• Betria Interactive, maker of the innovative FlightPath3D Interactive Moving Map and Destination City Guide information services, introduces the release and commercial availability of two new Moving Map product options for the In-Flight Entertainment market.

Irvine, CA | September 30, 2015– Betria’s new Interactive FlightPath2D and Interactive HTML Moving Map services are designed to support past and future IFE platform requirements. Both services deliver much of the incredible experience offered by the fully interactive and content rich FlightPath3D service offering. The new Interactive FlightPath2D service supports earlier generations of IFE platforms and offers a cost effective way to enhance an older or out dated map service. The new Interactive HTML service supports the new generation of Wireless systems and portable laptop and tablet solutions with a browser-based service that requires no application download and supports all major browser types.

FlightPath2D is now serving engaging passenger experiences on its two inaugural customers, Virgin America and Air New Zealand, both launched over the summer. The new HTML service launch is scheduled to be announced this fall.

For more information visit us at http://www.FlightPath3D.com

Cedar Rapids, Iowa | March 24, 2015– Rockwell Collins’ PAVES™ Broadcast in-flight entertainment (IFE) and Airshow® 3D Moving Map systems will be featured on 45 Next-Generation Boeing 737 aircraft on order by China-based Xiamen Airlines and its subsidiary, Hebei Airlines. Deliveries will begin in early 2016.

“We’re honored by Xiamen’s PAVES IFE selection, which will deliver high levels of reliability for passengers and intuitive functionality for flight attendants,” said Jim Walker, vice president and general manager, International and Service Solutions, Asia Pacific for Rockwell Collins.

Rockwell Collins’ PAVES Broadcast overhead IFE significantly reduces size, weight, and power consumption compared to previous overhead system offerings. The system’s High Definition Media Server (HDMS) offers 160 gigabytes of solid-state digital audio and video storage capability, integrated pre-recorded announcements, and music (PRAM) functionality with embedded Airshow 3D Moving Map.

Rockwell Collins’ Airshow 3D Moving Map system includes NASA’s Blue Marble map data, based on actual satellite imagery, to provide a modernized view of real-time flight information to passengers. Extensive features and performance enhancements not only deliver unparalleled 3D graphical realism, but also add even more new capabilities to what is already the industry’s most popular moving map system.

Additionally, with PAVES Broadcast, airlines have the option to handle updates of non-encrypted content themselves or through the Rockwell Collins Content Services Group. This choice gives airlines flexibility in responding to commercial opportunities as they arise, since time-sensitive content can be replaced at a moment’s notice, anywhere in the world.

Dubai, UAE | December 7, 2014– Rockwell Collins will be showcasing its new portfolio of ARINCDirect flight information solutions and market-leading cabin systems at the Middle East Business Aviation (MEBA) annual convention and exhibition.

The New ARINCDirect

This suite of flight support services for business aviation consolidates and integrates Rockwell Collins’ former Ascend Flight Information Solutions and ARINC Direct services into one industry-leading solution for flight planning, regional and international trip support, cabin connectivity and flight operations management.

Middle East customers will now experience the single most comprehensive portfolio of flight support solutions in the industry, along with reliable performance, industry-leading technical expertise and outstanding customer service they expect―all from one company.

ARINCDirect services that will be highlighted at MEBA 2014 include:

  • An innovative tankering feature available through the ARINCDirect customer portal which helps business aviation operators better manage fuel costs
  • An integrated weight and balance/performance feature in the ARINCDirect iPad app that provides business aviation pilots the ability to make accurate computations with or without an Internet connection
  • Extensions of Rockwell Collins’ Flight Operating System (FOS) featuring new levels of integration between the ARINCDirect application and the flight scheduling and operations management software
  • The latest connectivity capabilities to help keep the cabin and crew connected in-flight.

Market-Leading Cabin Systems

Rockwell Collins’ Venue HD cabin management and entertainment system has been installed on more than 450 aircraft, which is more than any other HD system available in the market. In recent years, because of the system’s flexible design, Venue has become a popular choice for the large VIP aircraft aftermarket.

Venue’s flexibility allows for integration of other cabin systems, including its Airshow Moving Map system and its Apple-enabling Skybox solution. Airshow delivers real-time flight information for passengers during their journeys through the world, both on cabin-mounted and personal devices. Skybox, as well as Venue’s embedded audio/video on-demand (AVOD) function, allows passengers to stream content throughout the cabin. Skybox is first airworthy solution to securely stream digital rights management (DRM) Hollywood-protected content.

Rockwell Collins’ Tailwind multi-region in-flight TV system offers content-rich, live programming during flight. The company recently announced new satellite reception technology for its Tailwind 550 system for large VIP aircraft. The new technology provides 25-percent greater programming coverage for all supported regions and it improves reliability when traveling between regions where satellite coverage may be weak, and flying in hot and humid areas.

  • Provides reliable entertainment and productivity experience for passengers, including wireless streaming throughout cabin

Dubai, UAE | December 8, 2014– Rockwell Collins’ market-leading Venue HD cabin management and entertainment system, Airshow Moving Map and audio/video on-demand (AVOD) streaming solution have been selected by an undisclosed customer for a wide-body Airbus A340 business jet. The comprehensive cabin package will be installed in mid-2015.

The updated A340 will feature full-cabin video and music streaming capabilities for both Apple and Android personal devices, made possible by Venue’s audio/video on-demand (AVOD) function. The aircraft will also feature various-sized large HD monitors in parts of the cabin for optimized viewing of Blu-ray™ movies and other high-resolution content.

The selected cabin systems will be supported 24/7 by Rockwell Collins’ world-class customer service team, with over 2,000 staff and technicians operating from 46 bases around the globe.

Rockwell Collins’ Venue system is the most intuitive and innovative cabin solution on the market and has been selected for a number of large VIP business aircraft over the last several years, including Airbus and Boeing business aircraft. Venue features a fault-tolerant, ruggedized fiber optic backbone, which ensures maximum system availability while providing necessary bandwidth to integrate the latest consumer technologies. It also features intuitive cabin controls for passengers to easily manage their ride environment, both from on-board interfaces and personal devices.

Venue has been installed on more than 450 business aircraft, ranging from turboprops to long-range business jets and VIP aircraft. Learn more about Venue at www.rockwellcollins.com/venue/.

Los Angeles, CA | November 7, 2014– Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. ENT, -0.90% a worldwide leading provider of content, connectivity and digital media solutions to airlines, has selected the FlightPath3D Moving Map & City Destination Guide service from Betria Interactive to deliver a next generation moving map and geotainment service on its wireless inflight solutions.

Available with GEE’s connectivity portal and WISE™ wireless inflight entertainment solution, the new service offering will support both an HTML5 browser-based moving map as well as a fully interactive 3D application solution.

“The moving map is an essential content feature of our digital media wireless solutions and we’re delighted to have a strategic partnership with Betria to utilize what we believe is the most innovative inflight map solution on the market today,” commented Alexis Steinman, SVP Software and Development at GEE. “Beyond the map’s infotainment features and attractive look & feel, the rich media features of Betria’s map enable us to extend our sponsorship and advertising strategy by using the map’s built-in, customizable points-of-interest.”

“We are excited about our partnership with GEE. We share a vision of the IFE future driven by engaging passenger experiences and are committed to delivering game changing solutions together,” commented Boris Veksler, President of Betria Interactive. “We believe that FlightPath3D on GEE’s wireless platforms creates a strong, value-added offering available to the largest possible segment of the IFE and connectivity market.”

The FlightPath3D integrated inflight moving map service includes a flight broadcast/preview “auto-play” mode and an in-seat interactive 3D map application both with detailed satellite imagery and integrated street maps. The service boasts an impressive 25,000 named locations in over 20 languages. The City Destination Guide catalog is expanding to include hundreds of the top destination cities around the globe all with detailed street-level city maps and rich, multi-media point-of-interest data. The new Themed Map service also allows airlines to create a wide variety of engaging, travel-related content experiences as an alternative to the traditional inflight entertainment (IFE) media options available today.

  • Moving maps now included with Gogo Vision in-flight entertainment (IFE) system with no additional fees

Orlando, FL | October 20, 2014– Gogo Inc. (NASDAQ: GOGO) announces that its subsidiary, Gogo Business Aviation LLC, a leading provider of in-flight connectivity and entertainment solutions to the business aviation market, has added moving map capabilities to Gogo Vision, the company’s on-demand in-flight entertainment (IFE) and information service.

Moving map capabilities have been seamlessly integrated into the Gogo Vision in-flight experience and are now included without additional fees.

The first service of its kind in business aviation, Gogo Vision offers a large library of the latest movies and TV episodes, which can be updated as often as the aircraft owner wishes, as well as news, flight progress information, destination weather, and now, moving maps. Gogo Vision service is delivered in the aircraft by Gogo’s UCS 5000 system – business aviation’s first all-in-one smart router and media server. Passengers can access Gogo Vision on a wide variety of personal, Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as tablets and laptops.

John Wade, Gogo Business Aviation’s executive vice president and general manager, said, “Gogo Vision is a pioneering service – it’s business aviation’s only turn-key IFE solution that includes content from the big entertainment studios and the unprecedented option of fully-automatic updates on the ground. Today’s announcement gives Gogo Vision customers the moving map features they want, right at their fingertips alongside movies, TV episodes, news, weather and other information.”

Key Moving Map Features for Gogo Vision

1. An innovative “flight progress bar” on Gogo Vision’s home screen gives passengers an intuitive depiction of the aircraft’s current destination and flight time remaining, along with a destination weather icon. The progress bar is visible on Gogo Vision’s main screen at all times, making it easy for passengers to get a quick, “at-a-glance” synopsis of their flight’s progress.
2. A real-time moving map provides a birds-eye view of the aircraft’s position, route previously traveled, planned route to destination, current altitude & ground speed, arrival time, destination weather and more. Passengers can adjust zoom, switch between satellite, terrain and standard map display modes, and select full- or partial-screen views.
3. An innovative graphical user interface (GUI) allows passengers to view moving map features, then easily return to their previous activity – such as watching a movie, TV episode or news feature – simply by touching the screen and without losing their place.

Gogo Vision – Additional Information

Rather than being a “bring your own” approach, Gogo Vision content is stored in an on-board server and streamed directly to personal electronic devices such as tablets and laptops. The library of content aboard the aircraft can be refreshed as often as the aircraft owner chooses. Because Gogo has distribution and licensing agreements with the biggest names in global entertainment – including NBC Universal, Warner Brothers, Twentieth Century Fox, Disney Studios, Lionsgate, IFC Films, Miramax, Magnolia Films and Discovery Communications – Gogo Vision offers many of the most popular titles.

In another first for business aviation, Gogo Vision customers have the option of fully-automatic content updates via Gogo Cloud – Gogo’s new, nationwide content distribution network. Available at select Signature Flight Support locations, Gogo Cloud uses Wi-Fi technology to automatically load a 30-minute TV episode in approximately 60 seconds or a feature-length movie in about three minutes when the aircraft arrives. No interaction from the flight crew or maintenance personnel is required.

Gogo Vision is a proven solution – beyond the business aviation market, it is now flying on more than 1,500 commercial airline aircraft in the U.S. and other regions of the world.

  • Betria Interactive’s FlightPath3D Moving Map Service plans to host PXPoint Point-of-Interest Content from PXCom

Irvine, CA | September 16, 2014– Betria Interactive has partnered with PXCom to offer and host PXCom’s PXPoint Point-of-Interest content displays in Betria’s flagship FlightPath3D Moving Map and City Destination Guide service. As an extension of its Concierge Service information service, FlightPath3D will host each geo-located POI display and present informational, brand-oriented content both independently and in concert with PXCom’s PXFramework and PXApp product suite.

“PXCom is thrilled by its partnership with Betria” quoted Cyril JEAN, PXCom’s CEO,” since we can together provide valuable solutions to airlines through sponsored POIs. We bring an innovative way to connect destination-related suppliers (city tours, museums, fashion shops…) with airline passengers, raising the bar of the airline passenger’s experience.”

The Betria/PXCom partnership will provide airlines with interactive maps filled with worldwide content, either coming from best-in-class travel guides or directly sponsored by destination-related suppliers.

“FlightPath3D provides a unique opportunity to connect with the passenger in an engaging and informative medium.” said Boris Veksler, President of Betria Interactive. “We believe that by working with innovative partners like PXCom we can connect content providers with the passenger in a positive and value-added manner with current and relevant content without increasing the airline’s costs.”

  • Virgin Atlantic continues to enrich their passenger experience with the selection of Betria Interactive’s new FlightPath3D Moving Map & City Destination Guide service

Irvine, CA | September 16, 2014– Virgin Atlantic has recently completed an agreement to launch FlightPath3D from Betria Interactive as their next generation Moving Map & ‘geotainment’ service. The new service offering includes the latest version of the FlightPath3D product suite and will enter into service later this year.

“FlightPath3D is a marked departure from the status quo of moving map products,” noted Catherine Stewart, Onboard Media Development Manager at Virgin Atlantic. “Beyond its incredibly captivating 3D experience, the service is infused with interesting and detailed Point-of-Interest content that can engage the passenger in a rich and informative interactive experience.”

The FlightPath3D integrated in-flight moving map service, for airline passengers to enjoy in-flight, includes a flight preview “auto-play” script broadcast during aircraft boarding as well as an in-seat interactive 3D map application with detailed satellite imagery and integrated street maps. The service boasts an incredible 25,000 named locations from across the world in up to 12 languages. The City Destination Guide includes an initial 36 destination cities with expansion plans for many more all with detailed street-level city maps and rich, multi-media Point-of-Interest data.

“Virgin Atlantic only selects the most premium of offerings to ensure a world class passenger experience,” explained Boris Veksler, President of Betria Interactive. “We believe the FlightPath3D product suite delivers on that commitment; not only today, but will deliver current, relevant and engaging audience experiences well into the future.”

  • Air France launches Betria Interactive’s FlightPath3D Moving Map & Destination City Guide this summer on the first of their 777 fleet

Irvine, California | August 12, 2014– The Air France/KLM product innovation team selected FlightPath3D from Betria Interactive to deliver their next generation Moving Map & ‘geotainment’ service. This new service recently launched on the first of its updated fleet of Air France 777s serving dozens of international routes.

“We were very impressed with the quality, performance and experience of the product and felt that FlightPath3D delivered far above all other options,” noted Peter Verheijde, Director Product Innovation at AF KLM speaking of the recent Air France 777 service launch. “FlightPath3D is a centerpiece in our new service offering and really demonstrates the capabilities of the new Panasonic in-seat experience and new premium video handsets. It was a pleasure to work with Betria and to see this program come together so quickly. They have truly exceeded our expectations.”

The FlightPath3D service for Air France supports Panasonic’s new Android Video Handset Remote Control. Air France’s service includes 25,000 named locations across the world in up to 12 languages. The City Destination Guide initially covers 36 destination cities and will expand over time to cover many more Air France destination cities with detailed, street level city maps and rich, multi-media Point-of-Interest information.

“The FlightPath3D product suite delivers both an engaging experience and a next generation service that can ensure content remains current and relevant to the passenger’s interests,” offered Boris Veksler, President of Betria Interactive. “We are excited to have such a great partner as Air France to launch our new Video Handset Application and look forward to amazing and entertaining their audience for many years to come.”

Air France is currently engaged in a major upgrading project and now offers the FlightPath3D service on brand new, high-definition touchscreen displays in all its newly unveiled passenger cabins (Economy, Premium Business and La Première). A fleet of 44 Boeing 777 long-haul aircraft is progressively being fitted out with the new cabins to ensure optimum comfort for all passengers. KLM will also be offering the FlightPath3D service on board its upgraded aircraft from November 2014.

* Android is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
* Panasonic is a registered trademark of Panasonic Corporation