San Francisco, CA | September 25, 2017– On 26th September SkyLights will reveal its 2nd generation immersive-IFE solution at the Airline Passenger Experience (APEX) Expo in Long Beach. It combines the new, premium AlloSky headset, and freshly signed content partnerships with Warner Brothers, National Geographic, Lionsgate and BBC. Air France’s new airline Joon and the product and service provider gategroup are among the launch partners for the new solution, which is tailored towards upgrading and differentiating the business class experience.

The AlloSky headset is the latest addition to SkyLights’ portfolio, and was co-created through the company’s new partnership with immersive headset producer Allomind. AlloSky brings a host of new features, including full HD resolution (1080p each eye), a 60% weight reduction to its predecessor (the Bravo Theater), and dioptric correction to cater to the eyesight of all passengers. Furthermore, it can be connected in-seat; meaning reduced cost and logistical complexity for airlines.

In terms of content, the new partnerships compliment SkyLights’ longstanding supporters, 20th Century Fox and Dreamworks, to offer a strengthened selection of films, series and documentaries in 2D, 3D and carefully curated 180°.

“Our new solution is guided by our learning from thousands of flights commercially deployed with our first generation. We have identified what matters most and have kept this knowledge at the core of the 2nd generation solution. It’s more premium, more comfortable and has streamlined logistics. We believe this is a breakthrough, making the future of in-flight entertainment a reality today.” said David Dicko, SkyLights’ CEO.

SkyLights is running an early-access launch program as part of the solution’s inauguration. Among the participants are Air France and gategroup, with Air France set to deploy the solution early next year through its new, millennial-focused airline Joon. Other members of the program are to be announced in the near future.

To learn more at the APEX Expo, visit SkyLights on booth #566.

Bose has introduced its first mobile in-ear headset, allowing users to enjoy music on their mobile phones with high-quality audio performance and a comfortable fit. The new headset also makes it easy to take incoming phone calls — featuring a convenient inline microphone and one-touch answer/end button that lets users switch seamlessly from music to calls and back.

The new Bose ® mobile in-ear headset (which is not a noise-reducing or sound-isolating headset) is compatible with most music-enabled mobile phones, including the 3G iPhone and original iPhone models. A set of three different 2.5mm adapters is included for connections to many other popular mobile phones.

Employing proprietary Bose technologies, including Bose TriPort ® acoustic headphone structure and an electro-acoustic design, the Bose mobile in-ear headset delivers audio performance with realism, clarity and acoustic range.

It’s ergonomically designed for extended listening, resting gently in the outer bowl of the ear. Three interchangeable, differently sized silicone ear tips — small, medium and large — provide a comfortable fit. The Bose design makes light contact with the entrance to the ear canal, reducing irritating pressure points, yet establishing enough contact to hold the headset in place more securely than many conventional earbuds.

The new Bose mobile in-ear headset joins the newly improved Bose mobile on-ear headset to create a family of solutions for mobile users. It will be available from Bose for $129.95 beginning in July 2009 at authorized Bose dealers, Bose retail stores, or toll-free at 1-800-444-BOSE (2673).

About Bose Corporation
Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Today, the company is primarily known for its research in acoustics, which has produced inventions that have improved the performance of:

  • Loudspeakers
  • Home entertainment systems
  • Automotive music systems designed for the interior acoustics of each car model (first introduced by Bose)
  • Noise reducing headsets for pilots and the public (first introduced by Bose)
  • Sound in public spaces
  • A new approach for the production of sound for musicians requiring electronic amplification of their instruments
  • Materials testing and durability simulation instruments for biomedical applications

AVID Airline Products is proud to introduce the newest member to their noise cancellation headset line. This sleek new model encompasses all of the features a first class passenger would desire. Complete with volume control, comfort fit headband, crisp sound, and plush leatherette ear pads the NC-306 is the perfect way to let your priority fliers know how valuable they are.

“This versatile NC-306 is a great addition to our customers F/C cabins. The 50mm speaker elements reproduce audio consistent in a manner that duplicates many high end retail brands. The model would make any audiophile take notice. The NC-306 also packs neatly into a drawstring bag that saves that valuable space needed in F/C seating” states Thomas Mockler, VP Sales.

For the past fifty years AVID Airline Products, located in Middletown, Rhode Island, has been a primary supplier of IFE headsets, amenity kits, blankets, pillows, and in-flight service items to airlines worldwide. For information on this or any item, contact AVID’s dedicated sales team by phone at (888) 575-2843, or by email at

AVID Airline Products is pleased to introduce an innovative in-ear headphone, which is the newest member to their environmentally friendly line of headsets. With so many airlines “going green” this year, we thought it would be best to introduce a headset line that goes along with the green initiative.

When designing this new line of headsets we wanted to be sure that each model met with the RoHS standard (lead/mercury free), and was made of eco-friendly, non toxic materials. With the base of the ear-bud made completely of wood and the speaker elements made of recyclable materials we were able to accomplish this goal. We have also instituted a recycling program to assist any airlines interested in the purchase of our new green line in their recycling of the headsets.

“AVID is always investigating the balance of manufacturing products competitively and minimizing the negative effects on the environment” states Thomas Mockler, V.P. Sales.

For the past fifty years AVID Airline Products, located in Middletown, Rhode Island, has been a primary supplier of IFE headsets, amenity kits, blankets, pillows, and in-flight service items to airlines worldwide. For information on this or any item, contact AVID’s dedicated sales team by phone at (888) 575-2843, or by email at