Geneva, Switzerland | May 23, 2016– Gogo Inc. (NASDAQ: GOGO), the leading provider of in-flight connectivity and wireless in-flight entertainment solutions to the global aero market, has added Jet ConneX service for business aircraft operators flying globally.

“Gogo is pleased to offer Jet ConneX service to the global business aviation market,” said John Wade, Gogo Business Aviation’s executive vice president and general manager. “Our customers expect Gogo to offer extensive, global support to business aircraft operators who purchase the service. Our back-office systems are in place and our team is prepared to support customers worldwide as the service comes on line.”

With the addition of Jet ConneX service, Gogo Business Aviation offers one of the business aviation market’s widest selections of in-flight voice and data services which include Gogo Biz®, SwiftBroadband, Classic Aero, Swift64, Iridium, terrestrial 3G and Gogo Cloud for automated content delivery.

Gogo’s support capabilities will allow Jet ConneX customers to integrate with other services – including other equipment, network services and in-flight entertainment – for a complete and seamless in-flight digital experience. Gogo customers also receive the convenience of single-source activation, support and consolidated monthly billing.

Gogo will offer innovative airtime and support programs for Jet ConneX, Inmarsat’s Ka-band connectivity service, that will allow customers to select from a range of performance tiers and data packages, using the same Jet ConneX equipment package they have installed on their aircraft.

Jet ConneX Supported Applications

  • Stream TV in real time
  • High-speed broadband Internet access
  • Video calling and conferencing
  • High quality Voice over IP
  • SMS messaging
  • Email
  • Large file transfers
  • VPN access
  • Flight deck and cabin crew applications

To learn more about Gogo’s Jet ConneX offering in Europe, aircraft operators are invited to contact Dave Perry, regional sales manager for Europe, at

This week, Gogo Business Aviation is displaying its complete range of in-flight connectivity and entertainment solutions at EBACE 2016. Business aircraft operators are invited to visit Gogo at stand D051. More information is available on Gogo’s EBACE 2016 landing page and by following @GogoBizAv on Twitter for in-show updates.

Broomfield, Colorado | August 19, 2015– Gogo Inc. (NASDAQ: GOGO), a leading global aero communications service provider, announced today that it has entered into a multi-faceted partnership with NASCAR champion Brad Keselowski.

The company, which offers a complete suite of solutions including in-flight Internet, entertainment, text messaging and a host of other communications-related services to the commercial and business aviation markets, is widely credited with many of the industry’s most influential achievements.

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with Brad Keselowski,” said John Wade, Gogo Business Aviation’s Executive Vice President and General Manager. “Brad is a very knowledgeable and insightful consumer and he’ll be a tremendous asset to the Gogo brand. As a user of our products and services, he’ll be an expert resource for other business aircraft operators about in-flight connectivity and entertainment, and he can give us valuable feedback on our services.”

Gogo’s partnership is a perfect fit with Keselowski, one of NASCAR’s most tech-savvy and high-profile drivers. The 2012 Sprint Cup Series champion and 2010 XFINITY Series champion is also the owner of Brad Keselowski Racing, an organization that fields two full-time entries in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Those responsibilities – plus interacting with his Twitter followers (560,000 and counting), whom Keselowski considers his “fan club” – add up to a critical need for communications services whether on the ground or in the air.

For travel to races, sponsor engagements, and numerous other business-related activities, Keselowski currently owns and operates a Learjet 45 business aircraft with a full suite of Gogo capabilities, which include:

  • Gogo Biz. In-flight Internet and voice service.
  • Gogo Vision. In-flight entertainment and information. Serves up approximately 200 on-demand movies and TV shows – along with moving maps, news, flight progress information and destination weather.
  • Gogo Text & Talk. In-flight calling and texting with passengers’ own smartphones – and their own mobile numbers.
  • UCS 5000. Gogo’s next-generation, all-in-one cabin router and media server.

“Gogo has made a positive difference in what I do both as a driver and team owner,” Keselowski said. “For me, the airplane is a business tool – it’s a time machine – and the ability to take my entire digital lifestyle with me when I fly is simply invaluable. Gogo allows me to be productive in my business by eliminating the downtime of not having access to the internet when I’m in the air, and I can get my work done quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s staying in close contact with my family and business team, interacting with fans immediately after a race, seeing our flight’s progress, or just watching a movie – it all couldn’t be easier. I’ll never fly ‘unconnected’ again.”

Joey Meier, Director of Aviation and Chief Pilot for Brad Keselowski Racing, added, “Since equipping the aircraft with Gogo earlier this year, one surprise has been the difference Gogo has made from an operational standpoint. It’s been a huge help to us in the cockpit – we use it for cockpit weather and operational applications, communicating with personnel on the ground, and much more. It definitely helps us deliver a better experience for passengers.”

  • Affordable new system enables in-flight e-mail and use of personal smartphones

Dallas, TX | April 8, 2015– [AEA International Convention & Trade Show] – Gogo Inc. (NASDAQ: GOGO), a leading provider of in-flight connectivity and entertainment solutions to the global aero market, announces the ATG 1000 – a new connectivity system particularly well-suited for light jets, turboprops and owner-flown aircraft.

Via the Gogo Biz network service, the ATG 1000 enables high-performance e-mail with attachments and calling and texting with passengers’ own smartphones and mobile numbers.

The ATG 1000 is software-upgradable, which gives customers the unique ability to add connectivity features – such as web browsing – at any time, simply by purchasing a software key.

Beyond passenger use, in-flight connectivity continues to grow in popularity among flight crews. In the future, the ATG 1000 is also expected to support select cockpit and operational applications.

Originally launched for the business aviation market in 2009, the Gogo Biz network service utilizes Gogo’s unique air-to-ground technology, providing service coverage throughout the continental U.S. and portions of Alaska and Canada above 10,000 feet.

ATG 1000 – Key Capabilities

  • High-performance e-mail with attachments – via traditional e-mail clients and web mail
  • Calling & texting with passengers’ own smartphones and mobile numbers
  • Connect up to five personal Wi-Fi devices – including smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Compatible with the Gogo OnePhone cabin handset (optional)
  • In the future, it is expected to provide connectivity to power select, third-party cockpit and operational applications
  • Complete ATG 1000 system MSRP is $35,000, excluding dealer installation and optional accessories

John Wade, Gogo Business Aviation’s executive vice president and general manager, said, “We’re pleased to introduce another new Gogo Biz equipment package to the business aviation market. The ATG 1000’s affordability will make a connected in-flight experience accessible to a whole new category of aircraft. With high-performance e-mail and personal smartphone use, it’s basic connectivity that’s anything but basic.”

ATG 1000 shipments are expected to begin this summer.

Dallas, TX | April 8, 2015– [AEA International Convention & Trade Show] – Gogo Inc. (NASDAQ: GOGO), a leading provider of in-flight connectivity and entertainment solutions to the global aero market, announces a series of additional data plans now available to business aircraft operators.

An important and rapidly-growing part of Gogo Business Aviation’s business is providing monthly voice and data airtime for Gogo Biz, SwiftBroadband and Iridium customers. The company offers a full range of easy-to-understand plans along with a suite of tools and support services that help customers monitor and manage their monthly usage.

John Wade, Gogo Business Aviation’s executive vice president & general manager, said, “As the popularity of in-flight connectivity continues to increase, choosing the right monthly plan is more important than ever. By making three additional plans available, we’re giving business aircraft operators more options and greater flexibility. Benefits include the predictability of an unlimited data plan and the opportunity to save thousands of dollars every month simply by bundling their in-flight connectivity services with Gogo Business Aviation – as well as the ability to consolidate their billing into a single monthly invoice.”

Overview of New Data Plans, Now Available from Gogo Business Aviation

Multi-Network Data Bundle

  • Get Gogo Biz & SwiftBroadband data from Gogo and get a 20% discount on both services every month.
  • Choose from any available data plan for each network service.

Gogo Biz Unlimited Data Plan

  • For the most predictable and worry-free connectivity experience
  • $3,995/month – includes unlimited data.

Gogo Biz 1000 Data Plan

  • An additional plan option for lighter users
  • $1,895/month – includes 1 GB of data and $3.95 per additional MB.

Multi-aircraft discounts are also available for the company’s Gogo Biz and SwiftBroadband data plans.

  • ATG 2000 system an additional option for Gogo Biz Internet and voice capabilities

Broomfield, CO | September 27, 2013–

Aircell, a leading provider of in-flight connectivity equipment and services for the business aviation market and a division of Gogo (NASDAQ: GOGO), announces the ATG 2000, a new equipment package that provides Gogo Biz in-flight Internet and voice service for the business aviation market.

Joining the existing family of Gogo Biz equipment packages, the ATG 2000 is designed to effectively and affordably provide Internet and voice services aboard aircraft with fewer users and/or lighter passenger loads, such as light jets and turboprops.

Aircell also announces Travel Management Company (TMC) as the launch customer for the ATG 2000. TMC is adding the system to its entire light jet charter fleet. Once installations are complete next month, Gogo Biz service will be available aboard the entire TMC charter fleet – nearly 70 aircraft in total.

ATG 2000 – Key Capabilities

  • General web browsing and e-mail with a mobile broadband experience
  • Voice service (optional)
    • Up to two simultaneous voice calls
    • Compatible with the Gogo® Text & Talk service, which allows passengers to call and text in flight, using their own smartphone and mobile number
    • Compatible with the Gogo® OnePhone cabin handset
  • Connect up to three personal devices – including smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Streaming video and audio services are not supported
  • Typical system MSRP is $57,000, excluding dealer installation and voice options

Because the ATG 2000 doesn’t enable streaming video/audio services and the system supports a limited number of user devices, data consumption is naturally curbed – helping manage monthly service costs.

For aircraft that require more advanced features or the ability to connect a higher number of user devices, Aircell’s existing ATG 4000 and ATG 5000 systems remain available.

“The ATG 2000 is a great new equipment option that offers the most popular Gogo Biz connectivity and voice services in an affordable equipment package,” said John Wade, Aircell’s executive vice president and general manager. “Among other segments, we expect it to be a popular option for light jets and turboprops, as well as for customers replacing MagnaStar systems prior to the Airfone shutdown on December 31 this year,” he concluded.

Monthly data plans for Gogo Biz start at $395/month, while voice plans start at $134.95/month.

ATG 2000 shipments begin October 7th.


NBAA, Orlando, FL | October 29, 2012– Aircell, a leading provider of in-flight connectivity equipment and services to the business aviation market, announces that Avjet Corporation, an international provider of aircraft charter and management solutions, has reached the mid-point in a program to equip its charter fleet with Aircell’s Gogo Biz™ in-flight Internet service. More than 50% of Avjet’s charter aircraft now offer the service.

Gogo Biz allows passengers and flight crews to enjoy high-speed Internet capabilities above 10,000 feet in the continental U.S. and portions of Alaska, using their own Wi-Fi enabled laptops, tablets, smartphones, electronic flight bags and other mobile devices.

Mark Lefever, President of Avjet Corporation, said, “In-flight Internet service has quickly become an expected amenity in the charter industry. In today’s market, it’s actually becoming increasingly difficult to book charter aircraft without it. Avjet is pleased to be equipping its fleet with the service that passengers want the most. We’ve been very pleased with Gogo Biz – the service has been fantastic, passengers love it and the economics are very positive.

“We debuted the service on two additional aircraft in the last 60 days and we have several more installations in the planning stages. By this time next year, we expect most of our fleet will be equipped with Gogo Biz,” concluded Lefever.

Aircell Products Now Offered by Every Major Aircraft Manufacturer in Business Aviation

ATLANTA, GA [NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention] – October 18, 2010 – Aircell, the world’s leading provider of inflight connectivity, announces that Bombardier Aerospace has chosen a suite of Aircell systems as factory options aboard select aircraft from the Learjet* and Challenger* business jet families. Customers can now choose from a full range of Aircell inflight connectivity and communication features including voice, Internet, e-mail and more.

With this announcement, Aircell communications systems are now available as original equipment at every major manufacturer in the business aviation industry. This encompasses nearly 40 factory aircraft programs all over the world.

Bombardier’s selection includes a variety of Aircell features, equipment packages and network services available for the respective aircraft:

Aircell Axxess® Cabin Communications System
. Provides multiple channels of global voice and narrowband data service via Iridium Satellite, along with essential, network-neutral cabin infrastructure. Available on Learjet 40* XR*, Learjet 45* XR, Learjet 60* XR, Challenger 300* and Challenger 605* aircraft.
Aircell’s SwiftBroadband Solution. Provides data connectivity for e-mail and light Internet service via the Inmarsat I-4 satellites. Powered by Thrane & Thrane. Available on Challenger 300 and Challenger 605 aircraft. Also available on Learjet 45 XR and Learjet 60 XR with integrated voice service.
Gogo Biz™ Inflight Internet. Provides data connectivity for full-speed Internet service via the Aircell Network in the continental United States. Available on Challenger 300 and Challenger 605 aircraft.

Brant Dahlfors, Bombardier Business Aircraft’s Vice President, U.S. Sales, said, “In the current business context, being connected is a necessity for the majority of executives, and customer expectations for airborne connectivity have grown. Our customers use aircraft to increase productivity and efficiency, and they expect a full online experience while they fly. For connectivity in the U.S., Gogo Biz provides exactly what our customers need – it’s a full-speed Internet connection like people expect on the ground. For operations outside the U.S., Aircell’s SwiftBroadband solution is perfect for global e-mail and light Internet.” he concluded.

John Wade, Aircell’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, said, “We’re pleased to work with Bombardier to bring Aircell products to the Challenger and Learjet aircraft production lines. In many ways, having an airframe manufacturer offer your products as original equipment is the ultimate endorsement. To have that trust extended by every major aircraft manufacturer in business aviation is huge validation of the Aircell brand. We’re very grateful and proud to reach a level of such universal acceptance in the market.”

Most equipment packages are available on Bombardier aircraft currently being delivered, and the rest will become available as certification programs are completed in the coming weeks.

WAN Management Feature Manages Multiple Networks

When Gogo Biz inflight Internet and Aircell’s SwiftBroadband solution are installed aboard the same aircraft, Aircell’s integral WAN Management feature allows the aircraft to automatically switch between the two data networks according to the operator’s pre-set preferences. This provides a seamless online experience for passengers as the aircraft travels in different regions. A typical configuration is to set Gogo Biz as the aircraft’s preferred data network with an automatic default to SwiftBroadband when the aircraft travels outside the continental U.S. Aircell’s WAN Management feature emulates how the latest multi-network consumer devices operate on the ground.

Aircell is displaying its complete family of airborne communications systems this week in Booth 3737 at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) annual meeting & convention in Atlanta, GA.