Sydney, Australia | January 2012– Interact; a creative content service provider (CSP), offering unique in-flight entertainment solutions to global airlines, has been selected by Aircalin to design their Graphical User Interface [GUI] for their newly retrofitted aircraft with Panasonic AVOD onboard. With this appointment, Interact will bring our award-winning design expertise and program management skills to Aircalin. Aircalin is New Caledonia’s flagship carrier offering services to twelve destinations around the Pacific. Aircalin has important code share agreements with airlines such as Air France, Korean Air, Qantas and Air New Zealand.

Aircalin has appointed Interact as the GUI design company, as part of its A330 Fleet Cabin Retrofit Program, featuring new lie-flat Business Class seats, improved new Economy Class seats, new AVOD IFEC system for each individual passenger and additional cabin upgrades with details to be released closer to the aircrafts’ entry into service. Aircalin‘s aircrafts with the new GUI will be delivered by the end of 2012.

Interact’s Creative Director, Michaela Bolzan, will head the creative project from Interact’s offices in Sydney, Australia working with a team of award-winning designers and programmers. “For us at Interact Creative this is a dream job! Finding ways to capture the natural beauty of this country, surrounded by the world’s largest lagoon, and incorporating the airlines’ vibrant corporate color palate and hibiscus logo into our GUI design, is a creative delight”, Michaela said recently. She will closely collaborate with Panasonic through to the launch of the new system later this year and will be supported by Interact’s satellite offices and staff in Irvine, California. Please contact Mic at for any questions regarding Interact’s creative design services or visit

Lausanne, Switzerland – May 17, 2011 — PubliGroupe sells its subsidiary Emphasis Video Entertainment to Advanced Inflight Alliance, an internationally operating Munich-based company specialized in inflight entertainment.

The sale is part of the structural simplification of the group structure announced in November 2010. Under this reorganization, Custom Publishing ceased to exist as an independent business segment as of 1 January 2011 with PubliGroupe seeking to concentrate its activities in the three business segments Media Sales, Search & Find and Digital & Marketing Services that exhibit the greatest earnings potential.

In assessing the video film business that Emphasis Video Entertainment (EVE) has successfully built up in recent years alongside its programming for Asian airlines, PubliGroupe believed that the enter-prise and its 16 employees would find a more coherent framework for future success in an international firm of over 400 employees fully devoted to this activity.

The other activities of the Asia-based Emphasis Group in the field of Custom Publishing (Emphasis Media) were incorporated into the ‘Media Sales’ business segment as part of the Asian division of Publicitas managed out of Singapore since January 2011. This integration further strengthened its marketing and sales potential to the benefit of the media partners in the region.

The agreement between PubliGroupe and Advanced Inflight Alliance was signed 17 May 2011 with a closing anticipated in June 2011.

IRVINE, Calif., December 30, 2010 — Post Modern Edit, LLC (PME), today announced that Nina Plotner will be leaving PME to pursue a career closer to her home and family in Los Angeles as she is expecting her second child in April. However she will continue to assist PME in the capacity of Consultant for a period of time.

Nina, who joined PME in 2008, spearheaded the launch of the Project One Stop division (POS) and managed both sales and operations of the division’s services which include AVOD quality control and rack test supervision services. POS complements PME’s AVOD technical services by providing a ‘third eye’ quality control check of both content and metadata which helps airlines and their service companies identify and eliminate errors in their AVOD systems.

Taking over Nina’s customer service and operational responsibilities as Account Manager is Faith-Ann Flores, who has worked closely with Nina in recent months. Prior to her involvement with POS, Faith-Ann was a Quality Control Technician in the AVOD QC Department. Faith may be reached at

Sales enquiries for POS should be directed to Amir Samnani, Managing Partner / COO of the Post Modern Group. Amir commented, “Nina brought the concept of POS to us in 2008 and has succeeded in developing it to provide valuable QC services for a number of airlines. We understand that with the arrival of the new baby she needs to stay closer to home and wish her well with her new opportunities.”

To find out more about Post Modern Edit services, please access the company’s website at