expected to Have a Personal Device by April 2015

New York | August 14, 2014– JetBlue Airways (NASDAQ: JBLU), New York’s Hometown Airline™ announces today that it will provide each inflight crewmember with an iPad mini for use as a point of sale and document management device. Crewmembers who will be working Mint flights, JetBlue’s new premium service offering between New York (JFK) and Los Angeles (LAX) and soon San Francisco (SFO), will be among the first to use this new technology onboard, and by April 2015, every inflight crewmember will have a device for onboard use.

In addition to deploying tablets, the airline is also debuting the In-Flight Service Assistant (IfSA), a purpose-built application and crew portal through which crewmembers can access key business applications to help facilitate the delivery of exceptional customer service and enhance operational efficiency while onboard. JetBlue also plans on releasing other core business applications that will provide Crewmembers with easy access to any forms, manuals and other resources that will streamline its operation and enhance the airline’s award winning service.

“We’ve recently made a number of exciting and innovative onboard enhancements to enrich the customer experience, such as expanding inflight entertainment, introducing Fly-Fitm and being the first US carrier to allow customers to use portable electronic devices gate-to-gate,” said Joanna Geraghty, Executive Vice President, Customer Experience, JetBlue Airways. “It’s clear the connected cabin is the next big thing, and with the introduction of iPad minis, our inflight crewmembers will be able to know more about our customers onboard and will have a better sense of real time opportunities and challenges on the ground as we look for ways to enhance our customers’ experience with that information. With this new tool, the possibilities are endless.”

Currently, JetBlue’s inflight crewmembers can use the IfSA app on their iPads to access an electronic manifest that not only shows if there are customers with special needs onboard, but also identifies TrueBlue and Mosaic customers. The iPads also assist crewmembers in completing onboard purchases as a point of sale device and contains translation technology that can translate questions, comments or concerns from customers in any language.
“Our inflight crewmembers already deliver award-winning customer service. This tablet solution will allow them to deliver an even better JetBlue experience, ultimately enhancing convenience and efficiency for customers,” said Blair Koch, Vice President Commercial and Shared Development Services, JetBlue Airways. “I am honored to lead the team responsible for refreshing the JetBlue Experience.”

By December 2015, not only will inflight crewmembers be able to access their schedules, review their hotel and transportation information and acknowledge changes, but the airline can potentially provide them with limited access to customers’ JetBlue flight and onboard purchase history in an effort to personalize the onboard experience for better customer relationship management.

“We are very excited to provide our inflight crewmembers with the enhanced tools that they will need to continue delivering the award-winning JetBlue Experience,” said Rachel McCarthy, Vice President Inflight Experience, JetBlue Airways. “By giving our crewmembers tablets to use onboard, we can increase our product offerings and marketing capabilities. My hope is that our inflight crewmembers will also have their flight attendant manuals on the tablet which will allow them to have everything in one place. Additionally, with this new device, our inflight crewmembers could potentially video conference for medical emergencies or technical difficulties and become even more effective in their roles as safety professionals.”
Since the successful implementation of iPads for JetBlue’s pilots as electronic flight bags in November 2013, the iPad mini was subsequently deployed for the inflight crew. Now, both groups can conveniently work together in a connected environment and provide real-time responses to any number of situations that may arise. Additionally, inflight crewmembers will have the ability to preempt or proactively address service recovery issues while onboard.
JetBlue is progressively rolling out Fly-Fi satellite broadband internet service across its fleet. As of today, 61 Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft were outfitted with this lightning fast service.

JetBlue is New York’s Hometown Airline, and a leading carrier in Boston, Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood, Los Angeles (Long Beach), Orlando, and San Juan. JetBlue carries more than 30 million customers a year to 86 cities in the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America with an average of 850 daily flights. With JetBlue, all seats are assigned, all fares are one-way, an overnight stay is never required and the first checked bag is free (subject to weight and size limits and exceptions for itineraries including flights marketed or operated by other airlines). For more information please visit JetBlue.com.

Atlanta and New York | December 4, 2013–

SITA announced today that JetBlue is using the SITA Mobile Boarding Pass API for Apple Passbook. JetBlue customers can now simply check-in online and choose to store their boarding passes automatically on their iPhone to use at the airport.

Passbook makes it easy for passengers to use mobile boarding passes because it automatically displays the right boarding pass on the passenger’s phone as they arrive at the airport. SITA’s Mobile Boarding Pass API, available from SITA’s API platform, developer.aero, simplifies boarding pass distribution for airlines by allowing them to send passes via email, SMS, push notification and now, Passbook. JetBlue is one of the first airlines to go live using the API, and SITA’s technology research team, SITA Lab, is now working with other major airlines and ground handlers to help them offer this service to their customers.

Jim Peters, CTO, SITA, said: “The latest SITA Passenger Survey reports that 76% of passengers are carrying smartphones; they want mobile boarding passes and Apple have made it really easy to use them on its devices. With the popularity and simplicity of Apple’s iPhone and now Passbook, it is more likely than ever that passengers will adopt mobile boarding passes in a meaningful way.

“The challenge for some airlines is that they might not have the enough resources within their internal IT team to fully enable Passbook quickly, and this is where SITA’s API comes into play. At SITA we’ve worked out all the details to enable fast implementation of Passbook, or any mobile boarding pass, by the world’s airlines.”

Michael Stromer, Vice President, Customer Connections, JetBlue, said: “Passbook is a great addition to our digital offering for customers. We are constantly seeking new ways to enhance our customer’s travel experience. Passbook will encourage greater use of our mobile boarding option, which has already been well received. For us the ability to add this service by using SITA’s new API was great.”

Peters added: “Our developer.aero platform is a community service for the air transport industry; we invite others to try out the API to see how quick and easy it is to use.”

SITA’s Mobile Boarding Pass API represents a step change in the way services are deployed in the airline industry. There is no legacy departure control systems (DCS) integration required, developers have the APIs they crave, and the airlines have a self-service interface to manage their brand look and feel on a fully IATA- and TSA-compliant boarding pass.

Here is a short video giving an overview of developer.aero illustrating how airlines can simply provide Apple Passbook functionality to their passengers.


  • New service agreement provides Jeppesen Crew Pairing solution to increase crew management efficiency for JetBlue

Englewood, CO.| August 26, 2013/PRNewswire/– Jeppesen, a part of Boeing Digital Aviation, and JetBlue Airways, a leading New York-based commercial carrier, recently agreed to a new five-year service contract. Through the agreement, Jeppesen will provide its Crew Pairing solution to optimize JetBlue’s monthly crew pairings for all pilot and in-flight crewmembers.

Jeppesen’s industry-leading crew pairing capabilities will be used to increase operational efficiency and enhance quality of life for crewmembers, while reducing overall costs related to crew planning for JetBlue’s 850 daily flights. JetBlue will operate the Jeppesen Crew Pairing product in-house, customized for JetBlue needs, using Jeppesen’s industry-leading pairing optimizer to enhance the airline’s crew planning capabilities.

“Providing cost savings and increased overall efficiency through optimized crew pairings will provide JetBlue with an operational advantage in a competitive business environment,” said Tim Huegel, director, Jeppesen Aviation Portfolio Management. “We will support JetBlue in managing crew planning through this agreement and are pleased to team with such a dynamic airline that continues to expand its operations.”

Using Jeppesen Crew Pairing, JetBlue will be able to optimize a full monthly crew schedule, instead of a typical daily or weekly outlook. Overall, the solution offers powerful decision support, enabling effective control of costs and other objectives, while its flexibility and modeling capabilities makes it easy to adapt to changes.

“Through integration of Jeppesen Crew Pairing capabilities, we will be using a premier pairing optimizer, which allows us to respond quickly to constantly evolving airline operational factors,” said Tony LaCognata, director crew services, JetBlue Airways. “With an initial integration of planning operations managed through their offsite service bureau, Jeppesen has helped us improve operational efficiency while we implement their crew pairing product for our in-house operations.”

In addition to its Crew Pairing solution, Jeppesen also offers a complete suite of airline-based crew and fleet management services, including Jeppesen Crew Rostering, Crew Tracking, Manpower Planning, Tail Assignment and fatigue risk management tools.

For further detail on the destinations served by JetBlue Airways, please visit www.jetblue.com. For more information on Jeppesen crew and fleet management services, please visit www.jeppesen.com/crew.

San Diego, CA | August 5, 2013/PRNewswire/– JetBlue Airways (Nasdaq: JBLU), New York’s Hometown Airline, today unveiled its new, fully customized lie-flat seat which will be available on highly popular transcontinental routes next year. Just as JetBlue reinvented coach service, the airline is committed to reinventing the transcontinental experience by adding service, comfort and amenities at an affordable price that is expected to stimulate market demand.

New lie-flat seats are expected to debut in the market on new Airbus A321 aircraft beginning in the second quarter of 2014 on the two most popular nonstop routes in the United States – New York to Los Angeles and New York to San Francisco. In addition, JetBlue will be the first and only airline in the market to offer customers the option of a completely separate single suite seat that includes a closable door for increased privacy.

“Our customers have requested more premium options on our transcontinental flights and we listened,” said JetBlue CEO Dave Barger. “We decided to enter the premium transcontinental market in a way that only JetBlue can: with an intense focus on offering the best possible product for the best possible price.”

Mr. Barger introduced the new seat at the Global Business Travel Association convention in San Diego. A computer-generated video of the new, enhanced experience, as well as JetBlue’s refinements to the already-popular core JetBlue Experience, can be seen here.

The new lie-flat seat, created in a partnership with Northern Ireland-based Thompson Aero Seating, will be displayed in a unique 2-1 configuration. Rows 1, 3 and 5 will offer 2-by-2 seating, and rows 2 and 4 will offer private suites, with one seat on each side of the aisle.

The new seats also offer air cushions with adjustable firmness, a massage function, a 15-inch widescreen television featuring the most live entertainment in the skies, and a unique “wake-me-for-service” indicator if the customer chooses to sleep in, putting more control back into the customer’s hands. In addition, JetBlue will refresh the core JetBlue Experience in 2014 which will include a comfortable seat design with movable headrests, a new entertainment system with up to 100 channels of DirecTV® programming on 10.1-inch widescreens, and 110-volt and USB power ports accessible to all customers. And of course, more legroom throughout coach than any other U.S. airline.

High Fares We Can Beat

“Transcontinental routes have had high premium fares we believe we can beat,” said Mr. Barger. “By offering our own, unique seats and enriched service elements that will include some soon-to-be-announced partnerships, we are creating a one-of-a-kind experience that will serve this market in a way only JetBlue can.”

JetBlue’s wholly owned subsidiary LiveTV will begin installing Fly-Fi on JetBlue’s fleet by the end of the year, a new high-speed, satellite-based wi-fi product that will offer true broadband speeds and serve as the fastest internet access at altitude. “We believe Fly-Fi will be a competitive advantage in the market for JetBlue,” Mr. Barger said. “This is not the slow Wi-Fi you get on other airlines today. This will be connectivity at speeds you’ve come to expect on the ground.”

JetBlue expects to increase frequencies on JFK-LAX and JFK-SFO with new Airbus A321 aircraft next year to offer even more options, convenience and comfort for customers. There will be a dedicated sub-fleet of 11 aircraft initially used for the two core transcontinental routes. Additional markets are possible, based on customer response and demand for more service.

“We expect to invigorate the market with our competitive price,” Mr. Barger said. “Building on our original strategy of serving the under-served with a unique product and service-focused culture, we believe this new product will be very popular with current coast-to-coast customers, and may motivate new customers to choose JetBlue.” On an industry-wide basis, revenue from the New York JFK-Los Angeles and JFK-San Francisco markets is more than 50% higher than any other route in the United States, as airlines have dedicated more premium seats and charged much higher fares on these routes on a per-mile basis. There are more than 6,000 passengers each day on the two routes combined, independent Diio data show.

JetBlue’s new Airbus A321 aircraft begin arriving later this year and will have two configurations. The first four aircraft deliveries will offer the core JetBlue Experience throughout the cabin with capacity for 190 customers. In 2014 additional A321s will be delivered from the Airbus factory in Hamburg, Germany, with 16 lie-flat seats, four of which are the private suites, and 143 core JetBlue Experience seats.