The New abSeries Wired System, Part Of OUr “Personalied Technology” Line Of Products, Will Enhance The In-Flight Experience For Business And VIP Travelers.

Las Vegas, NV | October 9, 2011 — InTheAirNetVIP today introduced the abSeries platform for business aircraft, a new wired and/or in-flight entertainment and seat power connection for business aircraft with 9 to 60 passengers.
The system consists of a seven-inch master control, usually located in the galley or crew area; a Distribution/Power Module in the cabin which supports 9 passengers (additional passengers or zones may be added as required); an Aircraft Interface Module for adding a Passenger Map; and an optional Aircraft Control Module for electronic control of aircraft lights, temperature, and shades. Compellingly, the features can be operated with an app on the passenger’s smart device.

This system offers a two-way advantage: business aircraft passengers can play their PED content on large, high-resolution cabin displays, enjoy previously stored on-board content and the industry’s best moving passenger map, or connect to the Internet, while also enjoying email.
InTheAirNetVIP calls this “Personalized Technology,” and it will enhance every flight connection for the passenger. Based on our patent-applied-for Android architecture, while also enabling access to a wide range of other devices’ operating systems, such as Apple or iOS, the abSeries enables the business passenger to use their PED for all of the uses for which it was designed. Add it to a broadband link in the aircraft and you possess full connectivity for email and Internet.

“Today’s aviation entertainment and connectivity preferences gravitate toward the passenger controlling their own content,” said InTheAirNetVIP chairman Michael Rogerson. “This means the ability to play their own portable device’s content, whether memstick, SmartPhone, or other Personal Entertainment Device, on a larger screen or play aircraft on-board content onto their devices. Of course, while all this is happening, the passenger gets their device recharged.”

The abSeries is the lightest low-cost solution for passengers of business aircraft that want the advantages of using their PEDs and desire to use Android Apps.

The new ITAN ARM platform is an alternative to wireless distribution that offers the lowest-cost connection for passengers’ PEDs, including entertainment and communication preferences

Seattle, WA | September 12, 2011 —
InTheAirNet (ITAN) today announced the industry’s first completely integrated platform for hosting passenger PEDs on an airliner. This new product — the ITAN ARM – means passengers will now be able to recharge their devices, connect with the Internet, and enjoy on-board stored content, such as movies, games and passenger map, with a single USB plug-in located in the armrest.

This platform is now possible due to the ITAN patent-applied-for passenger Android architecture product that enables the use of many of the existing Android Apps while also creating the opportunity for custom airline-specific applications. This advanced Android system architecture connects with a variety of passenger devices, including iPads, iPhones, laptops and, of course, Android devices.

The system achieves lower cost by eliminating seat boxes and seatback displays, instead offering the passenger a plug-in PCU with choices of either on-board audio selections with attendant call/light buttons or stored media. It also eliminates the need for a separate passenger power outlet, as well as the need for multiple WAPs to balance and blend in the cabin for optimal bandwidth.

ITAN’s chairman, Michael Rogerson, noted that “The new ITAN Android devices demonstrate the company’s focus to promote our ‘Personalized Technology’ approach for the passenger to use their everyday devices and preferred content in the airline cabin. Now, with the ITAN ARM, passengers can stay in touch with emails, recharge their devices, and enjoy stored on-board media content with just a single plug-in.”

Airlines trying to limit their costs while giving their passengers a fuller IFE experience can especially benefit in the future with the ITAN ARM. The system is modular, allowing growth to embedded displays, connection to different broadband sources, or the adding of a passenger map.

Demonstrations will be available during the Seattle APEX event at ITAN’s exhibit from September 12-15.
InTheAirNet is a global supplier of IFE cabin distribution systems, developed through innovation, for passenger and business/VIP aircraft with advanced electronics, unique software applications, and leading system solutions. ITAN is part of the Rogerson group of companies that do business in 104 countries with airlines, governments, and a wide range of operators of new and existing fleets. Rogerson products include flight-deck avionics, cabin systems, broadcast TV and satellite imagery maps.