Singapore | February 23, 2012– Inflight Productions (IFP), the market-leading in-flight service provider specialized in engaging passengers through tailored content, has been selected by TransAsia Airways to provide the airline’s in-flight entertainment audio and movie offering.

IFP worked closely with TransAsia to provide content including monthly Hollywood movie updates and a selection of customized audio programs featuring local, regional and international music for the airline’s Taipei-Singapore route.

“We are delighted to work with TransAsia on their in-flight entertainment offering,” said Ricky Jardine, Director of Inflight Productions’ Singapore Office. “By supporting the airline with its IFE selection, we aim to offer value and a personalized service focused on engaging TransAsia passengers with relevant and customized content.”

“Inflight Productions was a clear choice for our IFE requirements,” explained Annie Chiu, Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communication Division at TransAsia. “In July 2011, we launched the content upgrade for our Taipei to Singapore route and the feedback has been very positive. We are also working closely with IFP on our new A330 fleets which will be equipped with full ex2 IFE systems and we look forward to creating an even more exciting experience for our passengers in the sky.”

In the last two years alone, TransAsia Airways has placed orders for twenty new aircraft including two large A330-300planes due to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2012, for which Inflight Productions has been selected as TransAsia Airways’ content service provider of choice.

Hamburg, Germany – April 5, 2011 —Thales, a leader in In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity systems, unveils the complete system architecture of the new TopSeries system. Its’ advancements push the boundaries of previous IFEC systems with exceptional system performance, solid reliability and optimized flexible design.

The TopSeries Next Generation system, now called TopSeries AVANT, is a new Thales product and is a revolutionary system that combines the strengths of earlier generation systems with advanced technologies such as high definition video, solid state hard drives, and faster processors to create a passenger experience that is a genuine revelation. The new system is a seat-centric solution that underscores the importance of refining the passenger’s environment making it more functional, comfortable and appealing to the eye. Recently, an undisclosed airline selected the TopSeries AVANT for installation on its future A350 aircraft.

Thales is working closely with Airbus to have the TopSeries AVANT offerable on all other Airbus platforms. The Thales AVANT embraces the Android™ operating system. Starting with the system’s Avion award-winning Touch Passenger Media Unit, this hand-held unit is also a finalist for a 2011 Crystal Cabin Award.

Despite the accolades, the product itself is just the beginning. Thales is opening an App Portal that embraces the growing number of Android based applications making it easier for airlines to review and select capabilities already tested and integrated to the new system.

“We are in high gear now with our new generation system. The market will see Thales maneuver into new market segments and deliver new innovation for the latest aircraft types. With TopSeries AVANT, the market will see a true revolution,” said Alan Pellegrini, Managing Director for Thales In-flight Entertainment activities.