– Web-based resource eliminates need for Apps

Louisville, Kentucky | July 24, 2013– GlobalAir.com announced today the release of its newest data resource, Mobile ARC (Airport Resource Center) which is designed as an application but is entirely web based and made for the mobile user. It eliminates the need to purchase, download or update an app, and can be viewed on over 150 mobile devices including iPads and tablets. The Mobile ARC website automatically detects the device being used and adjusts to the appropriate format. It can accommodate Apple, Nexus, Microsoft or Samsung devices and adjusts to fit on either a 7-inch or 10-inch display.

“Judging from the feedback we’re getting, users can get pretty frustrated with apps,” noted Globalair.com President and CEO Jeff Carrithers. “ Most apps are proprietary to specific cell phone manufacturers and are not particularly suited to varying screen sizes. That’s a real issue with the larger tablets and minis that are becoming more popular. Globalair.com has analyzed what pilots are using in the cockpit, so we know the iPad is popular right now but we also realize that more Windows-based tablets and minis are increasing in popularity. The new Mobile ARC has been developed to adapt to the many different dimensions for screen sizes and resolutions–and it doesn’t require downloading!”

Mobile ARC is free (as is its desktop version) for pilot information, approach plates, terminal procedures, Notams, METARs, and information on FBOs, including their current fuel prices, current local aviation weather and 7-day forecasts. “Beside being able to search by airport identifier, Mobile ARC can also search by city names and zip codes,” Carrithers continued. “One of the exciting new features is Fuel Mapping, which shows current fuel prices for airports located in a 50 nautical mile radius of the selected site. It gives the pilot the option of choosing the lowest fuel price in that area. From our beta testing and surveys, we’re also aware that no other mobile format site dispenses the Federal Aviation Administration airport database. We are excited to be able to offer that information and provide pilots with a host of useful tools in a very accessible and straightforward package.”

Mobile ARC is designed so that as technology and bandwidth available in the cockpits of corporate and general aviation aircraft expand, it will accommodate the changes. “Since this is web-based software we had to be careful with page speed, our design and layout is focused on load time. The Mobile ARC is very quick with minimal graphics.” Carrithers added.

GlobalAir.com will debut it’s new Mobile ARC at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Personal demonstrations will be available at the Globalair.com exhibit in Hangar D, at Booth 4028 or can be accessed by visiting http://www.globalair.com/airport on a mobile device.

– Leading IFE content service provider supplies iPad tables loaded with Hollywood movies and music to Bangkok-based airline

Knutsford, Cheshire, UK | August 29, 2012– Leading in-flight entertainment company, IFE Services, today announced that it is supplying iPads to Jet Asia Airways.

Passengers onboard Jet Asia Airways’ Bangkok to Tokyo route will be offered Apple’s popular tablet free of charge in business class and for a fee in economy class. Jet Asia Airways has named its new IFE service, “Jet Asia Flight Xperience (JFx)”. During their flight, passengers can enjoy a selection of latest release and classic Hollywood movies as well as listen to a wide choice of music. The rich choice of entertainment content will be refreshed at regular intervals.

The cutting-edge technology of Apple’s best-selling tablet makes it ideal as a portable, in-flight entertainment system. The iPad allows airline passengers to enjoy movies, TV shows and music, read e-magazines and e-books and play the latest generation games – all enhanced by a high resolution screen, excellent sound system and very long battery life.

“The addition of JFx to the inflight services currently being provided on Jet Asia is a step towards bridging the gap of services offered by charter operators and legacy carriers,” said Jet Asia Airways’ In-Flight Manager.

For more information about Jet Asia Airways visit: www.flyjetasia.com

For more information about IFE Services visit: www.ifeservices.com