France | March 27, 2017–
XPlore by PXCom goes beyond destination content

XPlore by PXCom is an end-to-end solution, focused on destination content, deals & services, that enables content creation, aggregation and management on the ground and automatically generates the inflight apps or updates for the inflight apps, that are aimed at being integrated into the IFEC platforms. 11 airlines currently benefit from this highly innovative solution for the destination content management.

Beyond destination content, XPlore by PXCom now encompasses all the inflight digital experience: airlines can choose to change both the UX and the whole digital content management, in a few clicks.

Personalizing inflight experience

PXCom’s technical teams have integrated “tags management” into XPlore by PXCom. The displayed content (e.g. restaurant list, things to do at destination, movie categories…) is automatically adapted to the passenger’s preferences. “Such feature is especially adapted to w-IFE/IFC portal, since we log in the passenger’s device all the settings. Thanks to that, from one flight to the next one, on the same airline, the passenger can browse tailormade content”, states Olivier HELIOT, PXCom’s CTO. ”Personalizing the inflight experience is a fantastic challenge, for which PXCom is committed to bring easy-to-roll-out solutions to its airlines partners.”

Introducing SkyHi Reviews

SkyHi Reviews is the ability given to the passengers to rate during their return flight, the activities and points of interest mentioned in PXCom’s inflight destination guides. Since the reviews need to be controlled to avoid any trouble, they are off-loaded from the aircraft at its landing, controlled and aggregated in the next content update delivery.

World culture at PXCom

Last year at the APEX Expo, PXCom announced the partnership with Ctrip’s Bamboo Compass, enlarging the scope of the destination content to Asia.

AIX Hamburg 2017 is the opportunity given to PXCom to jump into Middle East culture, as the company launches a new interactive app for IFE platforms, called “Hajj & Umrah Preparation”. “Hajj & Umrah is an important journey for all Muslims in the world. It’s a once in lifetime experience, but involves an important preparation from the pilgrims to perform the rites in the right way” explains Cyril JEAN, PXCom’s CEO.” Hajj & Umrah represent 15 million of pilgrims each year, and 2 million can be welcome at the same time to Mecca. Hence, it’s mandatory that PXCom be able to support airlines in providing the right content at the right moment for their passengers.

PXCom will exhibit this year on French Pavilion in the IFE Zone, booth #3C40-B

Toronto, Canada | September 18, 2014– Flight Level Media Ltd. (FLM) and Panasonic Avionics Corporation have signed a 5 year Software Applications License Agreement that supports the integration of FLM’s passenger applications for Panasonic’s inseat and wireless platforms.

One of these applications, Postcards From the Plane, is about to launch on a major European carrier as an enhancement to the airline’s onboard Wi-Fi portal powered by Panasonic’s eXConnect system. The application invites passengers to compose personalized postcards and to send them either digitally by email or via social media; or as actual print cards delivered by post to the passenger’s recipient in about 7 days. With rich destination imagery sent down to the ground and wrapped in the airline’s colours, the app acts as both a strong brand vehicle for the airline and also a revenue generator through print card and advertising sales.

“Postcards From the Plane is a great example of the next generation of inflight applications that take advantage of connectivity to provide an enhanced passenger experience and new revenue streams” added Scott Scheer, Director, eXTV and Ancillary Services for Panasonic Avionics.

Peter Ronn, Flight Level Media’s President, said: “We are thrilled to have Panasonic’s support to bring our passenger applications to the inflight market.”

All of FLM’s passenger applications have an e-Commerce component, use flight-data to present an experience specific to the passenger’s actual flight and provide the airline and their partners unique ways to benefit and connect with passengers both during and after the flight.

Knutsford, Cheshire, UK | September 24, 2013– Leading passenger entertainment experts, IFE Services, announced today that it is supplying Emirates with Latin American movies.

These high-quality movies are carefully selected from studios across the region, including the developing film industries of Uruguay and Columbia as well as those from the more established Mexican and Brazilian studios. Passengers will have a choice of six titles onboard that will be refreshed regularly. The first cycle of titles will include those shown at International Film Festivals such as ‘El Verano De Los Peces Voladores’ (The Summer Of Flying Fish)’ and ‘ROA’, as well as other critically acclaimed box office successes.

The Latin American film industry is currently enjoying a renaissance with a growing number of local, highly talented filmmakers producing movies for the region’s 600 million filmgoers. The movie production industry continues to thrive in the larger traditional markets of Brazil and Argentina alongside unprecedented growth in emerging markets such as Chile and Venezuela.

Emirates, one of the world’s fastest growing airlines, is a leader in innovation, working closely with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure its customer experience is second-to-none. It is because of this commitment that SkyTrax has recognised Emirates’ ice (information, communication and entertainment) system for nine consecutive years as the World’s Best Airline Inflight Entertainment. IFE Services will manage the digital encoding of the movies for onboard delivery across Emirates’ audio visual on-demand (AVOD) systems.

In March this year, IFE Services announced that it was supplying African movies to Emirates in languages including Afrikaans, Arabic, English, French, Kikuyu, Swahili and Zulu.

London, UK | June 11, 2013– IFP, the Passenger Experience Provider™, today announced it will be managing Air France’s entire catalogue of world inflight movies on board the airline’s international flights.

Air France, which operates 1,500 daily flights worldwide, has an impressive array of regional and localized content including Arabic, Hindi, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Latin Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese in-flight programming, among many other languages.

IFP’s extended content agreement comes as Air France continues to expand its global footprint with new flights to Montevideo and Kuala Lumpur.