As we noted in the IFExpress Blog during the WAEA/APEX Conference, the folks at digEcor displayed production versions of their L7 (Lefeel) portable units and they looked ready for primetime. Now called the digEplayer L Series, the units boast a 7” and a 10” screen respectively. The OS is built on Linux and we should mention the L10 specs are still in the development phase.

The digEplayer L Series, a family of handheld inflight entertainment solutions, first debuted as a prototype at the 2009 WAEA Annual Conference. Since then, the digEplayer L7 has been ordered by, and delivered to airlines around the world. The L7 uses a 7-inch capacitive touch screen and an optical mouse. The mouse, which measures only 8 mm across, allows the user to easily navigate menus and select content instead of using the touch screen. Both are active on the device. digEcor told IFExpress, “We have long believed that a custom solution for airlines offers the flexibility, quality, and low cost that airlines require. By manufacturing a proprietary device, we are able to avoid the complications that a consumer product incurs and it delivers precisely what airlines need. Also, the digEplayer L7 has studio approval for content,” said digEcor President Brad Heckel. At this year’s APEX event, the digEcor team also announced the launch of Mill Creek Shoppe – an inflight shopping solution that is a digEcor shopping portal with fulfillment services provided by a 3rd party company.

As digEcor has made several deal announcements of late, we thought we’d provide a brief recap of the airlines that have begun, or will begin, flying the digEplayer L7 shortly. Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium was the first to fly L7s. Thomas Cook Technical Director Patrick Lamonte stated, “Our passengers appreciate the design and functionality of the digEplayer…” Azerbaijan Airlines and Wataniya Airways both cited that the combination of a quality product, competitive price, and great support from the digEcor team were the key factors in selecting the digEplayer L7. Most recently, Danish Charter Operator Jet Time, in cooperation with Inflight Media, also ordered the L7 because of the flexible commercial financing options. digEcor is also reportedly in negotiations with several other airlines. So keep an eye out for further news.

While discussing the advertising opportunities on the device for smaller or regional advertisers, digEcor hinted at an associate model in the works. Our guess is independent, 3rd party advertising service providers or aggregators will be packaged in content service offerings along with player sales/lease/rental deals.

To download the digEplayer L7 brochure with specs, just click here.