Munich, Germany | July 9, 2013– A Philippine Airlines (PAL) Boeing 777-300ER jet that has been fitted with TriaGnoSys’ inflight GSMConneX connectivity hardware was officially released today, making PAL the first to offer TriaGnoSys’ inflight GSM and WiFi services.

GSMConnex will also be installed in all of PAL’s B777 and Airbus A330-343 aircraft.

With GSMConneX, PAL passengers will get to enjoy onboard cellphone calls and WiFi connection.

GSMConneX is available as a retrofit option, with Mobile OnAir and Internet OnAir services. OnAir is Philippine Airlines’ GSM and WiFi service provider.

GSMConneX was originally intended to power inflight GSM and TriaGnoSys has now expanded it to include WiFi. It incorporates the hardware and software parts for both the aircraft and ground segments. The airborne hardware consists of only two lightweight and small units, combined with wireless access points and a cabin control screen. TriaGnoSys is responsible for supplying GSMConneX itself, as well as integrating the other third party hardware elements into the full turnkey solution.

Dr Axel Jahn, Managing Director of TriaGnoSys, said, “Philippine Airlines is the first GSMConneX commercial airline customer, which is excellent news. We have designed our hardware and software portfolio to be highly flexible, so we were able to move very quickly to meet the airline’s specific requirements, which in this case included the addition of WiFi capability. In fact, the customization process took only a few months.”

As well as connectivity, the GSMConneX platform has been designed specifically to host a wide range of software application modules. These include entertainment and non-flight-critical cockpit applications.

Ian Dawkins, CEO of OnAir, said, “The beauty of GSMConneX is that it is very simple to install and TriaGnoSys is highly flexible and easy to work with. That is very attractive for airlines, which want to provide inflight connectivity for their passengers in the most straightforward way possible. The ability to offer both GSM and WiFi services is very important: passengers want to be able to choose how they communicate during the flight, just as they can on the ground.”

As an EASA Part 21 Design Organisation and Production Organisation, TriaGnoSys supplies GSMConneX as certified hardware; it is available with an EASA Form 1. The GSMConneX hardware is manufactured at TriaGnoSys’ headquarters in Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich, Germany.

Munich, Germany | April 4, 2013– TriaGnoSys has today launched the next stage of its inflight connectivity hardware product portfolio. Building on the highly successful GSMConneX platform for GSM and Wi-Fi connectivity, AeroConneX+ is a single box that enables a wide range of crew applications, as well as passenger communications.

For passengers, AeroConneX+ continues to support inflight connectivity services, as well as the wireless distribution of IFE content – W-IFE. It also enables the wireless uploading of fresh IFE content, such as news and sport, which can take place during a standard aircraft turnaround, removing the need for ground staff to bring content to the aircraft. Manifold modules for cabin services such as IFE distribution, moving maps and inflight payment are available.

For the cockpit, AeroConneX+ can be used to update non-flight critical information. For example, TriaGnoSys is developing Planet, in partnership with Atmosphere. Planet is a weather update tool that provides the pilot with up-to-date information, as well as sending weather information from the aircraft automatically to provide forecasters with much more comprehensive raw data.

Other potential applications in the future include wireless monitoring of aircraft components, with the information being relayed automatically to the ground to streamline maintenance operations. The machine-to-machine reporting will ensure the maintenance crew have all the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Dr Axel Jahn, Managing Director of TriaGnoSys, said, “As inflight connectivity develops from its current base of passenger communications, we are developing our technology to anticipate the needs of the service providers and therefore the airlines. We have designed AeroConneX+ as a modular system, so its functionality can be tailored for each airline.”

Jahn continued, “A significant part of the development has been to ensure the platform is sufficiently flexible to allow for future extensions, as inflight connectivity permeates through airline and aircraft operations more and more.”

AeroConneX+ is part of a fully integrated connectivity solution, which includes third-party wireless access points and crew control touch screen panels.

As an EASA Part 21 Design Organisation and Production Organisation, TriaGnoSys supplies the AeroConneX+ as certified hardware. It will be available with an EASA Form 1 from the end of 2013.

The AeroConneX+ will be on display along with Planet weather service on TriaGnoSys

booth #6B40, Aircraft Interiors, Hamburg from 9-11 April 2013

News and sport from Inflight Television International (iTV) will be uploaded on AeroConneX+ each day at Aircraft Interiors, to demonstrate the on-demand news capability.

Meba, Dubai | December 10, 2012– OnAir’s inflight connectivity is, for the first time, now a linefit option for buyers of Dassault’s iconic Falcon 7X. The first Mobile OnAir and Internet OnAir equipped Falcon 7X will be available for delivery in 2014 and owners may linefit either or both services.

The Falcon 7X, which has been in service for five years, is Dassault’s flagship business jet. Over 150 are currently in service, and the 200th is due for delivery in 2013. Since its launch in 2007, the Falcon 7X’s cabin has undergone regular developments to ensure it continues to exceed owners’ and passengers’ needs and expectations.

OnAir offers the most complete passenger communications solutions ever deployed on a large-cabin long-range business jet, all of which can now be installed during production. The airborne system, GSMConneX, designed and produced by TriaGnoSys, consists of just two lightweight units. It is fully compatible with any SwiftBroadband-capable satcom system.

Mobile OnAir enables business jet owners, their guests and the crew to make and receive calls, text messages and emails, as well as surf the Internet using their mobile phones. It works in the same way as international roaming: simply turn on your phone and start using it. All charges are included in the user’s standard mobile phone bill, making the payment process both simple and transparent.

Internet OnAir creates a Wi-Fi network in the aircraft, providing Internet access through any Wi-Fi-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

“Business moves so quickly that being disconnected when flying is no longer an option for our customers. We have developed the Falcon 7X’s cabin options to offer the best possible connectivity available today,” said Eric Monsel, Vice President of Programs for Dassault Falcon.

“OnAir is leading the global inflight connectivity market”, said Ian Dawkins, CEO of OnAir. “Our products are already available as linefit on many commercial aircraft, as well as being available for a range of business jets. By making OnAir available as a linefit option on the Falcon 7X, Dassault is clearly setting the pace for inflight connectivity on business jets.”

Dawkins continued, “OnAir is ideal for Dassault’s customers because it is simple to use. What could be easier than turning on your phone? You have access to all your contacts, you use your normal number and no one need know where you are.”

Axel Jahn, Managing Director of TriaGnoSys, said, “Our hardware is ideal for aircraft of all sizes though it is particularly appropriate for business jets. We designed it to be very simple to install, with unrestricted mounting options, meaning it can go anywhere on the plane. And the combined equipment weighs less than 15kg, making it the smallest, as well as the most comprehensive, inflight connectivity hardware available.”

– AeroBTS+ gains EASA certification

APEX Expo, Long Beach, CA | September 17, 2012– TriaGnoSys announced today that is has been awarded EASA Part 21 Design Organisation and Production Organisation Approvals, meaning the company can build, design and certify hardware for aircraft.

In conjunction, TriaGnoSys has received EASA ETSO certification for its GSMConneX system, which includes the AeroBTS+ ‘one-box-wonder’, a small, lightweight turnkey IFEC platform that provides GSM mobile phone and Wi-Fi services, as well as wireless distribution of IFE content.

Dr Axel Jahn, Managing Director of TriaGnoSys, said, “The award of these approvals demonstrates our engineering excellence; it is a coming of age for TriaGnoSys. We have been developing communications software for passenger connectivity since the very beginning of the industry and our hardware is now available and certified for the whole aviation market.”

Jahn continued, “The entire development cycle for the AeroBTS+, from concept to certification, took less than 15 months. As a relatively small company, we are highly flexible and can provide exactly what the industry needs in a very short space of time. Now that we have POA and DOA, we will continue developing new and innovative IFEC hardware.”

The AeroBTS+ is on display at the APEX Expo in Long Beach, California, on booth 1067.

– Satcom Direct becomes only U.S.-based direct resellter for TriaGnoSys satellite communications products and equipment, providing sales and support services for TriaGnoSys products in the United States

Satellite Beach, FL | May 08, 2012 /PRWeb/– Satcom Direct, provider of satellite voice, fax, datalink and Internet communications solutions, has become a direct reseller for TriaGnoSys satellite communications products and equipment in the United States. Satcom Direct is currently the only TriaGnoSys reseller partner in the United States.

TriaGnoSys provides communications technology that uses satellite, air-to-ground and other radio links to connect communication networks through mobility routers. Satcom Direct’s reseller focus will be on TriaGnoSys’ SwiftBroadband Emulator, which simulates the behavior of live satcom and satellite IP networks, allowing system tests without real hardware or using satellite airtime.

Satcom Direct will also resell TriaGnoSys’ GSMConneX PRO, which enables operators to rapidly deploy mobile infrastructures and establish or extend communications to and from any location via satellite, including in remote areas and on aircraft, ships and trains, using TriaGnoSys’ traffic management software VoCeM.

“TriaGnoSys is known in the industry for providing the highest level of expertise along with superior products and reliability, so we are very excited to offer their quality communication products to our customers,” said Jim Jensen, founder and owner of Satcom Direct. “TriaGnoSys manufacturers several products that are useful to our military, government and business aviation markets and help them leverage their in-flight communication systems, including a GSM solution and SwiftBroadband Emulator which allows customers to test SwiftBroadband service without incurring airtime charges, leading to a cost savings of roughly 90% on system tests.”

“TriaGnoSys welcomes a customer-focused company like Satcom Direct as a reseller for our products in the United States,” said Dr. Axel Jahn, Managing Director of TriaGnoSys. “One of our main goals is to make the most advanced communication technology commercially viable, which means ensuring the cost and quality of remote communications are as similar as possible to land-based communications. We are constantly striving to improve the available bandwidth at the same time as reducing the cost. Just like Satcom Direct, it is clear our work suits the needs of a wide range of organizations, including governmental organizations, telecom operators, mining and drilling companies, airlines and ship operators, as well as governments and non-governmental organizations.”

TriaGnoSys products are currently available for purchase directly from Satcom Direct, along with support services for customers who implement TriaGnoSys products and associated equipment.