Barcelona, Spain | January 22, 2019– Iberia Express, the first partner to launch Immfly’s Inflight Entertainment (IFE) & Digital Services platform, has released statistics showing how the partnership has positively impacted its Net Promoter Score (NPS).

In 2014, Immfly’s IFE and Digital Services platform was installed on the first Iberia Express aircraft, and launched with the name Club Express Onboard (CXO). The system has since installed in the full Iberia Express fleet.

Users of the system complete an online survey after the flight. Results from the past three years have been analyzed to provide insights into how Immfly’s platform has influenced the evolution of passenger satisfaction.

In 2016, Iberia Express asked passengers a general question to verify platform use and overall satisfaction with Immfly’s IFE and Digital Services platform. From the beginning, a significant share of respondents, 31.6%, gave the platform a top three score (scoring the service an 8, 9, or 10 out of 10), with a Perceived Level of Quality (PLQ) of 5.4 out of 10.

In marketing-speak, passengers giving the CXO system a Top 3 score are described as platform “fans”. Within 12 months, 2017 survey results showed platform fans were on the increase, up to 35.5%, and PLQ scoring rose to 5.8. The survey was also expanded to include questions on usability and content.

By 2018, the survey grew to include responses from over 10,000 passengers, and the positive trend in the share of highly satisfied platform fans continued, with 44.5% now giving Immfly’s platform top marks and PLQ reaching 6.1. In addition, both usability and content metrics saw significant percentage-point increases with differences of up to +15ppts in a single year, following continuous improvement efforts in partnership with Iberia Express. Perhaps most interestingly, the overall NPS of platform users is higher than those who don’t log into the platform, which is reflected in their positive qualitative feedback that flights seem shorter when they can enjoy a movie or keep up-to-date with daily news.

“Passengers are very happy with the increased content available on the platform, and their customer scores reflect that improvement. As a consequence, they are spending an average of 50 minutes per flight on the platform, an increase from the previous 30 minutes. In particular, our customers love the selection of films and TV shows”, added Paloma Cabañas, Head of Customer Experience and Inflight Services in Iberia Express.

“Our vision has always been to enhance our reputation as a world-class entertainment and services partner which is recognised for its innovation, dynamism and ability to customise the IFE experience” explained Julia Maruny, Head of Content at Immfly. ” We are constantly seeking new ways to break ground and introduce new entertainment formats to improve passenger satisfaction. Just recently we have added the new Sports channel in Iberia Express which has been well-received by the platform’s users” .

Barcelona, Spain | July 12, 2016– Iberia Express, which entered into partnership with Immfly in 2014, was the first airline to offer this innovative wireless service on board their short and medium haul flights. Now, two years later, the companies have announced that their partnership has gone one step further by launching a new product identity under one unified brand, Club Express Onboard’. Taking advantage that now the solution is accessible in the full fleet, the product offers new features and fully integrated into the airline’s travellers’ club.

Javier Hernández Racionero, Head of Marketing and eCommerce at Iberia Express, says that “with Club Express Onboard we seek to consolidate and differentiate Iberia Express’ travel brand and to further integrate the inflight entertainment experience in line with our travellers’ club. Our aim is to offer a greater consistency to the overall user experience and making it easier to access all the services that the airline has to offer”.

“We have launched Club Express Onboard to better adapt to the airline strategy, making it accessible for free in Iberia Express’ entire fleet via any electronic device” states Pablo Linz, co-founder of the Barcelona based company, Immfly. “This new product offers a wider selection of content, including movies in English and Spanish and many other audiovisual channels, ensuring we deliver the best on board service to their passengers”.

  • First OnAir European customer to offer GSM and Wi-Fi on Americas routes

Geneva, Switzerland | July 1, 2014– Iberia is now offering OnAir’s inflight connectivity on transatlantic routes. Starting today, Iberia passengers flying between Europe and the Americas can use the inflight Wi-Fi and GSM during the flight.

Iberia is the leading airline on routes to and from Europe and Latin America, with the most flights and destinations between the two continents. The introduction of inflight connectivity is part of the airline’s plan to improve the customer experience.

By 2015, both Mobile OnAir and Internet OnAir will be installed on 25 Iberia A330s and A340s. Passengers on these long-haul aircraft can use their phones and tablets to chat, tweet and send text messages.

“There will be no more waiting to update your social media status or wondering what’s happening in the office,” said Ian Dawkins, CEO of OnAir. “Passengers can be connected on routes across the whole world.”

OnAir provides global coverage, thanks to its unique network of authorizations from over 100 countries and more than 375 roaming agreements, combined with Inmarsat SwiftBroadband’s worldwide satellite coverage. It gives the airline’s passengers exactly the same service wherever they are in the world.

“We’re very pleased that another European airline is now providing our inflight connectivity,” continued Dawkins. “Other regions, particularly the Middle East and Asia, are moving ahead fast with satellite-based connectivity and European carriers are at risk of having to play catch-up. I’m sure this will be the wake-up call they need to start proving what passengers want: the ability to stay in touch during flights.”

Los Angeles, CA | May 28, 2014– IFE Services, a subsidiary of Global Eagle Entertainment (NASDAQ:ENT), announced today that it has developed Iberia’s new inflight entertainment (IFE) content app.

Called ‘IberiaOnBoard’, the freely downloadable app allows travellers to check out all of the IFE content available to them on their upcoming Iberia flights. Every movie and TV show is listed by genre and has a trailer with accompanying useful information including synopsis, cast, director, rating, duration and language availability. Music album information lists tracks and their times. A special Kids’ section showcases all of the specially selected children’s content on offer inflight.

Mobile app development is just one of many new products Global Eagle Entertainment has introduced to the airline industry recently as the world’s leading inflight entertainment content and connectivity provider continues its focus to innovate on behalf of clients.

A spokesperson for Iberia said: “The IberiaOnBoard app makes our inflight entertainment line up accessible to anyone with a mobile device before they board, enabling them to better plan their inflight experience in advance. We’re delighted by the app IFE Services developed in conjunction with our team and we look forward to bringing more innovative solutions to market as we continue to offer the best possible inflight experience to our customers.”

“Iberia has long been at the forefront of identifying and creating opportunities to deliver a better passenger experience,” said Andy McEwan, SVP Content for Global Eagle Entertainment. “The IberiaOnBoard app represents a very productive collaboration with Iberia to deliver inflight entertainment in a new and innovative way for the airline, and underscores IFE Services’, as part of Global Eagle, ability to deliver intelligent and intuitive inflight innovations that build on the increasing demand for inflight connectivity and access to entertainment.”

Knutsford, Cheshire, UK | July 1, 2013– IFE Services, one of the world’s leading in-flight entertainment (IFE) providers, announced today that it was Iberia’s technical consultant for its Panasonic eX2 system.
IFE Services supported the Iberia team on system design, capacity, functionality, applications configuration and customisation for its Panasonic eX2 system with QT GUI.

Business Plus passengers can now enjoy new and intuitive entertainment options using 15.5” screens similar to those seen on tablet computers, plus 4.2” touch screen remotes with a virtual keyboard with which passengers can make telephone calls, send text messages and easily access the available content.

Major enhancements in economy have been introduced too with overhead screens being replaced with a highly advanced in-flight entertainment system for every passenger that includes individual 9” touch screens through which a wide selection of IFE content can be enjoyed. Every seat has a connection port for Apple devices and a USB port, whilst universal power sockets are also available.

The new eX2 system was successfully launched across Iberia’s fleet of A330 aircraft in February this year following a two year collaboration with IFE Services. By mid 2015 a total of 8 new A330s will join the fleet and 17 A340s will be retrofitted with the new IFE system and interiors.

Technical consultancy for this project was led by IFE Services’ Spanish team with support from the company’s technical teams in the USA and UK.

IFE Services has been Iberia’s IFE content service provider for two decades. As well as supplying Spain’s leading airline with movies, TV shows and audio, IFE Services meets all of its original production requirements.

“We selected IFE Services for its expertise of the Panasonic eX2 system,” said Iberia’s Product Design Manager. “We knew they would be flexible enough to manage this project against very tight timescales and they significantly helped us to successfully implement this demanding project in time.”

Knutsford, Cheshire, UK | May 22, 2013– IFE Services, one of the world’s leading in-flight entertainment (IFE) providers, has produced a brand new safety film for its client Iberia.

Iberia commissioned IFE Services to produce a safety film for its fleet of A330 aircraft that would entertain passengers whilst at the same time informing them about important safety information such as the proper use of seatbelts, life jackets and emergency exits.

The result is a modern and fresh 3D animated safety film which features the characters ‘Gustavo’ and ‘Andrea’ – previously seen in the monthly animated cabin crew training videos that IFE Services has been producing for Iberia for some years now. The safety film has been produced with both English and Castilian Spanish voiceovers with subtitles included.

IFE Services has been Iberia’s IFE content service provider for two decades. As well as supplying the leading Spanish airline with movies, TV shows and audio, IFE Services meets all of its original production requirements.

IFE Services is one of the fastest growing IFE providers in the airline industry having doubled its client base since 2011.

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